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Alicia’s Story With Sylvanian Families

Summer has finally arrived! Her first year of kindergarten is already over, Alicia has been on vacation for a week, and her Sylvanian families too. She already played with them a lot during the school term. I have to admit that since the start of the summer vacation, she has been having fun with them every day. She has time for them, she loves them, handles them with great tenderness, and is very peaceful when playing with them. Among the Sylvanians, there are no villains, no good guys, no superheroes, and not a single princess! No influence from the media, they don’t have cartoons, which gives Alicia plenty of time to imagine, create and invent her own stories. And it feels good. ♥

Sylvanian Families Playsets

Sylvanian Families offers a wide range of references dedicated to holidays, weekends, and leisure including the treehouse, the caravan, and the garden barbecue set that we have received as brand ambassadors. Alicia loves to climb in her grandparents’ trailer, she is super happy whenever we grill outside and she wouldn’t mind spending whole days in a treehouse. Imagine her joy when she discovered her beautiful boxes! Once again, everything is beautiful, solid, meticulous, neat, and realistic.

The small house at the top of the tree can be withdrawn, the slide can change places, the caravan is very complete, functional, there is a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, berths, many accessories as well as ” a hitch allowing it to attach to all vehicles in the range. The simmering dish in the casserole dish would make me almost hungry, so will the barbecue grills, and the glasses can be filled with the orange juice from the carafe. Yes Yes!

Don’t Forget to checkout:

Fun Creation

She personified the characters of the chocolate bunny family. Our family is embodied there. There is dad, mom, her, and her little sister. It’s fun, but frankly, it doesn’t surprise me. So we have a great holiday in a caravan, by the sea, with a great cabin in a tree in which we find all our friends! And to make the holidays even more enjoyable, I suggested to Alicia that they make a sensory tray representing a beach. So we emptied a jar of semolina that we had in the cupboard before adding a few items.


  • Plastic tray with high edges (mine is from IKEA)
  • Semolina
  • Flat glass marbles in the colors of the sea
  • Shells and pebbles
  • Cones
  • Paper umbrella (recovered from the decoration of ice cream)
  • Pieces of fabric for beach towels

Beautiful Memories

I captured a few moments of videos in which my Alicia plays, imperturbable, completely absorbed, and passionate about her toys, sometimes she doesn’t even notice my presence. Not everything was filmed on the same day, her little sister sometimes making appearances on the mattress next to it. It gives a different glimpse of the photos, for my part, I love to listen to her and watch her play with the naturalness and simplicity of a 3-year-old girl. ♥

DIY: A Sensory Garden for Sylvanian Families

Two weeks ago, I created a small sensory garden for Alicia’s Sylvanian Families. She really wanted to and once the craft was done I loved seeing her little eyes shine and hearing her lovely voice tell me “oh that’s so pretty mom!” “♥


  • A cardboard support
  • Papers of different textures in the colors of nature (felt, sandpaper, glossy paper, foam paper, etc.)
  • Glue for paper and cardboard (I use Giotto vinyl glue)
  • Scissors, pencil, ruler


Everything is allowed, you just have to leave room for your imagination. Here, I made it very simple by cutting a strip of sandpaper that I glued in the center of the card stock. I then added two strips of felt on either side of the path. You’re done In a few minutes! It was this Pinterest pin that inspired me.

Little Garden

And there you have it, a basic little garden without artifice that allows Alicia to let her imagination guide her. She takes pleasure in arranging and maintaining it every day with a few flowers, pine cones, flat marbles, sticks, or stones. I think it makes the cottage even cuter! We can adapt this support to different houses, shops, schools, treehouses… in short, anything.

Soft-Felt Lawn

With a soft-felt lawn, a grainy sandpaper path, pretty flowers with different smells and very natural colors in the spirit of Sylvanian families toys, the sense of touch, smell, and sight are alert, and it’s all the more fun! I think our little Sylvanians will have a great time with their family in this little green space conducive to relaxation. Alicia has created so many different little gardens over the past few days. I had fun taking pictures of them whenever I could. Here are a few to discover.

And surprise! On the back of this garden, I have created a beach that can also be adapted to various elements. Here we got her married at the treehouse, and that’s just amazing!

DIY: a playground for the Sylvanian school

Alicia went back to school for the second time this year. She is now proud to be in the middle section. His class includes 25 children from four different levels (TPS, PS, MS, and GS) which gives a big age difference between the youngest and the oldest! Fortunately, the teacher has a concrete organization to best manage all these small people, and this co-education allows the children to be more independent and to help each other. Alicia spontaneously helps the little ones in her class, and she is very interested in the work of the older ones.

Listening to her playing with her Sylvanian Families when she got home from school, however, I guessed that there were a couple of little things that pained her. She more easily expresses her thoughts and small worries through play, and that’s how I understood that she had missed her dad, her sister, and me a lot on the first day of school and that she was sad to not find his friends from last year. Ma Alicia is very emotional and attached to those around her. We talked about it, she is now reassured and things seem to be getting better. ♥

Sylvanians Brand Ambassador

So his Sylvanians left the beach, caravan, and treehouse to join the forest school that I received as a brand ambassador. She was accompanied by two little schoolchildren and the school lunch set which includes a Girl Bear figurine. As usual, everything is really cute, neat, realistic, and meticulous. These are beautiful toys that Alicia always handles with great care, she arranges small notebooks in satchels or in lockers under desks. She invents lots of activities for them, and at lunchtime, she likes to make good meal trays for everyone. His imagination and fantasy even allowed him to invite nature to join the menu. This is how the squirrel boy schoolboy can stuff himself with nuts at will! I think she has a crush on this little character with his very soft tail.

Discover & Share These Adorable Toys

In addition to making you discover and share these adorable toys, I wanted to offer three easy little DIYs to make a play area to add to the school. The playground is a request from my Alicia. This place allows her to meet up with her favorite friends and meet new ones to play and have fun, it is very important to her. And for his Sylvanians too!

DIY  Playground

Equipment used

  • A sheet of card stock (for the hopscotch, basketball hoop frame, and sandbox stand)
  • An empty jar of petit Suisse (or small jar of cream, yogurt, etc.)
  • A small fillet (mini baby bel type, onions, etc. …)
  • 4 ice cream sticks
  • A little semolina
  • A ball of plasticine
  • A black marker
  • Scotch, strong glue


  • Cut a rectangle from the card stock to make the frame for the basketball hoop and make two notches in the center of the bottom half.
  • Cut the strongest part of the Petit Suisse pot (the top of the pot) to make a ring.
  • Cut this ring so that there are two ends, then thread the net from one end.
    Fit each end into the notches in the paper frame.
  • The basketball hoop is ready to be attached to a wall using fixed paste. For the ball, we made a plasticine ball.
  • Nothing’s easier. Just draw neat hopscotch on the sheet of card stock, then cut all around. We have added a small pebble to throw at the boxes.


  • You can simply fill a small container with semolina. For my part, I couldn’t find the model I wanted, so I quickly tinkered with this one.
  • Cut a 13 cm square of paper (a little larger than the length of my ice cream sticks).
  • Fold each edge over 1 cm, and tape them so that they hold well.
  • Glue the sticks on the outer edges to strengthen them and give a more natural feel.
    Leave to dry for a few moments and fill with semolina.

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