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ACS Skill Assessment Necessary Information


A positive RPL ACS Skill Assessment report requires a lot from an Australian ICT professional candidate. The competition is quite tough, as ICT experts from all over the world have kept their eye on it. Innumerable Recognition Prior Learning or RPL Australia reports come to ACS. This is why they have made the required standard or criteria quite tough to pick only those capable of positively contributing. To the country’s economy and add more creativity, innovation, talent, skills, and experience into its workforce.

In such a zealous and confusing situation, only necessary information can calm your nerves. Therefore, we have prepared an article after conducting thorough research and consultation with experts. To fill you with motivation by providing the necessary information required for successful Australian immigration as an ICT specialist. So, read this whole blog with keenness and undivided attention.

ACS Skill Assessment Validity? 

The ACS assessment has a validity of two years, and the assessment cycle is of a period of 12 weeks.

How can you find your ANZSCO Code? 

You can find a copy of the ANZSCO occupational codes and categories in the ‘ANZSCO’ tab within the Workplace Profile. Use the filter function or the search to find the category that you find relevant.

What are ACS Skill Assessment Guidelines for Applicants? 

You have to show the way you gained your ICT knowledge and submit a total of two Project Reports within your RPL application ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form.

  1. A full explanation or description has to be made of a career episode with enough proof in the application. The claimed ICT knowledge in professional circumstances.
  2. A project you handled in the last 3 years and another project you took over the past five years must be listed.
  3. You also need to record the claimed ICT knowledge in detail.
  4. Plagiarised work must be avoided.

ACS will check the work submitted for any plagiarism issue. You have to submit the reports again with corrections. Any material summarized or cited has to be referenced. If you are unable to unveil data for the Project Report which is not yours will lead to an inadmissible assessment.

5 Underestimated Reasons for ACS RPL Australia Rejection: 

The following is a list of the 5 most common causes of RPL report by ACS. So, avoid them for the desired result:

  1. Candidates tend to forget to mention insights regarding the enterprise, the tasks they chose, the subsidiary organization, and their assigned part in all the undertakings in the report.
  2. They can’t properly show their responsibilities and duties in every venture they took. Sometimes, they don’t mention how their ideas lead to an improvement in the task.
  3. Aspirants are unable to clearly describe the methods and strategies in System Analysis and Design of each task advancement.
  4. They don’t talk about the programming languages which were used in the task. Which is a great chance to show expertise in the programming language.
  5. Not taking professional ACS RPL report writing services is also a major reason for rejection. Overconfidence and negligence can bring unwanted results in such circumstances. Doing everything on your own without any help means you must have expertise in the subject or field. Therefore, get rid of your ego and contact a professional and experienced ACS RPL writing help provider.
ACS Skill Assessment Requirements (documents): 

The following are the necessary documents for ACS RPL assessment:

  • Passport and Birth Certificate 

Only the applicant’s detailed page is necessary. You don’t need to submit every page of your passport. Submit only the first page and the last one to show your address and photo.

  • Award Certificates and Education Degrees

You have to submit a degree above your 12th class, which is called tertiary education in the Australian culture. You must mention the titles of your degrees and awards along with the name of universities and colleges you attended. Don’t forget to tell me the date when you completed the degree.

In case the date shown on your degree is not similar to the education completion date, you can either write the last examination date or the date printed on the degree.

  • Mark Sheets or Mark Sheet Transcript 

Your education mark sheets must have subject names along with marks and grades you acquired. You don’t need to have sealed transcripts for mark sheets or degrees.

  • Letter of Work Experience

Don’t forget to mention the responsibilities and roles you had during your working periods. You have to show your day-to-day responsibilities, and how your presence brought fruitful or desired results. It should be for your ANZSCO job code.

Your job starting date and end date must be mentioned clearly. The official employer letterhead is a must. In case of not having an employer letter, you need to have the letter of your roles and responsibilities from your workmates.

  • Resume 

It’s optional to upload your resume for ACS assessment despite officially being asked by ACS guidelines to demand a CV.

  • Marriage Certificate

You must show your marriage certificate as proof if you are married.

  • Paid Employment Evidence 

You have to show salary payments given by your employer along with their name. If your employer’s name is not seen clearly to ACS, it will not accept it. You also need to show your payslips.

  • Official Government Tax Records

Showing the taxes you paid is a must for your ACS skill evaluation with supporting copies and documents of income tax returns, provident fund deduction, and so on.

Why should you take RPL ACS Skill Assessment support services? 

It is just a misunderstanding that knowing important facts and details about something makes you able to do that. Even if you do, lack of evidence will lead to failure. The same thing happens in this delicate case. Innumerable aspirants for Australian immigration using ICT employment or experience dream of working and settling down.

Even some of them are eligible for this purpose, but they are unable to show their eligibility, which leads to the rejection of their RPL report. Therefore, taking help from an experienced, skilled, and professional RPL report expert can work wonders here.

If you are not convinced, then the following reasons for hiring an RPL report writing expert will eliminate all fallacies and doubts in your mind:
  1. There are two critical sections in the RPL report which require a deep understanding of writing. The first part is on the Key Areas of Knowledge and the second one is for a Project report. The professional writer has the experience, knowledge, and specialization allowing them to frame these sections impressively and flawlessly to the better of the result. Their expertise and creativity allow them to hit the bull’s eye here. It is almost impossible for a non-professional to prepare a report so innovatively.
  2. After taking professional help, you get assured and put your attention on other necessary things for success. Furthermore, sufficient and quality work is done in the least time without making the report lengthy and complicated.
  3. The professionals check your report ten times for spotting plagiarism or discrepancy. Moreover, they also follow the laid down guidelines seriously and strictly follow them.
  4. Their specialty in this field lets them conduct market research, follow competitors’ steps, and the like, which allows them to prepare the report with the latest methods or strategies, thus setting you apart from others.

Knowing the importance of an RPL ACS skill assessment report writer, if you are looking for a professional to change your dreams into reality, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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