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All You Need To Know About Registering A Business In Singapore

Setting up a new business is a time consuming and time consuming process, but if you learn from your mistakes, enjoy your pride, and be patient, the fruits of your labor will soon begin to fall.

You need a business plan to shape your business objectives, funding and setting. Once you know which way you’re going, it’s easy to get started. Entrepreneurs wishing to launch their own company must first obtain a permit to operate it. This article shares information on how to register online businesses.

Businesses Company registration for online businesses can be done in two ways, either as a private company or as a public company.

Registering an e-commerce business in Singapore

For starters, sole proprietorship is the easiest way to start a company, as it requires less legal compliance and is easier to manage. You, as a proprietor, are the only entity in all legal matters. That way, your brand / company and you exist as one soul, without prejudice. You can run a real estate business outside of your home without the need for a special registry. However, when your business is profitable and you are looking for detail, it would be wise to set up a physical office / commercial store.

An e-commerce business that wants to accept payments online payments must be a registered company. Only registered companies can integrate an authorized payment gateway into their website.

Apply for company registration

This is the final step in setting up a sole proprietorship business. This includes entering the name of the company, entering the office address, giving notice for appointment of company directors, managers and secretaries and announcing the pay scale of the employees.

If you find the process complicated and difficult, you can hire the services of a reputable law firm that deals exclusively with the company registration services.

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