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A Guide on the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

A Guide on the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Do you want an unforgettable experience in Sin City?

It is no surprise you’ve got your eyes set on a trip to Las Vegas. In 2019, around 42 million people visited the city.

Due to the global pandemic, those numbers have tumbled. As it’s slowly coming to an end, millions of visitors are flooding back to the area.

You might be one of the millions of people wanting to come back. But before you start planning your trip, you need to know the best time to visit Las Vegas!

So read on to find out the best time to venture into the desert!

The Best Time to Visit Is Shoulder Season

Shoulder season is a stage before or after the peak tourist season. So, you miss the tourist crowds and get better hotel and restaurant deals. But you can still enjoy an upbeat atmosphere and pleasant weather.

September and May are the shoulder season months in Las Vegas.

Kids have just gone back to school from summer and spring break. It allows you to take advantage of a quieter pool area and excellent midweek hotel deals.

The most important part of the shoulder season is the weather. In May, the average daily high temperature is 93°F, and in September, it’s a balmy 94°F.

The Best Time for Sunshine

If you plan to lay by the pool and work on your tan, this is the time for you.

July is the hottest, sunniest, and busiest month in Las Vegas. The average daily high temperature is 104°F. The average low is still a pleasant 80°F, which usually comes at night.

August is also a hot month when average high temperatures only drop by around 4°F to 99°F.

Towards the end of the month, you will find smaller crowds as families get ready for back to school.

The Best Time to Avoid the Crowds

Millions of people visit Vegas throughout the year, so you’ll never have the city to yourself. But there are a few ways to avoid bumping shoulders with large tourist crowds along the streets.

The first way is to avoid the weekends. Plenty of people take a trip to Las Vegas on their days off with friends or family. The locals also like to come out on weekends to spend time in restaurants and have fun in this arcade bar.

January is a great time to avoid the crowds. The first few days of the month can still be busy with New Year’s Eve celebrations. Later in the month, you’ll find fewer crowds and better hotel deals.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas from November to February, check if the hotel pool is still operating. Some close because of the cooler weather.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas for You?

Everyone has their own idea of an unforgettable time in Sin City. Overall, the best time to visit Las Vegas is in September and May. But depending on whether you want the busy streets, hot weather, or no crowds, another time might be right for you.

So, decide what factors are most important for you, and start planning a trip to Las Vegas!

If you want more tips and tricks, keep reading our blog for more in-depth travel secrets!

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