Are You an Engineer Planning to Fly to Australia? Focus on These Points to Crack CDR

Competency Demonstration Report is a document required to measure the knowledge and skills of an engineer to migrate to Australia. Engineers Australia(EA) certifies the engineering techniques and expertise as per Australian standards.

The report is a backbone and is assessed by EA to see if an individual fits in the occupational category. EA expects a person to prepare CDR documents on their own.

Any CDR engineers Australia or student from the scientific field requires help with this report writing. The professionals are proficient in making the report and will help in every possible way to live your dream career.

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Cdr Report :

 An Act of Plagiarism

CDR is supposed to be a student’s original work reflecting the projects and profile. Plagiarism is an offence and an EA could figure out the copied content that could lead to rejection. Take references and ideas but avoid forging the information as it is.

Too Much of Technical

More is not always less. It is okay to be a bit technical while drafting a report as too much of it could be a problem and get the CDR rejected. CDR determines a project or a problem and how one came up with the solution. The reports should not be overflowed with graphs, tables and technical calculations. Add only relevant technical details.

Word Have Some Limit

Every document has a set word count. Likewise, CDR also has a specific word limit divided as per the sections. The limit is between 1000 to 2500, exceeding which with irrelevant information could get it rejected. One needs to pen down only the informative content and should pay attention to the number of words.

Hierarchy Has a Structure

Every organization has a structure and must follow a hierarchy. One must clearly define the position the person holds in a project. A CDR needs to be personal. One must mention the part achieved as an individual while working on the project and not as a group.

Be a Creative 

Creativity makes a simple concept stand out. Every individual has a way of presenting a report, but there’s something they tend to skip. Design Activities get a high-priority lead in the CDR assessment list. A student has to bring out the creative side and make the report look interesting.

Project of Interest

Select a project you are confident about and it should contemplate the requirements. It should carry a logical weight and define your educational qualification. Not adhering to the guidelines can result in rejection. Opt for an engaging project fulfilling the criteria and aspects of a CDR report.

Language Is Important

Why let a language be a barrier or hurdle in your path? It is mandatory to draft the report in English or Australian English. As the CDR is for Australian immigration, the EA might not be able to read your draft if written in some other language. It could result in a CDR rejection. If you are not confident with your language skills, you can seek help from CDR engineers Australia to help you draft an appropriate report.

Valued Summary Statement 

A CDR is comprised of three major elements – a summary statement, three career episodes and continuous professional development(CPD). Each carries its weight-age where the summary statement is the most crucial one. It gives a brief of individual inner capabilities like strengths, position at the job and what students bring on the plate. It should be framed properly and does not sound vague.

Why Not Double-check!

An individual should aim for an error-free report. As it is a formal document student needs to run several grammar and spelling checks. The report must be read many times in case of any formatting or editing. A properly documented report is what is expected by an EA to run down for approval.

 CPT Can Not Be Faked-Out

Continuing Professional Development report is the record of an engineer’s career path. It is a document of your skills and knowledge that you experience, learn and apply in your future. It is not just a one-time document. The report gets updated throughout your career. It must be drafted appropriately to get approved and include information like title, date, duration and venue.

The Final Tip for CDR Report

CDR is a report that can either uplift your career or downgrade it. The post is to make a student understand some mistakes to avoid for a smooth visa immigration process. This report requires focus and an understanding of CDR basics. So, if you are not confident about writing your own CDR report, then seek professional help. CDR Engineers Australia is one service provider where you find experts offering a premium quality report and helping you get your first migration skills visa.

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