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Amazon Store Optimization Services – For Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is what makes the world turn. It does so on Amazon.

Visibility can make the difference between a company making millions and one that sells just a few products per month.

Amazon stores offer brand owners the ideal way to differentiate themselves from their competitors by increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Gratitude is a non-monetary way to show people we see the effort they put into their work. Our co-workers are human I appreciate your great job.

What Is an Amazon Store?

This feature lets you showcase your brand and products in an immersive and stunning way. Think of Amazon shoppers visiting your store without having to use the search engine.

When customers go to Amazon, they automatically think of your brand. This is exactly what you should aim for when opening an Amazon store.

An Amazon store is like a mini website for your brand.

It features attractive templates and aims to give you a professional appearance on the biggest online marketplace.

This allows businesses to easily run ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, while also keeping track of clicks. These are great ways to promote Amazon.

An Amazon Stores offers premium content for free on Amazon. This allows vendors to showcase curated products and raise their brand.

These stores offer a brand-centric shopping experience via Amazon’s desktop and mobile platforms.

Amazon Stores enhance the shopping experience

  • Capturing internal and external traffic
  • Potential to increase Amazon’s organic rank and sales volume
  • Ability to sell new products to existing customers
  • Chance to introduce your brand and products to new audiences
  • Amazon users have a better mobile experience when they shop with you.

Amazon Stores allow brands to keep their brand identity on the largest online marketplace. These benefits alone make Amazon Stores worth your investment.

Can I Create My Store Now?

But not so fast! This feature is only available to brand owners. Sellers must register in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon has been focusing on providing accurate brand representation to its customers and proactive brand protection to its sellers over the last few years. It doesn’t cost anything for brand owners to open an Amazon Store.

Amazon Store Optimization Services

Before you open your Amazon store, it is important to understand the A9 algorithm and how it has changed since the recent update (which many call A10).

The A9 Algorithm and A10 Update

These four factors are: text match, availability price, sales velocity, and price.

Text match is one of the most important factors in Amazon optimization services. It all depends on which keywords you are using to make your products more relevant for Amazon’s customers.

Your ranking for that keyword will improve if your keywords are more relevant to the customer’s search terms.

If your inventory isn’t up to customer demand, you can’t make sales. Amazon considers stock availability when ranking search results.

The price is an important factor in purchasing decisions.

The price will drive customers to purchase if the quality isn’t too different. You can set a price that is affordable without breaking the bank.

The last factor is sales velocity. It is easy to forget that is an online marketplace.

The primary purpose of is to allow customers to purchase as many products as they can.

Amazon Listing Optimization Service

We now return to the basics. Optimizing your product listing will ensure that you rank highly in search results for the keywords you choose. This aspect didn’t change with the A10 updates. 

Amazon is the most popular buyer-based search engine for customers searching for products.

It displays relevant listings that can be converted into sales. You as a seller have many content options.

This includes the headline, description and bullet points as well as product images and enhanced brand content.

To increase your business’ conversion rates, it is crucial that all of these areas work together.

This is where the Amazon Store Optimization and Product Listing services come in.

Factors for Amazon Listing Optimization Services

Product TitleThe A9 rules required that sellers include the most important keywords possible in their title.

The updated A10 rules say that it doesn’t really matter where your most important keywords are placed, as long as your listing is easy to understand.

Readability and relevancy are more important than keyword placement. You must be careful not to include as many keywords as possible in your title.

Bullet Points It is crucial that you outline in bullet points the benefits your customers will receive from your product within 1000 words.

From the most important to least important, list the benefits and features. Be concise, but you should be able to evoke emotions in customers.

Don’t make them too long or customers might not bother to read them. You might use the product title “premium full-grain leather belts” as an example.

A bullet point could be “Premium full-grain leather belts, made from 100% genuine leather and resistant to water wear and tear.”

Product DescriptionDon’t think of your product description as an afterthought, believing that Amazon customers don’t read it.

If a buyer is interested in what you have written in bullet points, they will go to the description for more information.

Here you can include the material used, its texture, assembly instructions and other benefits.

To entice customers to buy, there are many ways you can create an artistic version of the product description.

Backend keywords: Many sellers ignore backend keywords, which is one of the most crucial parts of a listing. Although they are invisible to potential buyers, they can be used to improve search rankings.

You should place keywords that are not allowed in other areas of a listing. Backend keywords are limited to 249 characters (including spaces) so don’t waste this valuable space. 

VideosVideos are a great way to increase social media engagement. This could be used to show potential buyers how the product looks in real life, or showcase some of its features.

Videos can be placed under the image block, below the fold, under “Related videos shorts” depending on your goals. You can make brand videos, how tos, testimonials or unboxing videos.

Overall Customer Service

It is something that not many people realize, but customer service has a significant impact on how customers perceive your products.

It starts with answering customer questions and ends with answering their questions after they have purchased.

  • Quickly answer questions about your products and store. 
  • Honesty is key to selling your products. Do not exaggerate or overhype your products. This will backfire on you. If you don’t have the documents to support your claims, avoid making unsubstantiated statements.
  • Your customers should have a clear expectation about delivery times. It might seem strange, but customers don’t know when their packages will arrive. A logistics partner that has a tracking feature may be able to help customers with any questions they might have.
  • Your buyer might have additional questions after they receive the package. These questions can be difficult to answer, so it is important that you are attentive. The A10 update places more emphasis on product reviews.


Once you’ve put your Amazon store on the map it’s time to keep it up. You need to be ready for the next algorithm updates. Many sellers hire Amazon store optimization experts to monitor their accounts and ensure they are on the right track.

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