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American Express Card Benefits You May Not Know You Have

American Express also known as AmEx is a US-based multinational financial corporation that is not only a card network but also a card issuer. It offers top-notch credit cards worldwide. You get to benefit from its rewards and offers as it has tied hands with the high-end partners in order to provide the most rewarding experience to its customers. Depending on the credit card you hold you get to enjoy a complete range of offers, rewards, bonus points, complimentary benefits, features, and much more.

These are the American Express Card benefits that usually most credit cardholders know but there are a lot more benefits that many of them might not be knowing. There are lesser-known perks that you get to enjoy on your AmEx Credit Card that can help you save a lot of money on one hand and on the other let you have the most rewarding experience. 

Unfortunately, 7 out of 10 people are unaware of the benefits that one gets with an American Express Credit Card. Sleeping with your eyes open on these benefits can lose you all the advantages that you can enjoy. In this article, we have jotted down some of the lesser-known American Express Credit Card benefits. Note this, different credit cards have different benefits, the benefits completely depend on which credit card you hold. So it is advisable to have a better understanding of your credit card like the charges, reward program, and so on so that you know your credit card well before you start using it. Here is the list of AmEx Credit Card benefits that you may not know: 

List of AmEx Credit Card benefits:


  1. Free Shipping:

    With an American Express credit card, you get to enjoy the benefits of free shipping. To avail of this benefit, you need to register for the ShopRunner. After registration, the credit cardholder becomes eligible for two-day free delivery on shopping from the partner stores. Also, you do not have to worry about shipping charges on the returns because ShopRunners makes you eligible for free shipping on the returns as well. Need not worry about the extra charges with this feature and keep enjoying the benefits for lifelong.

  2. Food Delivery:

    Not all AmEx credit cards have this benefit, only a few ones have it. You get to enjoy free food delivery benefits on ordering food from the partner restaurants. Moreover, you can earn reward points as well on the food delivery transactions, which means you are benefiting in two ways and who would not like to enjoy free food deliveries as well as earning rewards. Even if you choose to select fine dining then also you can save a lot on your bills at selected partner restaurants.

  3. American Express Pay It Plan It:

    To make you understand this feature, you know of Amazon Buy Now and Pay Later right? This also works similarly to that but with the American Express Credit Card. However, there is a little twist, either you can pay the full amount in one go or plan it to pay in smaller monthly installments basically in EMIs that you cannot avail with the Amazon Buy Now Pay Later facility. So, with an Amex credit card, it is a plus point but you need to keep in mind that you will have to pay a monthly fee for converting it into EMIs.

  4. Retail benefits:

    Under the retail benefits that the AmEx Cards offer, you can enjoy extra warranty and purchase protection like benefits, i.e, if you have got a product that didn’t meet your expectations or if you have ordered a product that was paid but wasn’t delivered to you and the merchant doesn’t agree to replace it or to give you a refund, you can request a refund from your card issuer if you have bought it using an AmEx Credit Card with purchase protection benefits.

  5. Travel Related Benefits:

    Many American Express Credit Cards come with exclusive privileges in the travel category, such as complimentary lounge access, baggage insurance plan, complimentary spas, global assist, accidental air death covers, etc. You can also earn rewards that are redeemable against travel and get exciting discount offers on travel-related bookings. Other than all this, you can enjoy complimentary stays at some of the most premium hotels across the country, complimentary welcome drinks, complimentary meals, etc. with AmEx Cards. Generally, such types of benefits are offered to the American Express Platinum credit cards and Business credit cards. If you are a frequent traveler, you should go with the AmEx Platinum Travel Credit Card which comes with a wide array of travel benefits.

  6. Amex Offers:

    American Express has become one of the popular credit card issuers in India due to the features and benefits it offers to its customers. The card issuer keeps coming up with different types of exciting offers, including a limited period as well as long-term based offers. These offers can be spend-based, discount-based, category-based, and of a lot more types. Customers can find all the ongoing offers on the official website of AmEx as well as on the Rewards Multiplier portal, the dedicated portal for American Express Cardholders where all the rewards-related offers and deals are posted and updated regularly.

  7. Entertainment & Lifestyle Benefits:

    The American Express Credit Cardholders can also avail exciting benefits over the lifestyle and entertainment-related categories like complimentary or discounted tickets to plays, sports events, fashion events, festivals, concerts, etc. Other than this, the cardholders who love shopping can get great discount offers that the card issuer keeps launching from time to time. So, no matter what you are doing with your card, having an AmEx Credit Card can make your experiences even more rewarding as you get rewards and benefits every time and everywhere.

Is it worth having an AmEx credit card in India?

No matter how many benefits you get with an American Express Credit Card, for an Indian market, it is a bit unfit. Firstly, they are not accepted everywhere in India. Only a few merchants accept payments through an Amex Credit Card. Secondly, the membership fees on these credit cards are very high which are not affordable by many.

We will not recommend you to go for an American Express credit card because of these two factors, but if you can manage these ones then you can definitely go for it as you will not find a credit card as highly rewarding as an American Express Credit Card. You can apply for Amex Credit Cards online as well as offline at your convenience.  Keep these downsides while making a decision. 

Key Takeaways:

Key takeaways are: keep your credit card dues clear in full all the time and maintain a low credit utilisation ratio low so that you can keep enjoying the benefits lifelong without having a negative impact on your credit score. You can keep your dues clear timely by registering for the auto-debit services as this will take off the burden of remembering the due dates.

Next in line is how can you manage a low credit utilisation ratio, for this, you can set a threshold limit so that on reaching that limit you stop using your credit card for further transactions. Using a credit card wisely is the only way towards building a good standing account and to keep enjoying the features and benefits. Other than this, it is really important to be updated on all the ongoing offers and deals on your credit card so that you can maximize your benefits.


With a parting thought, there is no doubt that American Express Credit Cards are one of the world-famous credit cards and come under the high-end credit cards. You get to enjoy the world-class features, offers, and benefits with these credit cards. But you must be aware of the high charges that American Express levy on their credit cards before you apply for one.

The trick here is to start with identifying your needs and spending habits, question yourself whether you need a credit card or not? Then choose those which complement your needs and spending habits the most and after that start comparing them in order to narrow down your choices to one credit card that is of the greatest value to you. 

As we talked about above, if you are eligible for an American Express Credit Card and are okay with some of the merchants not accepting it, then you can surely go for it. But remember in times of emergency, you might need a credit card and if your AmEx credit card is not useful there then it is not worth having it. So along with having an AmEx Card that earns you a lot of rewards and benefits, it is advisable for you to have a backup card as well that you can use in an emergency situation. Make your choices carefully and decisively. 

Do share your experience with an American Express credit card in the comment section. Did you know all of the above-mentioned benefits? Also, if you have any queries do let us know we would love to help you out.

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