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Anniversary Flower Baskets and Gifts for Wife She’ll Love

Your wife deserves all the love that you give. She had had your back way before you got married until now. You have shared your thoughts, deepest secrets, and ambitions. Besides being your partner, she is also your friend. For all these reasons, she deserves an impressive gift on your wedding anniversary. Whether it’s a basket of flowers or an expensive piece of jewelry, she deserves it all and more. Anniversary flowers are beautiful and meaningful gifts and always fill a person’s heart with joy. However, presentation always matters. Flowers can be arranged in a basket, as a bouquet, or you can also display them as decorations when arranging that table for a special wedding anniversary treat.

However, getting the best out of flowers demands that you order from the best online flower and delivery. Cosmea Gardens offers the best floral and other beautiful gifts to celebrate any occasion that you intend to have. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, wedding anniversary, Easter, Christmas, St. Peter’s day, Mother’s Day, and any other occasion, you can count on Cosmea Gardens to deliver. Understandably, men are not gifted when choosing the proper flower baskets for any occasion. Therefore, to help you out, we have listed below some of the best anniversary flowers and gifts that your wife will love. To find a gift of inspiration, read along. 

An All-red Rose Basket 

No flower comes close to the rose flower when it comes to passing a romantic message to your wife. That is why we have started with this beautiful bunch in a basket. Red roses, which stand for passionate love, love exuberantly in a basket, and they will never disappoint when sent to your wife as wedding anniversary flowers. You can go a dozen or two dozen stems, and she will appreciate the good gesture. As you send her these classic romantic blooms, make it even more special by including a bottle of wine and a note expressing your deepest sentiments. Thanks to online flower deliveries, you only need to go online, and order and your wife will receive fresh flowers wherever she is in time to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

A Mixture of White Tulips and Red Roses

Tulips come second to roses when it comes to romantic flowers, and combining these two lovely blooms in a basket is a great idea. Just like roses, tulips are also bulbous flowers that come in many different colors. You can decide to go for an all-red tulip and rose basket, or you can make it vibrant by including two different colors. Red and white always seem to bring about the perfect contrast. If you are going to include red roses, then tulips should be white and verse vasa. To increase the floral experience, order from the best online flower delivery that delivers fresh flowers in time.

A Jewelry Piece

Known as a girl’s best friend, jewelry is another wonderful wedding anniversary gift that any woman will find impressive. The goodness of getting jewelry for your wife on your anniversary is that you can find the perfect piece that meets your budget. You can also get them in so many kinds: a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, and much more. Get to know her taste of jewelry before ordering one. Some prefer a simple and elegant piece, and others go for complex and wild designs that seem to shout all over the place. Also, know whether she prefers silver or gold.

A Carnation Bouquet 

When choosing anniversary flowers to send to your spouse, try considering the years you celebrate in that marriage. The best floral gifts for those couples celebrating their first year are a bunch of carnations. Even though the honeymoon did not last, it was short and sweet. Remind her what it felt like when you first met and how you continue falling deeply in love with her every day. The beauty of carnations is that it’s available in many hues, and red would make the best color as a floral anniversary gift for your wife. 

A Beauty Spa Subscription 

You love it when your wife looks beautiful, don’t you? Looking good demands effort such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and visiting a beauty spa once in a while. To leave her skin looking beautiful all the time, why not get her a beauty spa subscription. Most beauty spas offer subscriptions that range from a month to a year. Therefore, choose a package that will not dent your pockets. A beauty spa offers services to cleanse the skin, leaving it looking young and glowing. This gesture will go a long way in your marriage, and she is going to appreciate everything. 

A Basket of Sunflowers 

As we stated above, it is always good to consider the number of years you celebrate in your marriage. The third-year will require the warmth of these yellow blooms that represent strength. Sunflowers are known to be the best floral gifts for the third year in marriage. By sending a basket of bright yellow sunflowers to your spouse, you let her know that you are in for the long run, no matter what happens. Since this bloom comes in different sizes, you can combine them with other flowers to make the basket look more vibrant. The sturdiness of sunflowers represents the strong foundation on which your marriage is built. 

A Throw Blanket 

Her tenderness and warmth always melt your heart. She is always there to support you no matter what you are going through. As a gesture of appreciation, sending her a warm throw blanket to keep her warm during the cold evenings when you are not around is perfect. Think of her favorite color and get her in that specific color. The goodness of a throw blanket is that it traps in body heat, leaving her warm even in the coldest of evenings. It is a simple but practical gift that your wife is going to love and appreciate. 

A Basket of Geranium Anniversary Flowers  

Time to show your haters that they were wrong to think that marriage wouldn’t last for a year. You are now in the fourth year still going strong. The fourth year of marriage is Best celebrated by sending your wife a basket of geranium flowers. At this point in marriage, you are all familiar with what you are after in life, and you are also more focused on what you want to achieve together. Presenting these romantic flowers in a basket increases their intensity. You can’t go wrong when you decide to order these lovely blooms from CosmeaGardens.com. They also offer other floral bunches for all sorts of occasions that you plan to have. 

A Basket of Gourmet Chocolate 

Surprising your wife with sweet treats is also a perfect idea to show her that she is the only one you are thinking of for the rest of your life. Gourmet treats are elegant, and your wife will feel loved and honored while receiving this tantalizing basket of sweet treats. Ordering from CosmeaGardens.com will ensure that she receives this gift fresh and in the best condition. 


Appreciating and honoring your wife on your wedding anniversary is a great gesture. As you can see, there are plenty of wedding anniversary flowers and gifts that you can surprise her with. So, if you are about to celebrate your anniversary any time soon, pick one or two of these gifts and see how it pans out. 

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