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All You Need to Know About Samsung Edge Lighting

The latest Galaxy devices feature infinity screens with no bezels. This makes them ideal for viewing movies, playing games, and browsing applications, but it also means that the traditional notification indication light is no longer available.

How to Enable It?

Search for and choose Brief pop-up settings from Settings, and then touch Brief pop-up settings once again. Customize your favourite selections by tapping Edge lighting style. Tap Done when you’re finished to save your changes.

Edge illumination allows you to use the full edge of your display as a notification light, allowing you to notice new notifications without having to open your phone. You may customise the notification’s appearance and colour, as well as which applications use the function, with Edge illumination.

Edge lighting lets you to choose which app alerts look normally and which light up your screen’s edge. Edge illumination may be enabled for all apps or selectively enabled for certain apps.

When your phone begins to glow due to an Edge lighting notice, you have a few alternatives. You may launch the app normally, open it in a pop-up window, or just ignore the notice.

Samsung manufactures a wide range of consumer and industrial electronics, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems, among other things. It has become one of the most well-known technological brands, accounting for almost a quarter of South Korea’s total exports.

In its native nation of South Korea, Samsung has manufacturing plants. It also manufactures the majority of the components it buys from its sibling firms there. Samsung is one of the best mobility device company in the world with millions of trusted users worldwide. Tech Spices can help you buy your dream tech device!

However, its smartphone manufacturing plant in South Korea produces less than 10% of worldwide sales.

New Samsung Features

  • Multi-Window Update

Side-by-side multitasking is now possible on Samsung Galaxy handsets thanks to a feature dubbed “Multi Window.” You’ll have to activate it first, but after you do, you’ll be able to run two programmes on the screen at once. For example, you may use Chrome to explore the web while viewing a movie on YouTube.

To use the “Multi Window” function, go to Settings > Display and choose the “Multi window” checkbox.

You may activate the “Multi Window” function by long pressing the back button on your smartphone once it has been enabled. This will bring up a docked application launcher on the side of the screen. It’s identical to the usual programmes list, except that it only shows applications that support “Multi Window.”

  • Easy Mode

Switching to the “Easy Mode” home screen on Samsung Galaxy handsets simplifies the interface for new smartphone users. The usual home screen will be replaced by a streamlined layout that provides rapid access to common functionalities.

The home screen has been streamlined to include speed dial shortcuts for dialling three individuals (you can choose who e.g. close friends or family members). You’ll also get access to the most frequently used applications, as well as often altered settings and the alarm clock app. To know more aboit technology, click here.

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