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Back To Wall Toilet And Basin Ideas For Your New Bathrooms

Back To Wall Toilet And Basin

Back To Wall Toilet And Basin

The back-to-wall toilet is relatively a modern design in the UK. Whenever you plan for bathroom renovations, there are a lot of things to consider. You need everything in the proper position to get the most out of it, from furniture, baths, faucets, and shower enclosures. The toilets are among the most used amenities; the homeowners often ignore that. However, most people don’t realize that deciding about the type of toilet while planning for a makeover is important for the type of comfort and utility we expect from the process. In case you are going to install a toilet for the first time, it is important to have basic information about them, especially if it is a relatively new style like the btw toilet.

Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

What is Back to Wall Toilet?

The back to wall toilet UK has a kind of minimalist design. That means only the toilet bowl remains visible. This name is because it fits directly against the wall. That means whenever you use it, you have your back against the wall. Another thing that you will notice about it is the floor mounting bowl. The cistern and the bowl are two separate parts. You can choose the bowl design as per your requirements.

How Back to Wall Toilet Works?

This toilet works in almost the same way as the standard toilets. However, its cistern is a bit different from the close-coupled toilet. It has a design that fits into a narrow space like a wall or WC unit. You can expect a better and neater look since all the plumbing work and pipes remain hidden inside the wall. You will need to press the push flush button available on the wall or WC unit to activate the flush mechanism. Most of such toilets come with a dual flush mechanism which lets you choose between wither 3- or 5-litre water for flushing as per your needs.

A Popular Toilet Choice but Not Yet a Standard.

In modern times, even a standard toilet offers a lot more variety than you can imagine. These back to wall toilet UK designs are a result of many years long innovation. So, that’s why today we have many more options than the standard close-coupled toilet. Due to the contemporary look, btw toilets are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK.

Close Coupled Toilet Vs Back to Wall Toilet.

You may only have a concept of the back-to-wall toilets until now. To understand their differences, we discuss their differences as follows.

  • The back to wall toilets has two main parts a toilet pan and a cistern. These are supplied separately. In contrast, the close-coupled toilets have both parts, but these join together to make a single unit.
  • The flush of btw toilets sits directly against the wall or WC unit. While in the close-coupled toilet, both parts join and are sold as a single unit.
  • When you install a back to wall toilet, there is no gap between the toilet pan and the wall or WC unit. On the other hand, if you close-coupled the toilet, it will be a few inches gap.
  • The flush of the Btw toilet fits inside the wall or WC unit. This is different from the close coupled toilet that has the top or side of the flush tank.
  • BTW is considered to be a suitable design for contemporary bathrooms. However, there is also a wide variety of modern design close couple toilets available in the market.

Are You Looking for Back to Wall Toilet?

In this article, we have explained the back to wall toilet. We also review its difference with the standard toilet as well. At Royal Bathrooms online in the UK, we have all types of fittings and fixtures available at lower prices. You can visit our website to place an order for the next-day delivery.

How To Choose The Best Toilet And Basin?

No bathroom is complete without Toilet and Basin. Both are essential fitting that is inevitably the most used as well. So, similarly, these have a higher impact on the overall comfort and practicality of your bathroom. However, when planning to buy the sink or toilets, you will come across surprising choices and designs that are available in the market. Among all Of these options making the right pick is always challenging. It is especially the case if it is the first time you are planning for the bathroom makeover. Our article is an attempt to make it easier for you. We are going uncover a few important aspects about these important fixtures, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when looking for these essentials.

basinWhat To Look For While Choosing A Toilet And Basin?

There are various things that you will need to consider before you make a choice for Toilet And Basin and plan for their installation. Here we explain these things. The first and the most important thing is the size considerations. Since almost all fixtures are available in different sizes, you need the perfect size that is suitable according to your bathroom layout. For example, you should know the overall dimensions of the bathroom. In case if it is a new space, then you will need to spend considerable time knowing where to fit which fixture.

Although it provides you with the independence of designing your place, it will require you a lot of research as well. Different manufacturers offer fittings in various sizes, and you can easily pick what you need from their website. For example, if you have an ensuite or cloakroom that needs a makeover then, you can easily look for sinks and toilets built as per their specific requirements. Once you decide about the size, the next will be the style.

It is generally a choice between contemporary and traditional design and looks. For the contemporary look, you can opt for a wall hung toilet or back to wall toilet, depending on your need. In other cases, a close-coupled toilet is usually suitable for a classic look. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that these toilets are also available in contemporary design. So, you will need to conduct a bit of research on understanding which one is a traditional design, and which is not.

How Much Can I Expect To Spend For Toilet And Basin?

Another important point that is important for almost all people in the budget. If you know beforehand the prices, you should expect to pay. Then you can properly plan your bathroom makeover with respect to the budget. But first, we are discussing the toilets. The prices of the toilets vary greatly and depend on the type of toilet you choose. The least expensive or the most economical option in terms of unit cost and installation is the Close Coupled Toilet. It will cost you around £200 loaded with all the modern features. The back to wall toilet, on the other hand, can cost you up to £300. And the price for wall-hung style is almost the same. You should also add the installation costs as well to the overall price.

How To Choose The Best Toilet And Basin?

There is no one size fit all type when looking for the best toilet and basin. One toilet or basin that is suitable for one bathroom may not be a perfect choice for others. So, it all depends on how well you address the requirements of your space, style, and needs. Whenever you buy a fitting with proper planning and careful consideration, then it will be the best Toilet And Sink for your bathroom.

Are You Looking For a Perfect Toilet And Basin?

in this article, we discuss a few things that you should consider choosing the Best Toilet And Basin. If you follow the above point that we explain, will you make the most out of your choice? At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have all types of fixtures available at lower prices.

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