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A Short Guide To Branding Process For Startups In 2021

“Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable, and trustable.” – John Jantsch

You might be wondering what this branding process is. Don’t worry. It’s not something difficult to understand but challenging to go through. Are you up for the challenge? If yes, great. If No, make yourself ready because you can do it. So, branding is essential to create the perception of your business in people’s minds. From getting the services of a reliable logo design agency to talented web developers’ expertise and flawlessly promoting the company through different marketing channels, you need to learn and implement various branding strategies if you want to turn your startup into a successful brand.

A robust branding process helps you shape your brand and become a necessity for people with time. As we mentioned above, one needs to put in many efforts and look after different crucial aspects in building a brand. To manage all the strategies successfully and get the best outcomes, a dynamic process is imperative. You can’t become a brand like Nike, Apple, or Samsung overnight. To make your brand’s name, products, or services popular, you need to go step by step patiently.

Do you know that consistent branding can increase your overall business revenue by 23%? Yes, it’s true. While scrolling Facebook or Instagram, and other digital platforms, we see dozens of new or existing brands promoting their product or services every day. Deliberately or not, we interact with different brands, whether we aware of them or not. Each company we interact with has something unique that makes them stand in front of their competitors. Some brands seem more impressive to us, and we start thinking about experiencing them. It’s all about branding that makes the difference. You can’t make a place in the crowded market if you are not investing in branding.

So, if you want to increase your brand awareness, make your business credible and recognizable, develop a unique identity, you need to go through a fluent branding process. The most important is making your brand’s identity, which includes an out-of-the-box logo that can only be designed with the help of a professional logo design agency, speedy and easily accessible site, the color theme of your brand, typography, brand’s tone, and more. Here, we will discuss the essential steps of branding so that you can understand the process.


A Short Guide To Branding Process For Startups In 2021


Five Steps Of Branding Process

Write Down Your Brand Strategy

The first step is always the challenging one as you don’t know from where to get started. So, it’s essential to set the strategy before taking any action. The best way to get started is to answer five W’s and H (What, Why, When, Who, Where, and How) of your brand.

For instance, what is your vision and brand value? Who are you as a brand, and who is your target audience? Where do you want to see your brand standing in the next five years? Which logo design agency or web developing services you will prefer? And how will you operate? You need to find the answers to these questions. It will help you get the purpose of your brand’s existence and give you the reason why people need your products and services.


Understand The Market And Audience

To make your position in the market, you need to research your competitors and find out who you really want to sell your product or service to. You can’t make an impactful brand strategy without knowing about your rivals and target audience. It’ll be like going for a hunt with the blindfold. To stand out, you need to understand your competition deeply and become aware of how they function. On the other hand, one of the best practices to better understand your audience is to create buyer personas. So, start digging about these factors today.


Build Your Brand Identity

From giving your brand a name to choosing an overall color theme and font style, designing a logo, and setting a tone, everything should be up to the mark if you want to build a unique brand identity. There is no denying that the logo is your company’s face, so you should not take any risk. It’s better to get the services of a professional and credible logo design agency instead of making it yourself using a free logo generator.


Create Your Brand Style Guide

Creating your brand’s style guide is the best way to keep all things easily manageable. Having a style guide makes it easy for you to utilize your brand assets, such as logo or color palette. It’s essential to instruct your logo design agency that designs your logo in a way that can be easily adjustable on any digital or physical platform.


Build Brand Awareness

The last and the most crucial step of the branding process is building awareness of your company. The above steps help you create the brand. However, you can’t make people recognize your brand without this step, and all the efforts will go in vain. You should utilize every digital and conventional platform to promote your brand. This process should be consistent if you want to make your brand internationally recognizable.

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