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If the Auto sliding door is stiff or moving awkwardly, auto slide door opener it may be time to replace the rollers at the bottom of the door. Changing the roller is not an easy task, but you need to remove the door from the frame. Depending on whether your door is a vinyl door or an aluminum door, the installation method may be different. Keep in mind that the design of the door may be different, which may affect the way you buy and install the reel.

First, lift the roller off the track by sliding a flat-head screwdriver or putty knife under the roller and pushing upward. Grasp the sides of the frame and lift the Auto sliding doors off the rail. Put the screen doors safely aside until you are ready to replace them

When dealing with large and heavy doors, it is always best to have someone ask you for help. When you lift the roller off the track, others can keep the door still.

Most glass doors have a metal strip in front of the glass door to ensure its safety. Some boards can be screwed in; you must remove the screws before removing the boards. Other people can easily lift

The headrest is a metal strip next to the top of the door to keep it upright. The screws on both ends of the main plug hold it in place. Turn the screw counterclockwise until you pull it out of the main plug. After unscrewing all the screws, the main plug should fall down

At the bottom of the auto slide door opener, there will be 2 screws next to the roller. The bottom screw is usually a set screw. Use a Phillips screwdriver to turn the screw counterclockwise to the maximum. This will lift the rollers into the door, making it easier to remove the door from the rail.
Before tilting the top of the door toward you, hold the sides of the door. After the top is taken out of the frame, lift the door upward to remove it from the bottom slide rail. You may want someone to help you so as not to break the glass door

On most doors, this is the screw above the fixing screw. You do not need to remove the fixing screws. Turn the screw counterclockwise to the maximum to loosen the roller from the door
The only way to find the required scroll is to check which scroll is currently in the door. The shape, size and brand of the characters vary. You can take the roller to a hardware store or glass store to find the ideal match.
If you cannot reach the hardware store immediately, you may have to prepare the door again.
It is best to take a photo of the roller in case it needs to be replaced in the future.

Most doors have a set of rollers at both ends. It is a good idea to replace two roles at the same time.
These are the screws that hold the drum and the aluminum frame together. They are located at the bottom of the drum or the bottom of the door. Turn each screw counterclockwise as far as possible. The scroll wheel can extend by itself, but in most cases, you need to remove the bottom panel to operate it. Place the roller in the door. The side with holes or countersunk screws should be aligned with the holes in the Auto sliding doors. Insert the screw and turn it clockwise until tightened. Make sure the wheels are facing the bottom of the Auto sliding doors.

Since the design of the door and roller may be different, please use an older roller as a guide for installing a new roller.

Repeat the process for the volume on the other side of the door

Place the door with rollers on the rail. Unscrew all screws that were loosened or removed when the door was taken out. If necessary, return metal straps, headrests and screen doors
Try to move the door back and forth on the track to ensure that the rollers are working properly. On most doors, the roller is lifted by turning the screw counterclockwise and turning the screw clockwise.

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