Are Custom Homes Worth It?

One of the common questions from potential home buyers is, “are custom homes worth it?”. Making a home is a lifetime investment. A home is perhaps the biggest personal possession of life. A custom home will be worth it for people who want the best out of everything. It is not that you have to invest a lot of money to customize your sweet home. Home decoration can be done uniquely within the budget of the homeowner. But is custom design worth it? We are about to find that out below.

  • Customize Homes Gives Numerous Options

Custom home by ATN Construction comes with numerous options of designs. Fancy and artistic people find it amazing to choose from them. A production builder has a set of floor plans with some limited design options. You can get various ideas about how to do floor plans. By taking the help of a renowned custom home builder you can design your swimming pool or backyard. Not only that, while designing your custom home, you can try out new ideas for your bathroom or kitchen as well.

  • Land Requirements

Fully customized homes are usually built on land owned by the family buying the house. This seems an advantage because you are not confined to some cookie-cutter neighbor. However, making a home on your land means it is excavated, surveyed, and connected to municipal services. The cost will be higher if the land is in a remote area. With production homes, the land is typically owned, excavated, and surveyed by the builder. Hence, the price of land is already factored into the purchase price of a new home. Builders like ATN Construction can assist you with land purchases (depending upon their type).

  • It Needs Not to Be Expensive Always

The most notable difference between custom builds and production builds is the- cost per square foot. Customization influence the price (not necessarily in a negative way). The additional cost goes into hiring a builder, architect, designer, or land surveyor. Custom home builders do not calculate the cost of the lot with the overall house cost. Instead, you get to account for all the unforeseen expenses. You can keep it concise and contented. Customization can be done no matter how big or small the house is. 

  • Size Matters

The cost of a home depends on how big or small it is. Large houses are made of more materials, and small ones are made of fewer materials. Size alone does not set the cost. However, a small but well-decorated home can modestly cost the same per square foot as a luxury production home. The drawback of a typical customed home is that you find a higher price point due to expensive design items, extra personnel tools, etc. The good thing with reputed custom home builders in North Sydney is that you can control how big or small you want your home to be. 


A home is a lifetime investment. It should be as you want it to be. 

So, if you ponder over the fact, are custom homes worth it?  You now have your answer. Just like the individual design of a customized home, the answer also depends upon the individual buyer. One’s taste in versatility, beauty, and budget also matter. But if you consider your choices and preferences to formulate in reality, go for customization.

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