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Health and Medical

About Oxygen used for Medical Purpose

As early as 1800, it was understood that Oxygen was the sole element that supported respiration, and it was first employed in the medical sector in 1810. It would be another 150 years before the gas was widely employed in medicine. Oxygen treatment became reasonable and scientific in the early to mid-20th century, and today modern medicine would not be possible without it.

Oxygen Used In Medicine Is Different From Oxygen Used In Industry.

For use in the human body, medical Oxygen has been created as a high-purity form of safe Oxygen. Patients who need Oxygen must have a valid prescription to obtain the drug, imposing additional limitations.

Chemical processes, combustion, and oxidation are among the many applications for industrial Oxygen. Impurities from soiled equipment or industrial storage might contaminate industrial Oxygen, making it unsafe for human use.

Medical Oxygen Requirements Set by the FDA

A doctor must prescribe Oxygen used for medical purposes since it is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is concerned about patient safety and ensuring that patients receive the proper Oxygen.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for Oxygen used for medical purposes because everyone is different in size and needs. Individuals need a prescription from their doctor before they may use medicinal Oxygen.

The FDA requires a chain of custody to guarantee that the medical oxygen cylinders are solely used for medical purposes. To use cylinders previously used for non-medical reasons, they must be emptied, thoroughly cleaned, and properly labelled.

The FDA has approved Air Source Industries to fill Oxygen used for medical purposes cylinders for individuals with a valid prescription.

Misuses and Myths Regarding Medical Oxygen

The use of Oxygen for medical purposes is widespread. Hospitals and clinics are the most common places to give medicinal Oxygen. Patients who cannot breathe on their own or who require life support might benefit from an anesthetic mask.


Oxygen is found in the air we inhale. Around 21% of Oxygen is sufficient for most healthy people, but those with COPD or other conditions in which lung function is compromised will need more Oxygen than this. You’ll need more Oxygen to keep your body functioning normally in this situation.

Greater Probability of Surviving

You may live longer if you have COPD with significant resting hypoxemia (low Oxygen levels in your blood) and on long-term Oxygen therapy rather than using it only at night or for short periods.

Symptoms of COPD are lessened.

Breathlessness, as a result of COPD and other long-term lung disorders like asthma, and dyspnea can be alleviated with supplemental Oxygen.

An improved capacity for physical exertion

The low exercise tolerance of many people with respiratory issues significantly restricts their capacity to exercise. Using Oxygen while exercising has been shown to increase endurance, improve performance, and reduce the feeling of being out of breath.

Improvements in one’s well-being

It’s possible to do more in the daytime when you have enough Oxygen in your bloodstream, improving your mood and sleep, and energy levels.

The ability to go to a movie or out to dinner with friends is made more accessible with a portable Oxygen concentrator. Having the opportunity to socialise and maintain your independence can positively impact your overall well-being.

The efficacy of Oxygen therapy in treating impotence has not been shown, but if it helps you breathe better when exercising, it’s likely to assist you with your sex life.

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