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Apfelbaum Stamps A Family Legacy

Did you know that an estimated 10% of Americans participate in stamp collecting? While some aren’t as serious as the Apfelbaum family, even casual collectors have the Apfelbaum family to thank for their beloved hobby.

The Apfelbaum family didn’t invent philately, a term that refers to the collection and study of stamps. However, they did revolutionize the way that stamps can be discovered and purchased over the past 100 years.

Why are Apfelbaum stamps so significant? What should you know about Apfelbaum stamp auctions and the Apfelbaum stamp store?

Read on for a brief history of Apfelbaum postage stamps and why it matters today.

What are Apfelbaum Stamps?

First, let’s clear up any confusion about Apfelbaum stamps. We’re not talking about a specific line of stamps that you can buy. Instead, we’re talking about stamps found and sold by members of the Apfelbaum family and their company, Apfelbaum Inc.

When Did the Apfelbaum Family Get Involved in Philately?

Maurice Apfelbaum was the first member of the family to get involved in stamp collecting and stamp dealing. In fact, he didn’t consider it a hobby. He considered it a career, listing “Stamp Dealing” as his occupation for the 1910 US Census.

At that time, you had to do all of your stamp purchasing in person, typically in metropolitan shops called bourses. Maurice’s son, Earl would see a good deal of success opening and running these shops well into World War II. It was Earl who launched monthly Apfelbaum stamp auctions, adding a richer sense of community to stamp collecting.

In the late 1960s, Earl retired, leaving the Apfelbaum stamp business to his son, Maurice. Maurice made it possible for stamp collectors to purchase stamps by mail, which would pave the way for internet sales when the time came.

Can You Buy Stamps from the Apfelbaum Stamp Store Today?

We have Maurice and his wife, Diane, to thank for modern stamp collecting. These two would meet technological changes head-on, embracing online sales as a way to make stamp collecting a simple and widespread hobby.

To this day, the Apfelbaum family is a huge name in stamp buying and selling. Whether you’re looking to get your collection appraised or looking to buy and sell, the Apfelbaum family is here to help. They offer high-quality services and fair prices, in no small part because they can reach such a wide base of stamp collectors.

In other words, if you’re in the business (or pastime) of stamps, Apfelbaum is a name that you should know.

Thank the Apfelbaums for Your Stamp Collection

From Earl Apfelbaum’s stamp collecting to the Apfelbaum Inc. empire, Apfelbaum stamps revolutionized the art of stamp collecting. Even if you’ve never encountered this family before, you have them to thank for your robust and growing stamp collection in the modern era.

Technology touches everything, even stamp collecting. To find out more about technological progress, take a look around. We’re here to keep you up to date about the things that truly matter.


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