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A few things to consider about banner creation

A few things to consider about banner creation

Small businesses, mom-and-pop shops, and others require simple and effective solutions for visibility. When it comes to attracting new customers, nothing works better than signs and banner. These are the best tools to gain visibility and grow revenue. When someone needs to boost sales, they rely on indoor and outdoor advertising, where banners play a critical role. Besides, these don’t confine to commercial needs only. Banners also come in handy during special celebrations or occasions like birthdays, sporting events, etc. That’s why you may have selected this niche for your printing company. While it can be a lucrative field, you must consider certain aspects to increase your sales. Here is a quick sneak peek into them.

Choice of material

With your wholesale banner printer, you can get many options. Still, vinyl and mesh banners can top the list. Vinyl banners can be available in matte and gloss finish. These work in product launches, conferences, sporting shows, corporate functions, graduation parties, birthdays, etc. Large and bright designs can be most recommendable with these. Your customers may require them for events, schools, teams, and promotions. Like vinyl, you can also find enough demand for mesh vinyl. The waterproof variety can garner immense attention. Usually, this material comes with tiny holes to allow it to be breathable. Due to this, their durability tends to be higher.

Some people can choose mesh designs for their wind resistance also. The small holes let the air pass quietly to avoid flapping issues in windy conditions. If your customer requires a fence banner, this might click with them. Nevertheless, both vinyl and mesh can be a long-term and affordable investment.

Mesh banners and screens are common coverings around construction sites. Along with hiding debris and advertising new housing estates, custom construction fence banners help beautify the roads along the construction area.

Sizing options

Banners can be the go-to signage option for consumers and businesses alike for affordability, easy installation, and portability. Since vinyl banners are the popular large-format designs, you must offer the favorite sizes in them for your client’s sake. Typically, sizes 8′ x 4′ (96″ x 48″) and 6′ x 3′ (72″ x 36″) get most preference. Of these also, something with 6′ width x 3′ height can be the first choice. The reason for this can be its visibility and transferability. Anyone can hang it in the front of or behind the table, on a wall, etc.

You will also find most trade printers giving the option of 13oz vinyl banners or 8oz polyester mesh banners.  13 or 8 ounces indicate the weight of a square yard. The banners can be available in square or rectangle shapes. Generally, the cut vinyl banners feature sewn or heat welded hems on the edges. These impart strength regardless of their indoor or outdoor application. When you order these, make sure to specify whether you need rings or grommets in them. These come in handy for hanging purposes.

Getting the correct size of the banner is more about preference and requirement. Everyone can view it easily. At the same time, what elements will go in them can also be the deciding factor. If there is a need to include a logo, call to action, and other things, you will have to choose between square or rectangle shapes based on them. Still, large formats can be best for outdoor advertising if they require significant texts.

Banner designing

No matter what images or graphics, the printing platforms will convert the files into CMYK. Since Pantone’s and neon may not work, you have to be conscious of this. Focus on color density because every screen will have a varying color impact. You cannot expect a 100% match between the ordered and final prints. Also, the type of vinyl surface can be another consideration. A glossy base can be much more appropriate for indoor use and matte for outdoors. Then, if you include the grommet option, make sure to keep a margin or bleed of .125 inches on all the sides.

Banners have become one of the popular promotional and branding means. Since these are affordable and impactful, businesses and retail stores find them very convenient. With them, one doesn’t have to worry about floor space. They can hang these on the fence, wall, above the table, or anywhere else. So, if you specialize in banner designs, you can expect to do well in this segment. Spend your energy on its look, feel, and size while the responsibility of printing and shipping quality remains with the trade printer. You don’t have to bother about stocking and maintenance. When your customers place an order on your e-store, you can visit your vendor’s platform to kick start the printing process.

However, don’t work with just anyone. Choose your printing partner with care to avoid disappointment with quality and service. Someone with credible background and excellent wholesale pricing can be your best bet. You can find them online. Before tying up, you can try a sample order to test their product quality and customer service.

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