Advertising – the history of advertising over the centuries.

Currently, advertising is mainly understood as commercial advertising, it includes all sales promotion measures. Today’s advertising includes banners Vancouver, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, promotional letters, flyers and brochures, catalogs and flyers, posters, shop windows, light advertising, advertising in movies and on the radio.

Advertising is not a new phenomenon, because the ancient Romans in Egypt already knew advertising. 4000 years before the Birth of Christ, there were public criminals who announced public and private appointments, as well as the arrival of some merchants.

In 2000 BC, Babylonian merchants created cuneiform tablets.

At the same time, Athens liked to use event advertising boards similar to those of banner printing Vancouver.

After that, this type of advertising was long lost. Only in the 1400 century, according to our calculations, the opportunity to advertise again appeared, because the first paper mills appeared. Historically, this tradition did not reappear until 1445. Johannes Gutenberg made this possible thanks to printing, because the technical prerequisites were met there. A German bookseller wrote advertisements in 1427-1467.

In addition to advertising in the newspaper, there are also special advertising newspapers in which merchants offer their goods. Soon the so-called intelligence documents appeared, which were under the control of the state. This brought additional income to the state. 1727 King Frederick William forbids advertising in newspapers to put an end to unrestrained enrichment. New printing processes, such as lithography in 1796 and fine cutting in 1800, allowed the circulation of newspapers to increase. The invention of lithography at the end of the 18th century also revolutionized poster technology and, consequently, advertising. In 1850, the previously banned daily newspaper was published again, and advertising appeared in it again. With the invention of screen printing in 1846 It is also possible to print colorful posters. In the middle of the XIX century, advertising changed in quantity, content and technology. Up to this point, advertising was limited to product information, but that suddenly changed. One began to appeal to special social strata. This is how advertising for the target audience appeared. Daily newspapers were becoming more and more advertising, and the editorial part took up little space.

Around 1900, the former daily newspaper turned into an advertising one. Advertising is everywhere you look. With the help of this type of advertising, more and more people were recognized. When the collotype was created in 1855, advertising on Mitfass was born. The first advertising poles were installed in America. Since then, people have become more and more inventive in advertising. By tri-color printing in 1890, advertising flourished more and more. Now there were also color magazines in which it was impossible to do without advertising. In 1915, the first university investigated the benefits of advertising. The first training positions for advertising specialists were also created. Now art was also reflected in advertising and used as a template. More and more artists were involved in advertising and related texts.

With the invention of television, a lot has changed. The first advertisement on television was the Persil advertisement on November 3, 1956. This has made television one of the most important means of advertising on a par with banners printing (Coquitlam) to this day. To this day, whole professions related to advertising have appeared. Despite the appearance of online advertising, the banners that your target audience sees daily on the streets and in buildings have not lost their appeal.

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