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Auto experts expose the myths about engine oil change

Myths are usually created when there is a lack of evidence to back it up. Since people lack the factual understanding of how engine interior works, they tend to rely on common myths and misconceptions that surround engine oil. Through this article, we have tried to debunk the common misconceptions that involve car oil change services. We hope in the future when you decide for an oil change, you will have a basic understanding of what to look for. 

Synthetic engine oil wears down your engine 

One of the most common myths about engine oil is that Synthetic Oil will wear down the seals in your engine and can cause leaks. This misunderstanding is mainly due to the misconception that revolves around engine oils in general. If your seals and gaskets are in good condition, synthetic oil will not cause any damage to your engine and you might not require any oil change. However, synthetic oil can be used to find out existing leaks in your car. This is because the smaller molecules of synthetic oil can pass through even tiny cracks and crevices your car engine might have, making it a good choice to safeguard your engine’s performance.  

Supplement additives will benefit your engine’s performance 

People usually believe that adding commercial supplements along with the engine oil in use will somehow increase the engine’s performance. But in reality, reputable motor oils usually come with the necessary additives added. So, there is no need for you to add any extra additives separately. Also, sometimes adding extra additives might dilute the effectiveness of the engine oil that you are using. Hence the next time when you go for an oil change ensure that you use only commercial-grade engine oil to get better performance.  

Changing oil filters every time is not needed.  

When you go for an oil change some mechanics might suggest that it is not needed to change the oil filters. But following that advice might affect your engine’s performance. Oil filters and Engine oil are part of a package and they work well together. This is because oil filters remove the sludge, grime, and dirt that can accumulate in your engine. Usually, these oil filters are designed for one oil cycle, and like any other filter, you have to change it regularly to ensure the general productivity of your engine. Hence the next time when you search for “oil change services near you” check whether they changyour oil filters as part of the package that you choose.  

Thicker engine oil indicates good quality 

Believing in this myth might deteriorate your engine’s lifecycle.  When it comes to choosing your engine oil the main area of focus should be its viscosity. The lower the viscosity of the engine oil the finer will be its quality and performance. Thinner oil provides better lubrication and reduces the resistance between the moving parts. When you use thicker engine oil your engine has to work harder to operate and move its internal parts, which might increase resistance and sap the energy out of your engine.   

Bulk oil has lower quality when compared to bottled engine oil.  

When you buy engine oil during oil change services some auto parts shops tend to give you them in bulk. Some believe that buying in bulk will lower the quality of the engine oil, which is false. When the brands and formula are the same the quality of the engine oil remains the same irrespective of the container it comes out from.  

Engine oil needs to be changed based on its color and odor 

Engine oil cleans your engine and helps in the smooth running of its internal parts. Sometimes the additives that are added to engine oil might turn your oil dark once it starts cleaning. This change in color doesn’t indicate that your engine oil needs to be changed. However, you need to change your engine oil if it turns gritty or grainy. Till then you can change your engine oil as per the instruction of your mechanic or the user manual that comes with the engine oil.  

Engine oil should be changed every 3000 miles.  

In older days, when modern developments in engine oil were absent, it was recommended to change the engine oil every 3000 miles. However, with the latest engine oils, that have improved viscosities and auto engineering, following this age-old advice is not necessary. Modern engine oils can easily run for 5000 or 7500 miles (based on the usage)  

Synthetic oil vs Conventional oil, how to choose? 

Choosing the right engine oil for your car boils down to one vital factor which is viscosity. In those terms, synthetic oil ranks better over conventional oil, as it is difficult for oil manufacturers to get the same properties of synthetic oil in conventional oil. Synthetic oil is a lot thinner when compared to conventional oil. Hence by using synthetic oil you can easily rev up your car and can reach higher max RPM faster by using less energy. Synthetic oil consumes less energy to operate your engine which means the fuel required to power it up will also be less. Also, synthetic oil reduces the wear and tear of your engine up to 90 percent making it an affordable choice.  

Whether you want your BMW to accommodate better speed or your old Vee dub diesel engine to go that extra mile, if your wish is to get the best out of your car engine you need the best engine oil for that. Service centers like ZDEGREE know that the vital part of getting more power and better fuel efficiency for your car depends on the engine oil that’s been used. They are reputed when it comes to their work and provide one of the best oil change services in the UAE. And if you still have doubts regarding oil change services, they have a friendly and professional team to guide you through so that you are not trapped in the misconceptions and don’t end spending unnecessary money.  




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