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Aspects to consider while opting for Luxury Commercial Spaces in Gurgaon

As India’s economy continues to grow, it ushers in a new need for luxury commercial spaces. Throughout key cities in India start-ups, shared working spaces, and already established corporate giants look to expand their business. This translates into demand for viable options that the consumer of the modern age can avail. A commercial space thus houses ideals within it that speak for your business and promote its operations. This also enhances the image that has been developed through strenuous work and skill. Out of the many options available, only a few stand as true visionaries of modern-day workspaces. It is out of those that the consumer must pick the right one. 


Following are some of the key aspects that constitute great luxury commercial spaces: 


Dedicated spaces for Conference Meeting: 

Any business houses within its operations, need large meetings and to accommodate this growing need, workspaces should ideally house adjustable conference rooms that can place a limited number of people in it without it seeming too big as well as place a large number of people without it seeming too small. 


Uninterrupted wireless connections: 

Within the framework of our fast-paced, technology-based society, reliable WiFi can be a deal maker or breaker. It is for this reason that modern workspaces ought to house the necessary routers. This also includes modems to deliver the uninterrupted wireless connection. Furthermore, employees are expected to be available at all times, be it inside or outside the office. Cell reception then often becomes an overlooked cause for delay. DLF Centre Court is one such property that boasts of a long-standing commitment of DLF to offer premium working spaces as well as uncompromised connections within its premises as well as outside. 


Direct access to Employee Parking: 

Since time has become of the essence, worrying about the safety of your car ought not to be your headache. Luxury Commercial Spaces therefore should accommodate not only the employee but the means of transportation taken up by an individual or the collective at large. With congestion in most neighborhoods limiting parking spaces, integrated properties such as the DLF Capitol Point take the worry away by offering a fully automated multi-level car park that can house 1,408 cars at any given point in time. This property also offers round-the-clock security for your cars as well as waiting areas and a shopping center to give you options as you leave or enter. 



Taking some time off from a genuinely hard day at work does entail certain activities that contribute to a healthier frame of mind. One of those activities is of course eating, eating at all of your favorite restaurants should not come at the cost of your workspace. DLF Centre Court is situated less than 6kms away from CyberHub, which houses some of the most renowned food chains and less than 1 km away from Stryker pub. Why limit your choices when one can rejoice in delicious treats while not losing sight of your work or your client. 


Outdoor space: 

When the interior of your office seems just that much more tiring, one should be able to take a stroll. The idea is to revitalize the senses and attack the task at hand in a much better fashion. Surprisingly enough, with the urban landscape expanding like never before, outdoor space has all but been obliterated.

Though it was not in existence even before the pandemic has boosted the need for more. Thus any workspace that offers an outdoor space or greenery within the premise, creates the proper foundation for the correct thought process to be formulated and sustained.


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Safety and Security: 

With the pandemic throwing all of us in a direction never experienced before, it has become an endeavor for everybody. Everybody needs to keep health, safety, and a clean working environment at the core of being. Workspaces are often the most crowded. This leads them to be the most polluted of places with germs and particles frolicking about the space. One such enterprise that is well known and leading real estate brand in India that keeps safety and security at the helm is DLF Centre Court that maintains a sanitized workspace, cleaned every day with a fully equipped CCTV network that takes care of your belongings even when you can’t yourself.

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