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A sneak peek into Saudi Arabia architecture styles

Saudi Arabia is very famous for its architecture. Not just historic buildings that were once built by emperors but new ones too. Actually, some of the biggest buildings in the world are right here. So, let’s explore together all that amazing Saudi Arabia architecture styles together. If you plan to visit Saudi Arabia soon you will know what to look for.

History of Saudi Arabia architecture

The architecture of Saudi Arabia is adapted to its geography and climate of course. All that sand had a lot of impact on their architecture. Also, their religion had a lot of impacts too. There is so many impressive historic landmarks and architectural buildings that it’s not even possible to list them all, but we will mention some of the tourist attractions in case you decide to explore more you can always do more research:

  •  Al Ula is nowadays a tourist attraction you can see some of the best-preserved mud-brick and stone houses in the world. Archeologist believe that this ancient village over 2000 years old
  • Madain Saleh is well-preserved remains of the Nabatean kingdom
  • Shada Archeological Palace – mud-walled tower
  • Masmark Fortress
  • Devils Thumb

We will be exploring many more soon, but these are just some ancient traces of their architecture that you must see.

Tallest buildings in the world

Some of the tallest buildings in the world are in Saudi Arabia. After Jeddah Tower is finished, it will be officially the tallest building ever. Until then, the tallest building in the world is still Burj Khalifa. Jeddah Tower is on hold due to some regulatory issues. Nowadays it’s popular to build those fascinating huge towers and buildings. Standing next to the Jeddah tower will leave you feeling lightheaded. It’s that high. Also, Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower in Mecca is the third highest building in the world it’s 1971 feet tall! Imagine that!

Architectural influences

International style in the late 70s influenced contemporary architecture. That postmodern style is easily defined as sensual or even humorous Postmodern architecture is considered to be the most popular because it is used all over the country.

Roman, Persian, and even Mesopotamian architecture influenced early Islamic and Saudi Arabia architecture. Of course, the further east you go you will be able to see Chinese and Mugham influence.

Cities with the most amazing architecture styles in Saudi Arabia

If you have some plans to visit Saudi Arabia or even relocate here, let’s check out cities with the most amazing Saudi Arabia architecture styles together.

A building as an example of Saudi Arabia architecture styles.
The architecture here is really breathtaking so let’s talk about it some more.


Islam’s holiest city is known for its amazing architecture. We even mentioned it before while we were talking about the tallest buildings. Of course, this is a very safe city as it is holy. But if you are not Muslim you cannot stay here, just travel through to see all those architectural wonders. Don’t worry many other cities are not considered to be holy where you can live as an ex-pat.


This city is the capital of the Eastern Province. This city is also a huge administrative center for the Saudi oil industry. If you are wondering about types of houses, what you will be able to find here is a fun fact – some new homes are imported from the USA. Of course, older ones are built from mud and stone but this is actually quite costly so nowadays they are trying to cut costs and use cheaper materials. In case you are planning relocation here and wondering or worrying about cargo, specialists can handle this for you. There is no need to do everything on your own especially if you are planning international relocation. Those can be quite hard if you have to do everything by yourself.

A building in Dammam.
Dammam is a great place to live here but the architecture you see here will live in your memory forever.


Another previously mentioned city known for its amazingly high tower that will soon become the tallest building in the whole world. As soon as they finish it. This is a port city located on the Red Sea and tourists love to visit this place or vacation here. They have some of the most amazing resort hotels and best beaches. And at night you will be able to see some of the most impressive buildings shaped in the most extraordinary ways catching the last sun rays. These buildings usually have a lot of windows and glass. They are designed to be an attraction just by looking at them. This is a safe place for tourists and travelers. The only thing they do not like (except breaking their laws for instance drinking alcohol) is openly practicing other religions. If you restrain from the religious talk, you will be just fine and fit in here perfectly.


This is their second holy city but we must mention it even if you as a non-Muslim can’t live here because of their famous green dome. This is home to three prominent mosques that look so amazing and surreal. These mosques are al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Masjid Quba’a, and Masjid al-Qiblatayn. If you are only passing as a tourist, you can enter this city but you must be dressed modestly. These examples of Saudi Arabia architecture styles will surely fascinate you.


The capital city is the perfect combination of old and new architecture. Just because this is the most populous city you can find just about any architectural style here. But this is also a great place to live or simply visit if you wish. They are famous for their low taxes which can be great if you plan to expand your business here too. Based on housing prices, safety, and overall costs of life this can be a great place to live.

A view of one of the cities in Saudi Arabia where a lot of Saudi Arabia architecture styles can be seen.
Something old, something new – you will see just about everything in here.

A few things you should know if you have plans to relocate to Saudi Arabia

Well, first of all, is to help yourself by hiring professionals like Four Winds SA. The second one is to do some research on their culture. This goes for the people planning to relocate just as much as it goes for the people planning to vacation here. Their laws and rules are different from what you are used to and the more you know the easier you will fit in. Here are some basics:

  • Alcohol is not allowed
  • Eating pork is not allowed
  • Make sure to dress modestly
  • Sustain from kissing and touching in public even with your spouse
  • No religious talk
  • Don’t bring Bible
  • Don’t start the conversation with Saudi women if they are alone
  • Volume down your music

Those are just some basic, make sure to do thorough research before you even pack your bags.

For architecture students

If you are only reading this to get to know their architecture, this is just the beginning of your journey. Their history is full of architecture and some of the traces that can be found nowadays are over 2000 years old. That is pretty impressive. A civilization so old you will have so much to learn about their history and architecture so start with basic googling and explore all of the wonders Saudi Arabia has to offer.

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