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Alcoholism; Pleasure or a life threat

Alcoholism; Pleasure or a life threat

Alcohol, widely recognized as the recreational drug is produced by the fermentation of grains, fruits, and other food. It has different types and used by men all over the world. In some cultures, it is allowed to drink but in some countries, its sale and drinking is a ban. When it is taken rarely and in limited quantities, it does not pose life-threatening effects, its side effects disappear after a short time. But when it is taken often and in excessive quantities, this condition is called alcohol abuse.  It is legal in European countries, India, and some others. Its sale and usage are illegal in Pakistan but due to poor enforcement of laws, the ratio of this abuse is rising alarmingly.

Alcoholism or alcohol abuse has damaging effects on the health of a normal person. Alcohol is generally a depressant and people take it to reduce anxiety. It induces intense feelings of pleasure and a sort of happiness. Equally, it affects mental abilities. Remaining in the state of drunk for the longer times after heavy intake not only affects the central nervous system but also causes other diseases. People involved in alcohol abuse may lead to severe damages to their liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal organs.

Signs of chronic alcoholism

Chronic alcoholism is the condition when a person takes it regularly and beyond the limit. He does not remain able to control his desire of drinking it again and again. He loses control over his behavior and emotions and also goes to the state of unconsciousness for a longer period. With the passage of time, he has poor control over body coordination.

Below are some symptoms which show that a person is the victim of chronic alcoholism.

  • Unable to control the desire for more intake
  • Acquires more quantity due to the rising urge
  • Excessive intake cause health issues like nausea and body shaking
  • Loss of control on body coordination
  • unconsciousness
  • Cut off from social and family events
  • Gets serious diseases linked with alcoholism.

Reasons behind the rising trend of alcoholism

There are a lot of factors that contribute to alcohol abuse. In some cultures, it has important religious consequences to drink. In some countries it is the sign of liberalism and fashion statement, they have regulated its production and sale. When we talk about its usage in Pakistan, being an Islamic country it is strictly prohibited in our religion. Unfortunately, it is being imported and sold against the law.

A major ratio of people has become addicted to its usage to release their depression and anxiety. They think that they will forget their worries and get pleasure but do not keep in mind that it will cause life-threatening effects. It has become a trend to use in social parties by rich people to get happiness. It is also widely used by the people who are facing poverty, unemployment, and other socio-economical issues.


It is possible to treat alcoholism but it strongly needs the will power of the patient. When the patient does not agree to leave the habit, it takes a longer time to cure the disease, and have strong chances that a person will again join this habit.

It is essential to report a doctor when alcoholism becomes a problem instead of a source of pleasure. In some cases, whole families get involved in this abuse and unable to refrain from their intake even when they want to get rid of its use. If you are the victim or your loved one needs help. Do not delay it to seek medical treatment. In Pakistan, KOSHISH CLINIC is one of the best rehabilitation centers that are contributing effectively to alcoholism treatment.

Koshish clinic has all the facilities to treat chronic and mild alcoholic patients. An expert panel of doctors and psychiatrists do the evaluation of the patient and prescribe treatment.

Treatment involves

  • Diagnosis

This involves the identification of the type of the alcohol and complete history of its use.

  • Detoxification

It is the removal of the toxic amounts of alcoholic drugs from the body.

  • Psychotherapy

It includes brain counseling to induce positivity in personality and prevent the relapse of alcoholism.


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