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Are Termites Ruining Your Home? – Put an End to It

Have you been hearing a little scrapping sound lately, like something hard is being scrapped? Then your house is slowly going to turn into dust. Why? Well, because your home has become a hub of termites. Termite enters your home to ruin it for their benefit, unlike other insects they cannot be taken lightly. If you did, however, stay motionless even after witnessing these creatures in your home, then your costly furniture and premium hardwood floors would be severely damaged.

But if you are searching for proven ways to get rid of termites and save your home then stay tuned to find out about the best perfect termites treatment brisbane. Below are the trusted ways to make a home termite-free.

Fix All the Gaps of Your Home

Termites are small, resilient, and can enter from any small entering of your house. Therefore, it becomes especially hard to keep an eye on termites and keeping them away from entering. What you can do is focus more on the entryways than the entrees. Seek out all the small openings, decays, leaks, gaps, and craps in the walls, roofs, and other parts of the house. Call an expert if you find it hard to inspect all the corners. If you have a leakage in your basement, then make sure to do a thorough inspection there.

First-Hand Protection with Borate

If you want a quick fix without many inspections, then applying borate would be a better option. Borate is one of the best termite repellents and you can also find it in the market fairly easily. Before priming and painting, spray borate on wood. Termites can’t attack a wooden object when you’ll apply it as the wood soaks it in. Once soaked, you can expect zero termite attacks for many decades to come without searching for a termites specialist near me.

Make Sure That Everything Is Dry

Moisture is a part of the many reasons why pests get attracted to your home. If your home has poor waterproofing done and rain creates moisture, then take care of this problem as quickly as you can. Or use a dehumidifier, if you live in a humid area.

Make Your House Squeaky Clean

Keeping your house clean will not only be good for your hygiene but for your home’s health as well. You’ll have more risk of attracting termites if you live in an unkempt and dirty house. Ensure that you are getting rid of all the newspapers, boxes, and other clutters. Also, if one of your rooms has been affected by termites, don’t shift furniture from that room to other unaffected parts of your house.

Separate Soil from Woods

People, who have gardens or elaborated space with soil in their home, should create some distance from wood and soil. This is to save the foundation of your home from damage; the distance should be at least eighteen inches. Create a barrier with either cement or stones between the soil and the wooden areas like the garden, patio, etc.

Use Sunrays for Damage-Control

If you are late in preventing and termites have already feasted on your cared furniture, placing them under the sunrays might be helpful. Place affected objects under direct sunlight for three days. The summer season would be more effective for this trick, as the termites would be unable to take the heat. Plus, it will take all the moisture away from the furniture to prevent chances of re-infestation. Once termite-free, you should spray repellents before dusting off the remains and then bring these back into the house. Repeat the same for the unaffected furniture to ensure those stay termite-free.

Above is all the sure-shot way of getting rid of termites without much hassle. But if the problem is getting out of hand and all your furniture is already compromised, then you should call a professional. Search for “affordable termite specialist near me” and choose the best one from them. They will thoroughly inspect the whole house and then target the affected area long with protecting the safe areas to prevent further damage. Once they are done with their procedure, you can use some of these tips to further prevent termite attacks in the future.

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