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All the New Features that You Can See in New Oppo Smartphones

Oppo smartphones have gradually taken the Indian market by storm like no other. The brand strives to prioritize the customers’ needs that enabled it to cater enormously to all categories of the Indian populace. Most of the latest models launched by Oppo are 5G mobiles, the 5th generation of mobile networks that guarantee lightning internet speed. 

Let’s have a glance at some of the new Oppo mobile and their exclusive features.

Oppo Reno 5F Pro:

Oppo smartphones are acclaimed for their ability to capture vibrant and authentic pictures. One can relive any experience to the fullest just by gazing at the snaps taken by Oppo mobiles. The Oppo Reno 5F Pro is one such fresh model; equipped with a quad-rear camera array and 32 MP front camera, it infuses life and vigour in the visuals in the truest sense of the term.

The Ultra Night Video and Live HDR features, powered by Artificial Intelligence, balance themselves as per the illumination to produce striking clear videos. Whether it is a brightly lit surrounding or dimly lit area or even night time, preserve the natural fervour in your videos with this Oppo model. Deploy the rear and front cameras to use at the same time to not lose out on a moment. Moreover, Oppo Reno 5F Pro is a 5G mobile, supplemented by India’s first MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chip that imparts peak performance and lightning internet speed. An 8GB RAM sanctions multi-tasking with unparalleled comfort like never before.

Oppo F17 Pro:

Oppo F17 Pro’s price, being slightly lower on the spectrum, renders it extremely popular among the customers. Weighing just 164g, it transmits a sense of ease and comfort on the hands with its low weight and seamless pebble edges. It boasts a total of six AI-powered cameras that take selfies and portrait snaps a notch higher. The AI Night Charging feature permits one to leave the phone on charge throughout the night, without fretting over the possibility of overheating the device. With the aid of AI, the battery adjusts to get fully charged at the user’s wake-up time.

Oppo Find X2:

One of the newest models launched by Oppo, the Find X2 smartphone lives up to Oppo’s resolve to never stop surprising the users. The aesthetic beauty of the model can leave any person in a sense of awe and wonder. The display is stacked up with several sterling features — the billion colour feature aids in distinguishing between a varied range of colours; the 120Hz refresh rate allows easier transition from one visual to another that lays less strain on the eyes; The AI Adaptive Eye Protection feature safeguards people from incurring any potential damage to vision by being pleasant on the eyes. It is also equipped with a multi-faceted triple-rear camera set-up; each of the cameras possesses some exclusive functions. Moreover, the 65W SuperVOOC flash charge enables full charge in around 40 minutes.

Oppo A15s:

Oppo smartphones do not compromise on the quality in even lower budget pieces. Oppo A15s, available under 15,000 INR is bestowed with a 13MP principal lens that delivers clear pictures, a 2MP micro-lens that keeps track of minute nuances, and a 2MP depth lens that produces picture-perfect portraits. To top it off is the 8MP front camera, which perfectly clones the natural beauty into the virtual selfie.

Some of the Best Camera Phones by Oppo

Knowing about the best Oppo smartphones may confuse consumers if you consider the brand’s naming system, which is unconventional by any standards. Ironically, this has made Oppo’s handsets the topic of many discussions on smartphones, and the brand has become famous for the same. Highlighting all Oppo mobiles, specs and features are appealing, and phones are offered in price segments that offer value for money to the Indian consumer.

No matter how quirky some of their nomenclatures may be, any Oppo mobile has the ability to stand out from the crowd, offering counterparts stiff competition. Typically, these phones, specs, and features apart, are striking due to their vibrant colours. As features go, some handsets have the best-in-class features, and you won’t find these in other models at such affordable rates. A unique one is the pop-up camera feature that has seen such fame, it surpassed Oppo’s own expectations. The original design blends with superior batteries and overall performance, offering premium camera capability in all Oppo mobiles.

A Rich Combination

Oppo has been the subject of much talk in its native country of China. Well-known for its reliable phones with solid cameras, Oppo has made strides into the European phone market over the last few years. Analysts say this will continue as it provides consumers, especially in the Indian market, genuine and assured products at attractive prices. A plus point of Oppo is that phones look sleek, especially while taking photographs and selfies, and this is a popular quality for the younger set of Indian consumers.

Plenty of different Oppo phones exist, ranging from budget A-series phones to mid-level Reno mobiles and high-end Find handsets. Oppo’s recent model, the Reno5 Pro is 5G-enabled and comes with an ultra-advanced quad-rear camera set-up with a 64MP main camera and 2MP macro and mini cameras that give you superb shots in dim light and backlit atmospheres. Most mid-range phones come with high refresh rates, fast charging feature, and this new model is an 8 GB RAM mobile. A rich combination of substance and style is Oppo’s signature. 

Great Phones for Photography

In April 2021, Oppo’s premier new model, the Find X3 Pro will find its way into the market. This is a high-end phone, with 5G readiness and professional cameras. If you are a photography enthusiast, and you still want something that’s not too pricey, the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom may be the ideal camera phone. These are some Oppo camera phones that live up to high standards for quality shots:

  • Oppo Find X2 Neo – This is a great phone for the price, not just because of the versatile camera set-up, but because of its overall performance. The phone comes with an excellent OLED smooth screen (thanks to a 90Hz refresh rate) powerful speakers, and the camera works well to take videos. Photography prowess is displayed with a reliable camera for night shots.
  • Oppo Reno 10x Zoom – One of the best mid-rangers you can buy right now, the fantastic camera array is Reno 10x Zoom handset’s draw. The sleek design affords a camera that is flush with the back surface. The distinctive pop-up “shark fin” camera, housing the rear camera and the flash is an innovation. With the main camera at 48MP and a 13MP telephoto lens (working the 10x Zoom), accurate shots are easy. 
  • Oppo Reno3 – A quad-camera set up behind the phone includes a 64MP main sensor, a 13MP telephoto sensor, and an 8MP camera with an ultra-wide lens combined with a black and white 2MP sensor, giving you perfect shots full of depth. The dual front snapper facilitates some great selfie shots as well.

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