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All You Need To Know About PVC Decking

You will always choose the best for your own sweet home. Similarly, when you want an outdoor makeover of your home by decking, you will select the best materials available in the market. In the last few decades, the decking industry has been growing, and people are familiar with the terms like PVC decking, composite decking, and polymer decking. 

However, all the procedures are different from each other. Here, in this article, we will discuss the details of PVC decking. For further information regarding decking, you may get in touch with decking Adelaide without hesitation. Let us continue reading to find out what you need to know if you consider opting for PVC to renovate the old deck or build a new one for your home. 

What is PVC Decking?

Before going into detail, you should know about PVC decking. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a plastic-like compound. This PVC is used in decking to avoid organic materials like wood or wood flour. 

Organic materials always risk moisture invasion, resulting in mold mildew or rot. But PVC decking is designed to avoid all such risks. That is why it is preferred over traditional wood decking in Adelaide

How is PVC Decking Different from Composite Decking?

Despite being outdoor projects, both PVC decking and composite decking are durable and low maintenance, but they have significant dissimilarities in their materials. 

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic-like chemical compound where the composite is a mixture of wood and plastic fibers. So the risk of moisture damage cannot be eliminated in composite decking. So, PVC decking is preferred over composite decking. 

What are the Benefits of PVC Decking?

The recent trend abandoned traditional wood decking and embraced PVC decking. This is because PVC decking provides many long-term benefits that organic materials cannot. Let us talk through the beneficial sides of PVC decking. 

No Paint Needed 

If you go for PVC decking, no painting is required for protection or aesthetics. This overall reduces the expenses of the decking procedure. 


PVC decking is more durable than any other organic material. As organic materials, wood is usually used, and their chances of moisture-locking are very high. PVC decking is completely free from these risks. 

Low Maintenance

Maintaining PVC decking is very easy as it requires no extra maintenance. So, choosing PVC decking will make one free from the hassle of maintenance.


Almost every PVC decking comes up with industry-based warranties. So, you don’t have to worry about the damage-repair if required. 

Wrapping Up

PVC decking is now becoming very popular because nobody wants to compromise with quality. PVC decking provides convenient and long-lasting solutions, which is why people are going for it. 

Hope this article helps you know the necessary facts about PVC decking, so you do not get confused between the different materials. Nowadays, apart from the decking, you can even use PVC in traditional verandahs & carports.

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