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After A Sports Injury: When To See The Doctor

Playing any sport brings the possibility of getting injured during the play. Although the injuries are pretty ordinary, they generally get normal after taking some rest and sometimes require other things like compression and elevation to comfort the injury. But sometimes, the pain happens even after the rest doesn’t go away. 

Constant or recurring pain can be a sign of a bad sports injury, and you need medical attention. Waiting too long in such cases can worsen the condition, and you do not know if urgent attention is not given to what may happen. It can result in a permanent injury that will not let you work out or play your favorite game for maybe a lifetime.

Sports injury has some causes, like overdoing, a significant impact on one part of the body, and a direct collision with something. You need to see a doctor when you see the following signs or symptoms on your body.

5 Signs When You Need To See The Doctor Now

Here are the 5 signs that you should not ignore and rush to the nearby Sports Injury Clinic Adelaide for treatments.

  • Recurring Pain

Even after trying the rest, compression, elevation, and ice, if the pain is still constant and recurring, then you need to get medical assistance as soon as possible. The pain is the sign of incomplete healing of the injury, and waiting too long can further worsen the injury.

  • Swelling

Now, this is a common sign after any injury that part of the body swells. But if you have noticed significant swelling in an injury that is bigger than usual and soreness, then it is a sign of broken bone. The fractured bone leaves a considerable swelling in the near area of the injury on joints. 

  • Not Able To Move Joints

After getting rest, if you are still not able to move your joints in a comfortable manner, then you should go to the sport injury clinic in Adelaide. These types of injuries make your joint’s movement restricted. You can feel it whenever you try to bend your joint, creating pain for a while until it is loose again.

  • Not Able To Put Weight On Injury

Your inability to bear weight on your joints when trying to hold something, primarily this pain arises in the knees. As knees are the ones you take your body weight, it is more prone to injury. If you have pain in your knees, that could mean you have an orthopedic injury.   


An injury is a normal thing when engaging in any sport, which can be quickly taken care of with some rest. But some pain of injury does not go away even after the rest. That is when you need a medical Ducker Physio doctor to check your wound. Injuries of such kind can create problems in the future, so it is better to know them with some tips to attend to the medical injury as soon as possible. 

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