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Are Digital Marketing Tools Useful for Growing a Business?


It’s not an exaggeration to say that companies are still depending on digital marketing tools to stay afloat. In 2021, 96% of small businesses utilize social media marketing. Not only do they offer tremendous benefits, but also ensure that you’re not lagging behind your competition.

Having a strong tech stack or tools will encourage growth among your colleagues. And learning how to use those tools will increase work efficiency and productivity. 

Why spend too much time on tedious tasks when your software can handle them for you? That way, you can also focus on more valuable tasks on your to-do list.

If you think you’ll have a hard time finding digital marketing tools, don’t worry! There’s no shortage of software online that can help you! And if you’re confused about what tools to use, you can consult a digital marketing agency for help as they are a team of professionals who know-it-all all.

Types of Digital Marketing Tools and Their Uses

Below you’ll find a categorized list of marketing tools and what they can do. It’s a variety useful for any situation. Some tools are also beginner-friendly so you don’t need to be afraid to give them a try. For example, they can be used for managing customer relationships and uncovering new leads.

Regardless of the purpose, the list will give you comprehensive knowledge of the different marketing tools. That way, you’ll see how useful they are for a growing business.

1. Social Media Marketing Tools

If you have a social media account, you might have seen their respective spaces for marketing. Brands with social media accounts would regularly post about their upcoming products.

Aside from posting on their profile, some brands utilize the marketplaces of social media. The price, description, and location of the product can be found on the online marketplace.

In other words, social media has evolved into a top marketing channel for businesses these days. It’s a prime place to build business relationships and find leads. 

However, managing the entire social media account manually is a one-way trip to burnout. Hence, we recommend using software for social media marketing, like the following:

  • Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps a growing business keep itself organized. Your content calendar and assets will all be in one place, making sure you publish right on schedule.

It’s a great app to ensure you don’t lose track of time and stay consistent. In digital marketing, consistency is important because of the platform’s algorithm. By consistently posting content, you seem more believable and trustworthy to the platform.

The best part about Sprout Social is it helps you publish across multiple platforms so consistency won’t be an issue.

  • Loomly

Loomly is ideal for small social teams who want to stay organized and collaborate. The program has built-in calendars for deadlines and scheduling. It also has a built-in workflow to aid your brainstorming sessions.

Loomly has a user-friendly interface so it’s easy to navigate, even for the most non-tech-savvy people. And it’s affordable for solo, small, and growing businesses.

2. Email Marketing Tools

Almost anyone with access to the internet has an email address. And having one is especially important for academic or work matters. With such an audience, it’s easier for marketers to send promotions via email.

Email is one of the most tried-and-tested marketing channels used by modern companies. As such, email is a staple of digital marketing and is recommended by digital marketing agencies.

  • Hubspot

HubSpot Email Marketing is user-friendly and has impressive deliverability. It’s also integrated with other HubSpot products, such as CRM and other marketing tools.

This marketing tool comes with a Free Plan where you can send up to 2,000 emails a month. It has a contact list, a drag-and-drop email builder, and ready-made templates!

  • SendGrid

SendGrid has an arsenal of email marketing services that are friendly to both beginners and veterans. It has in-depth deliverability and performance analytics so marketers will know which messages are performing well and what needs improvement.

The best upside is that SendGrid has a free plan for growing businesses. But they offer other services at a scalable price depending on your needs.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

A well-known fact is that over half of your website traffic comes from search queries. With the competition getting tighter online, anything companies can do to increase their searches is a huge plus. And what better way to improve that than with a good SEO strategy?

SEO might seem daunting, especially to startups. But several online marketing tools will help you find opportunities to improve your marketing efforts.

  • Ahrefs

If you need to think of keywords, you can check out Ahrefs.

Ahrefs’ site explorer lets you see any website’s top organic keywords. You can also find out how much traffic a competitor is getting for their search terms. If you’re looking at your competitor’s content, Ahrefs can source its backlinks.

It’s one of the most reliable and recommended digital marketing strategies out there. Success in SEO leads to massive website traffic and conversions. As such, any digital marketing specialist would have SEO tools under their belt. 

4. Conversion Optimization Tools

Conversion is when the recipient of the marketing message acts on that message. For example, your marketing message is if they purchase this product, they’ll feel unparalleled happiness. If they proceed to purchase it, then it’s conversion.

You might be thinking about how this is necessary when all of the marketing tools point to conversion optimization. Well, it’s all about specialization, and conversion optimization will spot the smallest changes needed.

The software can give you clues as to what you can improve on your website. Usually, these are things that you thought were negligible, like the color of a sign-up button. But these small changes can make a big difference in converting prospects into customers.

  • Optimizely

Optimizely combines tools for visual creation and audience targeting. You’ll be able to run quick tests concerning landing page experiments. It’s a no-code platform where you can test major and minor changes to your page.

With Optimizely, you’ll be able to fine-tune your pages for your audience without going through a hassle.

5. Graphic Creation Tools

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Visuals are the cornerstone of marketing and branding, especially on the digital platform. Infographics and memes are the most popular marketing visuals these days because they’re eye-catching. And there are dime-a-dozen editing tools to make those.

  • Canva

Canva is the go-to of most businesses for digital marketing visuals. It’s an accessible and user-friendly platform that you learn to manage by yourself. 

Your creativity won’t grow stale with constant practice using different graphic creation tools. And you’ll also keep reaching audiences who appreciate your work.

Are Digital Marketing Tools Useful For Businesses?

Of small and growing businesses, 64% have their website. This means digital marketing tools are widely used for growing businesses. Agencies for digital marketing also utilize the aforementioned tools to aid both small and big businesses.

Those tools all help you save time and effort by accomplishing menial tasks. Meanwhile, you can allocate said time and effort to bigger and more difficult assignments. For example, social media marketing tools can help organize your content calendar and assets in one place. Your workspace won’t be cluttered and you’ll be able to publish accordingly across multiple platforms.

Email marketing tools can organize your customer’s data so you can send emails on autopilot.  And SEO tools can help increase your visibility and traffic online by showing you high-volume keywords. Some SEO tools will also show you your competitor’s backlinks and most-viewed content.

Therefore, digital marketing tools will no doubt help your business thrive online. 

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