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Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Aircon Overhaul

Air conditioner services are done by different means in the present day. The companies mainly use the chemical cleaning or overhaul procedure to clean the AC machines. The aircon service in Adelaide follows both processes while cleaning the AC machines. Here, you will be able to understand the facts related to both processes and go through the differences between both.


  • Chemical cleaning

Usage of chemicals to cleanse the interior parts of the AC unit is termed chemical cleaning. The expert opens up the complete AC unit and thoroughly cleans the coils. They also clean the filters using the same solution. 

The chemical is made in such a way that it eliminates all types of bacteria and fungi. Moreover, the lingering effect of the chemicals helps restrict fungal and bacterial growth in the AC unit for a long time. An experienced electrician does the aircon servicing in Adelaide

  • Overhaul cleaning

If your AC unit has not gone through a servicing process for a long time, the experts might use the overhaul process. The drainage pipes are also cleaned along with the filters, air units, and coils in this process. 

This is the process where an expert checks if there is any abnormality in the entire air conditioning system. If it is present, they can replace or repair it. You can invest in aircon cleaning by the overhaul process once a year. 

Difference Between Overhaul and Chemical Cleaning Process

The difference between overhaul and cleaning process is given here based on specific parameters. Give a thorough read to understand.

  1. Primary Technique: As per the basic technique, in the case of the chemical wash process, only the upper/indoor unit of the AC is opened by the expert. Whereas, for overhaul cleaning, you can find the expert opening up both the units of an AC for flushing chemicals in it.
  2. Complexity: As per complexity is concerned, you can consider the overhaul process to lead compared to the chemical wash. So, the overhaul process is more time-consuming than chemical washing. 
  3. Expense: As the overhaul process of AC servicing is more complex, you can expect it to be more expensive than the chemical cleaning process. However, you can find one expert executing both processes efficiently.
  4. Worth: When it comes to worth, you can consider both the processes of aircon cleaning to be worthy. The expert chooses a process depending on the overall condition of the AC unit. All they do is utilize the chemicals and machines to eliminate any kind of microbial growth in the unit.

Final Words

Now, as you know all the basic facts about both the overhaul and chemical wash process of aircon cooling, it is time to choose the service provider. There are many providers of electricians in Adelaide, and you can find them easily on the internet. The only thing you need to check is its reputation as an organization. Moreover, you can ask them for quotes for comparison with other companies.

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