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All You Need To Know About Best Document Scanning Software For PC

If you want to move out from physical to digital scanning process, then find the best scanning software for your pc and makes your document easier than ever before.

Technology has developed over time, and paperless management is the biggest achievement of technology in the world.  We’ve moved away from the traditional paper management schools and toward a new method of document storage. Storing has digitalize now and it makes easy most of your work such as storing the document printing copies in a file and then keep that files safe and secure at some place. This was so irritating; finding a file covered in dust and keeps your document as fresh as it was generated is not easy. But, the digital way can make it possible. Yes, we’re talking about document scanning software that reduces your efforts, saves your times, and less your expenses you bear for different functions such as printing, scanning, storing, and more.

In this article, we will familiarize you with our latest edition Scandie- the best document scanning software for PC. This software contains more than the scanning function, but here, we will discuss majorly document scanning.  If you’re new at technology and don’t know much about scanning software benefits, don’t worry, because this guide is perfect for both beginner and advanced users. So, read the complete article and learn how you can easily make your life paperless and secure from data loss.

Did You Know

It is estimated that 24 trees are required to make 1 ton of standard office paper.  According to Global Forest Resource Assessment, roughly 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down each day around the world with a significant percentage being used in the paper industry

Table of Contents

  • Best Document Scanning Software for PC
  • What is Best Scanning Software PC
  • Does Your Computer Have Built-in Scanning Software?
  • How to Scan Documents in Windows
  • Which is Best Document Scanning Software for Windows?
  • Best Scanning Software to Edit Scanned Documents
  • How to Scan Documents Using Scandie Scanning Software

What is Best Scanning Software PC?

What do you think? The scanning software you’re using is best for you. At Waredot, we bring the stuff that is best for you in all aspects, because best cannot be one-sided. When you’re choosing an item, it is important for you to analyze the item in every aspect. Additionally, standard and quality also make it best for you.  But, what are the parameters that will decide the scanning software are best? And before we proceed; figure out the benefits of using document scanner pc. There are various benefits for which you are always in the eye of scanning software.  Find out the benefits of the best scanning software PC:

  • Reduces your time and effort
  • Less expensive
  • More Space
  • Decades Preservation
  • Better data security
  • Improved Employees collaboration
  • Paperless Management
  • Easy sharing
  • Easy and Quick access to files
  • Go Paperless and Save Environment

Reduces your time and effort

Scanning software reduces the time and effort you used to put into going to the shop for physical scanning and storing the scanned document.  Scanning or storing multiple documents needs more effort and time, but scanning software has made it so simple and quick even for scanning a thousand documents at a time.

Less expensive

Physical scanning and storing the multiple document at a time was so expensive. Storing the document for future use needs the sources and these sources can be expensive, but scanning software not only helps you to do scanning, but also stores your document for long time. It means one price for two functions.

 More Space

Your pc is also filled up with lots of documents and when it comes to storing scanner or printed documents at pc, it clutters your storage too. Scanning software comes with extra space for the purpose of storing your scanning document safe and secure.  That’s how; you will get more space with scanner software.

Decades Preservation

Do have that excellent file presentation you’ve made 7 years back in your previous office? No, you may have not saved that file or if you’re sitting to find it out, it may take more than hours to find that presentation. But, scanning software helps you to keep your historic document safe. With scanning software, you can store your decade old document and can access it anytime from anywhere.

Better data security

Protection documents or files physically is difficult and therefore, we recommend using scanner software. It comes with security features that prevent unauthorized access and stop wrong hands from stealing the document.

Improved Employees collaboration

Without having to reproduce information on paper, document scanning makes it simple to exchange papers and collaborate on projects. This means that employees in different locations can access and read electronic documents at the same time.

Paperless Management

Paperless management is the best benefit of using document scanning. Document scanning software is easier the physical scanning.  As we know, trees are the most critical raw materials. It is estimated that 24 trees are required to make 1 ton of standard office paper. And therefore, we recommend starting using scanning software to make our world paperless. Digitalize paper management also aids in managing various documents at a time.

Easy Sharing

Sharing was never so easy because of physical scanning and then scans the document and transfers it to your pc for sending it via email to the recipients. Was it not time taking process? It was, and that’s why we’re in favor of using scanning software that is best for sharing. With Scanning software, you can scan, print, store, and send directly via scanning software.

Easy and Quick Access to Files

According to an AIIM survey, it takes an average of 37 minutes to find a single paper file. Document scanning makes file access easier for everyone in your company. Without leaving your desk, you can recover your files fast and simply.

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Go Paperless and Save Environment

According to Global Forest Resource Assessment, roughly 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down each day around the world with a significant percentage being used in the paper industry. This means,  going paperless isn’t just good for your business; it benefits the environment as well.  More and more paper uses harm the environment more. The document scanning software greatly impacts on environment and business for a greener plant.

We have discussed 10 benefits of scanning software and trust there are still more. If you’re looking for a scanning software and don’t know what is best scanning software for pc, then these 10 benefits can be works as a parameters on which your scanning software should be stand out. These points should be in your scanning document and if you couldn’t find the right pick have patience and find the best scanning software in the third section from the ending in this article.

Does Your Computer Have Built-in Scanning Software?

How do you check, if your computer is having built-in scanning software or not? Luckily, it is quite simple. If you’re a Windows 10 user, then you don’t need to worry, because your pc comes with the scanning software.  And if you’re Windows old version, then you can use the search bar and type Scanner and if your computer contains the scanner software, it will show you the name. To open it, you just need to hit Enter button.

However, most Windows version comes with built-in Printing & Scanning software.  Apart from this, you can also check your pc built-in printing scanning software in Settings.  To do so, open Settings > Device > Printer & Scanners.

How to Scan Documents in Windows

Scanning document in Windows using built-in scanning software is quite easy. Follow the below steps to scan a document in Windows 10.

  • Make sure you scanner is turned on and it’s connected to your pc.
  • In the search box, type Windows Scan, and then select Scan from the results.
  • Now, place the item you want to scan face down on the scanner’s flatbed and close the cover.

Alternatively, you can also place the item you want to scan in the scanner’s document feeder

  • Now, select the scanner you want to use as well as select the location you prefer to scan from.
  • Under File Type, select the file type of file in which you want to save the scan document.
  • Tap Show more to show the save file to options.
  • Finally, tap Save file to, choose the location where you want to save your document.
  • Finally, select Scan to scan your document. Once you’re done, click View to preview the scanned document.

Which is Best Document Scanning Software for Windows?

When it comes to finding the best document scanning software for Windows PC, it might be difficult for you, because there are various alternatives you can find online for scanning software.  But, here we are to ease your problem, and thus we want to recommend to you the best scanning software that is Scandie. Why do we call it best? Scandie is not just a scanner; it is more than a scanner. It just not makes your world paperless, but it also solves your other problems while scanning printing both.  Scandie comes with multiple features that help for performing different functions such as quick scanning printing, merging documents, easy sharing, quick accessing files, and preservation.  Scandie comes with free 30-day free trial facility and its paid version is also pocket-friendly. Download Now Scandie and get a 30-day free trial.

Best Scanning Software to Edit Scanned Documents

Editing a scanned document may not be difficult, but the editing features might be limited in the scanning software. But no more limit on editing, use Scandie printer scanner software and get best editing features at very sweet price. With Scandie, you can preview your document after scanning, and immediately if you want you can make the editing in the document. That’s how Scandie makes your editing on the scanned document easier and simple.

How to Scan Documents Using Scandie Scanning Software

It’s quite easy to use Scandie printer scanner software on PC. See the instructions to scan document using Scandie.

1.First of all, make sure to download and install the Scandie printer scanner software for pc. If you haven’t done it, click on the below link and download the scanner software.

  1. Once you’ve installed the software on your pc, open the Scandie on your pc.
  2. Select the scanner you want to use and file type.
  3. Once you’re ready, select the document and tap Scan button to scan the document. Once you’re done, click View to preview the scanned document.

Final Words

Hey guys! This was the guide about “best document scanning software for PC.”  In this article, we’ve discusses how technology comes in the way of paperless management and how a Scanner can help to make the most of it. Paperless management is important and therefore, we bring this guide with the right pick of document scanning software for our users. I Hope, at the end of the article, you’ve found the right scanning software for your pc.

Let us know in the comment section if you’ve any queries regarding this article. We would be glad to answer you!


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