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Are Mental and Behavioral Health Bills Covered by Insurance?

Are Mental and Behavioral Health Bills Covered by Insurance?

Did you know that more than 14 million adults in the United States got mental health treatment in 2020?

Mental health impacts happiness, success, and health in life. Many people are looking for care to help overcome struggles.

If you want to learn more about mental or behavioral health services, you should know about bills.

Keep reading to learn if your mental and behavioral health bills can get paid by insurance!

The Exceptions

Before learning what your insurance will cover, you should know the exceptions.

Not all mental and behavioral health insurance treatments are covered.

Insurance companies won’t pay for voluntary procedures, new tech, or off-label drug use. Talk to your doctor about the best methods of care and identify if they fall into this category.

An example of this would be someone getting cosmetic work for confidence. Although this can be mental health treatment to some, the insurance company will disagree.

Private Insurance

It’s common for people to get private insurance through their employers. Especially if they require mental health treatment.

Private insurance companies will help pay for therapy, substance-use services, and hospital stays. The insurance companies decide the length of stay and offer care.

Many people recommend using behavioral health billing services to determine your status. You can research and learn if your bills will get covered at the desired office.

Your odds of getting mental health coverage are much higher with this form of insurance. Government programs often offer a more limited number of options for care.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is meant for all Americans.

Since 2014, the Affordable Care Act has been helping people all across the nation get access to health care. Small-group health insurance plans are sold through a Marketplace. People can get mental health and substance-use treatments through ACA if they qualify.

Rehab, therapy, and other types of treatment are free. You’ll need to look into your local offices that take this form of insurance. You will get charged a small fee for some services. Talk to the office to see if there are any co-pays you’ll be responsible for.

Unfortunately, there are limits to substance abuse treatment and medical and surgical services. Special procedures may not get covered, especially if they are out-of-network offices.


Often confused with other types of insurance, Medicare is only meant for older people.

Medicare billing doesn’t provide as much help as other options. Luckily, you can still get good coverage. Whether you are seeing a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, or nurse, Medicare will help pay for the services.

There are a few medical offices and therapy centers that accept Medicare, but most of them won’t offer long-term care.

It’s important to note that Medicare over covers one “Wellness” visit each year. Take time during your wellness checks to discuss changes in your mental health. If you have any concerns, mention them. Most doctors will help patients with payment plans when insurance won’t cover costs.

Religious counseling, rec activities, and adult day health programs won’t be covered by Medicare.


Low-income people who qualify for Medicaid can get mental and behavioral health bills covered.

Mental health medication, counseling, and inpatient treatment are all covered through Medicaid. If you get this insurance, you can get financial help for mental health care, case management, and housing.

Although Medicaid can’t cure everyone, the government strives to keep it well-funded. People living in low-income areas are at higher risk for health issues. The goal of Medicaid is to keep everyone healthy with early measures.

Your Medicaid insurance can pay medical bills for individual, group, and online therapy. As long as you’ve been given a diagnosis, the insurance provider should cover the costs. If part of your treatment isn’t covered, you can contact to insurance directly to see if they will make an exception.

Mindfulness therapy, CBT, and DBT are all covered under this insurance.

VA Health Care

The Veterans Affairs organization invests a lot of money into mental and physical health care services.

They understand that veterans are some of the most in-need patients for mental health treatment. Fortunately, many types of therapy will get paid for through VA health care. You can also get advanced treatments.

Military sexual trauma, readjustment, and grief counseling are all covered. The insurance company will pay for your substance abuse testing, referrals, and some treatment. Depending on your tests, you’ll get referred to an inpatient or outpatient care center.

Meds, counseling, and long-term care will be given when the space is available. Although the VA provides great insurance coverage, many people are on a waiting list. Check with other forms of insurance if you aren’t getting any help through the VA.

Some people also get care from their local health care providers when the VA can’t provide services.

Do You Want to Lower Mental and Behavioral Health Bills?

You can increase your mental and behavioral health while decreasing your medical bills if you take the proper steps.

Depending on your mental health insurance coverage, you may be responsible for paying for a portion of your treatment. It helps to understand your mental health needs so that you can invest in the best insurance. Don’t be afraid to speak with insurance agents and billing services to lower your bills.

You will feel better from therapy sessions and get smaller bills in the mail if you get the right insurance.

If you want to learn more about mental health billing and care options, read our blog for the latest info!

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