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There are various strategies to get your business noticed by visitors. Visual appeal can be achieved by using window displays in combination with flashing lights or banners, traditional signs, or vivid painting.

But is custom neon signs Canada the best? The alternatives were limited by custom neon signs Canada, but thanks to decades of development, custom neon signs Canada offers many advantages to businesses that utilize them.

Although custom neon signs in Canada have long been a popular corporate display option, LEDs have grown in popularity in recent years. Custom LED neon signs and lights are made with closely strung LEDs so their light is reflected and provided continuously.

Neon LED signs are typically smaller and less protected than glass neon signs due to the diodes being shielded by polymer jackets from external forces. LED signage is great for practically all brick-and-mortar businesses because of its many benefits.


If you’ve ever traveled to a city at night, you’ll notice that many buildings have illuminated signs. If you notice them first, you’ve already reaped one of the key benefits of this sort of advertising.

Historians say the firstly custom neon signs debuted in 1910. This was in Paris’ Grand Palais. The display drew interest from the public, and other countries quickly emulated this aesthetic impact. In the 1950s, neon signage was in high demand, especially in postwar America and Canada.

Some say the demand for custom neon signs peaked in the 1970s. They’ve survived into the modern period and are now making a big comeback.

They’re still a hit with many consumers. Despite the advantages of digital technology, paperback books, and vinyl LPs continue to outsell CDs. Genuine things are desired and recognized. Vintage seems to be back in style.


Advertising and lights make cities famous. Walking down the street, you can’t miss the flashing signs promising a good time or the neon signs inviting you to a business. But LED neon lights sources are gradually replacing traditional neon signs.

Known advantages of LED neon Signs over Old lights include:


  • Less Expensive Than Traditional Neon
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Same color as traditional neon
  • More Effects and Patterns
  • Recyclable

Benefits of Custom Neon Signs for Business

There are numerous advantages that custom neon signs Canada can bring your firm. Some, but not all, will make you consider the possibilities.


Many business owners prefer custom neon signs because they use less energy. LED lighting utilizes less energy than neon lights.

LEDs only require 12 volts of power compared to 15,000 volts for neon lamps. A huge outdoor display employing either neon or LED will save you a lot of money in terms of operational costs.


The word “custom” on neon signage implies endless possibilities. Many lettering and logos are available in this form of advertising. Businesses may create signage of practically any shape or style.

Many neon sign companies have online design and layout tools that you can use to build your own designs. There are also third-party professionals for image layout and development.


Custom neon signs are as strong and durable as regular neon signs, with similar lifespans. If you pay attention to the installation and maintenance of an outdoor neon sign, it can last for a long period.

Not as effective as having an employee climbs a ladder to change the bulbs on outside signage once a year. It’s also safer, depending on the weather and the person ready to climb.


Even if you need a professional for installation and maintenance, most sign companies in Canada have an employee on staff that can handle it or work with a regular person.

Even if you can install the sign yourself, you should let professionals do it so you can be sure it’s done correctly and learn how to handle your signage.

Regardless, this isn’t a major construction job that could disrupt your operation for days. A minor inconvenience to pedestrians is all that is required.

Depending on your schedule and business hours, you may be able to finish the task when no one is present. It is very easy to set up it will not take much time for you to install.


You’ve undoubtedly worked out that neon signs use less energy.

Longevity: This is better for your employees, customers, and even vendors. Using less power reduces carbon emissions whenever you utilize fossil fuel power.


Long-lasting neon signs also have a variety of ways to operate. Do you own a business in a hurricane-prone area? Do you have a history of brownouts and surges? In general, neon-lit signs are safe.


You are aware of the many designs, colors, and shapes. Even if you don’t plan to utilize custom neon signs, you may be compelled to comply. Your signage may be subject to restrictions imposed by municipal, state, or property owner or manager requirements. The flexibility and versatility of neon signage allow you to comply with local requirements while yet making your neighbors scratch their heads.


Do you close at 5 p.m. on weekends? Or are you open late on Saturdays? If you are open late or have alternative evening hours, neon signs can let people know you are there and available. You could light your signage during the day, but neon signs are cheaper and require less upkeep.


How many times have we passed by a store with merely a text sign or a few basic colors? How many businesses or shops lack logos? How frequently do you see a vinyl banner in the breeze? With neon banners, you may use any color, shape, or style. Install a piece of art and your business will amaze both prospective and existing consumers. This could happen even before they get out of their car.


Today’s world is dominated by social media. It’s no longer enough to be available for business. A website and a company name aren’t enough; you need to create a brand. Custom neon can build signs that perfectly merge with your existing branding color, content, and hues.


One of the key benefits of personalized neon signage is the choice of fonts. This refers to branding. If that matters. Choosing a typeface that suits your decor and taste is a good start. The typeface you choose for your business sign should set it out from the other businesses in the area. It is possible to supply a typeface to a sign maker who does not offer it.


Neon stands out.

This makes it easy for passers-by to see your business and for potential consumers to find you once they arrive.


Its technology is over a century old. The neon sign is a stylish way to inform customers that your shop is open or to brand your business. Use this option to communicate with clients and prospects in a stylish and timely manner.


Most essential, neon signage draw attention. Because of their visibility, these signs became immensely popular during the 1950s and 1960s street culture surge in America. Even today, motorists rely on hotel and motel Vacancy/No Vacancy signs to find a place to sleep.

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