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AC Not Cooling? 8 Reasons And How To Fix It?

Nowadays Air condition is a very essential part of the usual flow of the daily routine. If you live in a warmer country then AC is your live saviour for day to day work. What if it suddenly stops working or running but not cooling. It seems to be a scary nightmare even thinking about it. 

If there is sound coming from the AC but not cooling the room, it may be possible to think that something is blocking it or limiting the airflow in the system.

Here are some of the reasons for their solution below which will help you to go through this problem:

1. AC Thermoplast is not set properly 

It’s very likely to happen that the temperature on your thermoplastic is not set properly accordingly.

Solution – Make sure it is set on a “cool” mode and not on the “fan” mode. 

2. The AC air filter is Dirty 

It often happens that we use the appliances but didn’t take care of them. We use AC but we forgot to clean it regularly which causes blocking and clogged filters. Filters are there to give clean air and for proper airflow. Filters should be cleaned every 30 – 40 days to prevent them from clogging.

Solution – To check if there is clogged filters and to clean them  you have to follow these steps :

  • Open the cover of the AC.
  • Remove the filters. They usually are fitted next to the cover.
  • You have to pull it in your direction to bring the filters out.
  • Then check if there are dirt clogged there.
  • If yes, then wash it with the flowing water.
  • If the flowing water doesn’t work then use a soft brush and rub it gently.
  • Dry it before fixing it again inside the Air Condition.

3. Check if the AC coil is clogged 

The AC system consists of two coils 

  • Indoor air handler 
  • Outdoor condenser 

Both need regular maintenance. they both have coils.

If the outdoor air handle got clogged then the heat trapped there will not get past efficiently and your room will get warm.

Solution 1 – outdoor coils can be cleaned at home and are fairly simple to do. You just have to spend a few minutes, gently washing the outside of the unit with a hose will give you the result.

The indoor air handler also has evaporator coils. It removes the heat from the air. The door can be dirty and clogged but can not be cleaned at home because these are more delicate to handle as compared to the outdoor coils.

Solution – If you suspect that the indoor coils of your AC are clogged then it is recommended to contact Ac Repair in Guwahati Professional.

4. Leaking AC refringent

Refringent is responsible for absorbing heat from the air in the evaporator coil. If it’s leaking then it may not be able to do the work properly. It will negatively impact your system ability to cool the room.

Solution – you should focus on repairing it rather than simply adding more refringent. Adding more refringent will not be any help here. To solve this problem you have to contact your AC service centre. Only the technician can help here. 

5. Frozen evaporate coil 

your AC is running but not cooling, it can be because of the frozen evaporate coil.

Solution – Turn your AC OFF. Allow the system to run on “FAN” only until the coil defrost. 

6. Leaking Ductwork 

If the ductwork is old there is a high chance that a leak is developed in the air duct.

Solution –the only solution to this problem is to replace the torn duct. To replace the duct you have to contact the Ac Repair in Pune technician or request your AC service centre.

7. Undersized or ageing AC system 

AC should be installed in a preferred size according to your room. If it is not installed according to the room then the system is undersized that why it is not cooling the room. If it is the case then you have to face the problem regularly.

Solution – it should be replaced by another properly sized unit.

8. Age or lack of maintenance

It is no longer be able to cool the room as well as it did in past. If this is the reason for your problem then there will be only one solution for it.

Solution – Replace it with another new proper sized Air Condition.

If the method mentioned above doesn’t work then it’s a sign to replace your Air Condition and buy a new AC. I hope my solutions will help you and bring you a good sleep.

9. Dirty Coils

If the air conditioner is not cold enough the condenser coils may be dirty and loaded with debris. In an AC, the condenser is like a radiator that dissipates heat (which was removed from the air). The condenser coil must be clean to dissipate heat outside. As the coils get dirtier the air conditioner becomes less efficient, which makes it work harder to cool the room. If the coils are dirty enough, the unit will never be cold enough and will not be able to cool the room.

10. Undersized AC 

A common mistake people make is that they buy an AC based on their budget and not based on the requirement of the room. A small AC in a huge room will always find it hard to cool the room in peak summers. The size of the AC should be according to the size of the room.

11. High atmospheric temperature 

An AC has an optimum operating temperature (surrounding temperature) at which it can work most effectively. If the temperature shoots up beyond the optimum temperature limit, the efficiency of the air conditioner goes down. 

Sometimes it is so hot outside that a stage is reached where the compressor stops working completely.

12. Faulty compressor 

A compressor is the heart of an air conditioning unit that is responsible for cooling your room. If the air conditioner does not cool, the compressor might be defective. The compressor is a motor that compresses the refrigerant or coolant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. If the compressor goes bad the cooling cycle does not start and the AC fails to cool.

13. Clogged air filter 

If the air conditioner does not cool, the air filter might be clogged. In such a case, air cannot flow through properly which greatly reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.  Either clean the air filter or replace it as needed

How to Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner

In reality, an ac might not be working for a lot of reasons. But to maintain a fairly healthy life of the machine, it is important to keep up regular servicing of the machine. Without servicing, any machine would have a lot shorter life than it usually should have. Regular servicing helps professionals to identify minor problems and to solve them before it becomes a very big deal for the machine. Even minor problems can prove fatal if not taken care of at the right time. At the least, schedule a maintenance service once a year.

Sometimes, it is possible for you to locate the problem, but sometimes, it might need a professional to be identified. But the most important thing is to get the problems solved.

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