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A Manager’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Wood Waste Disposal

A Manager’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Wood Waste Disposal

Did you know that more than 15 billion trees are cut down every year?

Deforestation is taking out our jungles and forest. By being more aware of our wood waste disposal practices, we can help.

Do you know how to dispose of wood waste properly? If not, this article is for you!

Wood Waste Disposal

Many companies throw away their wood and don’t think twice. There are numerous benefits to properly disposing of wood instead of putting in a landfill.

One benefit is less unwanted fire. There is also a possibility, that you as a business owner, could save money too.

Types of Wood

There are a few different types of wood and depending on the type, that is how it can be disposed of. Class A usually consists of pallets or crates. If it’s clean wood it will be less expensive to get rid of.

Class B is often from construction sites or sources. This usually consists of floorboards and plywood.

Grade C is wood that has been treated. For example, decks and fences are often treated for termites. This makes it a bit more expensive to clear out, but still possible.


If you can, as a business, reuse your wood, you can not only save yourself some money but also help the planet. Maybe you received a shipment in a wood crate.

Could you reuse the crate for a shipment you have coming up? Try getting creative with a project or donate it to a local foundation or maybe a friend that building a new fence.

Wood Shredding

Look at how much wood your company uses. Would it be beneficial for your company to invest in a wood shredder?

If you are paying high fees for wood removal, consider wood shredding. It also helps the environment as large pallets or large amounts of wood aren’t being put into our landfills.

Depending on how much wood waste disposal your company has, this could be a great option. Wood shaving can be used as mulch and used in compost bins.

Consider all the time you would save by having a wood shredder. You will never have to load your truck up with old wood and drive it down the road. The shredder provides you with convenience so you can continue to focus on the job at hand.


Recycling is another viable option. Most wood can be recycled and used for a number of different things.

Look for wood recycling centers in your area. Some might also offer pickup at certain times. Wood can’t be placed in the normal paper and plastic bins.

The less wood that goes into landfills the better. Wood can’t compost very well in landfills, but tons of wood waste ends up there every year.

Eco-Friendly Money Savers

We only get one earth and once we use all the resources it gives us, there’s no going back. Being aware of how we handle wood waste disposal is part of protecting our earth.

The great benefit to properly disposing wood is you can save money and time. Visit our website to read more articles like this one.

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