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All You Need to Know About the 3m Speedglas G5 01 Welding Helmet

Welding processes involve a lot of hazards and risks. Therefore, the presence of protective equipment is necessary to keep workers safe from serious health and wellbeing issues. One of the standout tools that is listed on the top of protective equipment for the welding process is the 3M Speedglas G5-01 welding helmet. It has become quite popular since its launch and most of the people related to the welding process and hardware industry know about it. However, most of them only know that it is a useful protection tool against the hazards created because of the welding process and don’t know much detail about this useful protection tool. Therefore, it is important to be informed of some basic know-how about this welding protection helmet. We have gathered some valuable details about the 3M Speedglas G5-01 welding helmet to help you make proper use of this helmet during the welding process. Further details are given below:

Design of 3M Speedglas G5-01 Helmet:

Visually, this helmet looks like a futuristic protection tool that is purposefully designed to fit all the modern requirements, just like the one you would expect in the 2020s. The design of Speedglas G5-01 is based on the previously popular FX Air helmet with substantial innovations to work better. This design translates the idea of innovation without trying to bring new things that are irrelevant. The main idea behind the design of the G5-01 helmet is to improve on the concept that proved useful.

The Features of G5-01 Helmet:

As mentioned earlier, FX Air and G5-01 helmets look quite similar to each other. However, certain features enable one to tell the G5-01 helmet is an improved version of the FX Air. For instance, G5-01 is comparatively narrower; which is great because while working in confined spaces a narrower design is better and more suitable for the job. Another improvement that is worth mentioning is the flip-up portion of the helmet that contains the lens component. This flip-up component is easily detachable and makes the G5-01 helmet considerably lighter. This means that the workers won’t feel tired because of the reduced weight of G5-01 as compared to FX Air. The removable component means the workers can easily remove the flip-up portion when there is no need for it without completely removing the helmet and switch easily between the welding and grinding tasks. Additionally, the lens portion will stay clear for better visibility, as wearing it during the grinding process may affect the visibility through this lens portion. A great feature of G5-01 helmet is the Bluetooth functionality which allows workers to stay connected to the phone and other devices for better communication and listen to their favourite playlists during work for a better working output. What’s more, the G5-01 helmet allows welders to determine the direction of airflow while wearing the helmet to avoid the situation of dried-out eyes.

Improved Lens Technology:

The best thing about the G5-01 welding helmet is its improved lens technology. This helmet is equipped with the “TrueView” feature that focuses on keeping the lens clear for better visibility and realistic vision during the welding process. It allows welders to choose their sights between natural, cool, or hot displays as per their preference.

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