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A Guide to Dealing with Packers and Movers

A Guide to Dealing with Packers and Movers

Shifting to a new place causes a lot of trouble to the people living here. Besides being stressful, overseeing the entire process of pa

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    cking and moving can also be hectic. One of the prime tasks is to find a reliable packers and movers service in your city that can deliver your things safely and on time. While the internet is replete with lists of movers and packers companies, many of them can be scams.

    Also, if you are moving to a new city, it is important to make sure that your luggage is safe during transit. To help you navigate through these problems, here is a detailed guide that you can follow when you are moving from house to house. If you are from kolkata then there are so many packers and movers in kolkata available


    A Guide to Dealing with Packers and Movers

    How to find the right moving company?

    It should take some extra effort to research the company before hiring a packer and mover. You can use Housing Edge services to choose from a list of trusted movers and packers companies that are verified and offer premium services. Here’s how to find one:

    1. Go to Housing Edge and select ‘Packers and Movers’.
    2. Submit your details.
    3. Get a quote and choose the service provider of your choice.
    4. Discuss details and other important things.
    5. Select the desired loading slot.
    6. Load, move and unload your things

    A Guide to Dealing with Packers and Movers

    One of the major advantages of choosing a movers and packers company through Housing Edge Services is that you get 100% insurance under the HappyLocate Assure Program for any damages during transit.

    Finalizing Packers and Movers: Things to Know

    Talk to multiple service providers for a clear understanding and understand the process from start to finish.
    To make an informed decision, take quotes and consider relocation costs from three or more companies.
    Do background research about the company. Search the Internet and read reviews about the company, their branches, support policies and cost breakups.

    You can also ask for references from past customers of the company, so that you can verify the quality of service.
    Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions and also add clauses if necessary to ensure your safety in case anything goes wrong.

    Declare the value of the goods being packed and transferred and opt for insurance accordingly.
    Read the packing list carefully and sign it.

    Do not make any payment in cash and do not pay the full amount in advance.
    Understand the liability cover, which is a maximum of 12 times the amount you pay for the service. So, if the freight charges paid by you is Rs 15,000, then the company is liable to a maximum of Rs 1.8 lakh for the loss even though the goods are being packed and transferred.

    Packers and Movers Company Responsibility

    1. Bringing and using good quality packing material to pack each item safely.
    2. Labeling each box to locate them when unpacking.
    3. Preparation of detailed and itemized packing list of the goods being packaged.
    4. Handling and loading goods carefully, in logical order, onto the truck.
    5. To deliver the goods to their destination by getting the signature of the owner of the packing list.
    6. Once delivered, by getting the receiver to sign the delivery slip.
    7. Opening and arranging items in a new location. However, it is a value-added service and is usually charged for.
    Providing transit insurance and settling claims in case anything is damaged as per declared value.

    Packing and Moving Tips to Make Moving Easier

    Once you have decided to move, it is important that you start well in advance to avoid last-minute hassle. If you are moving the house from place to place, here are some tips to follow:

    Start packing with the rooms you rarely use and then move to the area that gets used the most. This will avoid last minute chaos.

    Make a checklist of all your belongings and categorize them accordingly. You can mark them according to your room or where you want to put them in your new home. Check the item as soon as it is packaged.
    This will help you sort things out easily while unpacking and will save a lot of time.

    Make sure you ask your packing company to bring you an anti-static bubble for packing your electronics.
    Always prefer packing tape over duct tape as the latter is not very reliable to hold heavy materials tightly.
    Make sure fragile items are packed with extra care and safety. Place a layer of bubble wrap around items, so that it can absorb shock and rough handling.

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    Questions to ask:
    How do you interact with Packers & Movers?

    Make sure you take quotes from multiple service providers to evaluate options and then negotiate as per market rates.

    How to Choose the Best Movers and Packers?

    Choose one that has a strong presence across the country, offers insurance and has good reviews online.


    Whenever a person is transferred to another city, in such a situation, you can easily shift your goods with the help of packers and movers. Apart from this, you can also take the help of packers and movers to shift goods within a city or to shift offices. In the last few years, people have started using the service of packers and movers a lot.

    But, let us tell you that in the last few days, many such cases have come to the fore in which people have become victims of fraud due to fake packers and movers. Due to fake packers and movers, people have lost lakhs of rupees.

    Fraud people sell people’s goods

    Therefore, before taking the service of any kind of packers and movers, you must take the proof of their genuineness. He gets the goods packed through daily wage laborers and sends them to another place.

    After that the item disappears and is never found again. These fraud packers and movers keep the names of many big companies, due to which it becomes very difficult to distinguish between real and fake.

    Packers and movers made people aware
    Let us tell you that the Movers Federation of India has warned people about this and said that you should not get caught in any kind of online and digital fraud.

    According to a report published in News18, Anoop Mishra, secretary of the Movers Federation of India, has said that no license will be required to do this business. In such a situation, fraudsters are taking advantage of this deficiency and defrauding people.

    In case of loss, you can complain about these matters in the consumer forum.
    , in case of damage to the goods.
    , In case of loss or theft of goods.
    , The arrival of the goods at the destination after the stipulated time.
    , Handing over your goods to another company or agency without your permission.
    , Putting goods in a warehouse without your permission.
    , Refusal to give receipt for goods.
    , Providing false information about your company.

    Take some precautions before sending the goods
    , Do a thorough investigation of the shipping company.
    , Go to the given address of the company and get information about its presence.
    , Know whether the truck sent by the company is insured or not.
    , get luggage insured
    , Give full details of the consignment to the company.
    , Never send valuables and money with your belongings.
    , Keep proof of the cost of the goods to be shipped.

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