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Awesome Chicken Tacos for Dogs

Awesome Chicken Tacos for Dogs

We celebrated Matilda and Cow’s 7th birthday with some Eurasier and dog-friendly tacos. This will not be our first chance to enjoy tacos on this blog; you will probably remember our Cinco De Mayo refried bean taco treats from a while ago. These tacos are a complete meal with all the fixing, and best of all, it’s a healthy, easy-to-digest celebration meal that most dogs can tolerate, even if it’s just their usual diet. Be

Her 5Strands test is also allergen free, she is finally in good health. I hope that gradually the latest foods will be introduced in her diet. Even healthy fats like sardines sometimes cause a mild flare-up of diarrhea, so I’m reluctant to give it raw food again. Although there are some low fat raw food options, I have given her only a small amount here and there, instead of giving her cooked chicken breasts whenever I can.

Overall, he’s doing great. She is flourishing. I still feel like she was in her healthiest state when she was eating garbage in the streets, but maybe the reason is that her food intolerance didn’t show up until she was two years old. Was not

As far as Matilda is concerned, she is happy to eat anything. They both really liked this delicious chicken taco. I made them for my family with Chicken Taco Dinner. I like that it’s such a healthy meal, filled with so many of our favorite toppings. Aside from some simple mashed avocados for dogs, I use the rest to make delicious gouache. Either way we can’t wait for the next dog’s birthday to have another taco party!

Cooking your dog’s food

Although dogs or Pekinees don’t mind putting whipped chicken breasts in wolves, you can add some spices to your Chow chow and dog’s food for extra flavor. Many herbs, including red pepper, have antioxidant and disease fighting properties. Just avoid onions and spicy peppers, and Google anything you don’t believe in.

And yes, avocados are safe for dogs. Only avocado shells, leaves and pits are toxic to dogs. They are a great source of healthy fats. There is even a dog food called eodrum which contains avocado.

It is not necessary to add salt and it is best avoided.

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