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Backpack for a sneakerhead: how to choose the right one?

A backpack is an indispensable thing for a person sneakerhead in the modern world. People adjust their comfort to new realities to make many tasks easier for themselves. It is convenient to pack things for sports training in a backpack, it is easy to fold work supplies and just get ready for a hike. Small children even get backpacks with a rigid frame for proper posture.

Why does a sneakerhead need a backpack? An active person needs somewhere to put all the necessary things that accompany him throughout the day, and sneakerheads also puzzle over where to put an extra pair of shoes and various accessories. In this article, we will look at the main criteria that sneaker and active lifestyle enthusiasts should consider when choosing a backpack. We offer to understand the volume, types and technologies of modern backpacks.

Such a backpack does not have a range in volume, they are very different, but at least one pair of shoes must fit freely in them, and at the same time the backpack must remain roomy for other things.

The main factors when choosing a backpack

Convenience. First of all, you should feel comfortable behind your back sneaker match tees. In terms of health, the spine is the most important element that is responsible for our musculoskeletal system, protects the bone marrow and ensures the correct position of the back. Accordingly, you need to choose a backpack so that the weight is evenly distributed over the entire back. Pay attention to the inside of the backpack: is there a soft lining.

Standard daypack.Adequate volume – up to 35 litres, an average of 23-28 litres. Such backpacks will fit much more than small ones: they can be an extra pair of shoes (sneakers, slippers), a few interchangeable things, notebooks, or notebooks. Usually, they have several compartments: a large one for basic things, a little smaller for additional ones, two side open pockets, and a small pocket inside for banknotes and various small pieces of paper is also possible.

It is comfortable to walk with it, as well as go on two-three-day trips so as not to take large bags or a suitcase. Their design can emphasize your image. The best option would be if you put on clothes and a backpack of the same brand or the same shades. For bold looks, on the contrary, you can create a contrast with a backpack against the background of plain things. Style is an integral part when choosing a backpack.

What material is it made of?

Adjusting the straps should be comfortable and understandable sneaker match. How you tighten them depends on where the centre of gravity of things will be: if you loosen the straps as much as possible, you will drag the load on your shoulders, if you tighten them more tightly to your back, then the mass of things will be evenly distributed over the body.

2. Accessories. Locks, dogs, zip locks – everything must be done neatly and practically. Pay attention to the zippers, open and close the lock several times before buying – it should move smoothly, without getting stuck.

3. Number of branches. Choose a backpack so that everything you need for certain situations fits in there. Think about where you most need a backpack and decide on the choice of model. All compartments should be easily accessible to you when opened but protected as much as possible from the hands of robbers with puffs or visors for pockets that hide the lock.

4. Appearance and finishing. Of course, we all first look at the visual component, because it is indicative and important for a stylish person. Take a look at the prints, if there are any on the case, a good pattern will be applied evenly and beautifully. In addition to the overall picture, look at the seams: a quality backpack should have quality stitching without protruding threads.

Types of backpacks and their purpose

Sneakerheads don’t have one all-in-one backpack, as their use varies depending on weather conditions, daily goals and length of outing. Consider what types of backpacks are, how to use them and how they differ.
– Small backpacks. Available in volumes up to 20 litres, which is very convenient in a mobile urban environment: You can not take off such a backpack in the subway or a large crowd, as it will not take up much space behind your back.

These backpacks are perfect for storing the essentials sneakerhead of the day: a container of food, a few notepads, a pen, a bottle of water, and a change of T-shirts. It is difficult to emphasize the overall style with such a thing since it is not very noticeable, but you can choose a backpack to match your favourite sneakers and thereby emphasize your favourite shoes – an important criterion for a sneakerhead.

– Hiking backpacks. Most of the technologies were invented specifically for people who lead an active lifestyle away from the bustle of the city. The average volume is 65-70 litres, although there may be exceptions for one-day trips and picnics in deep nature (up to 50 litres).

If in ordinary backpacks the back is made simply comfortable, then in hiking options it should be orthopedically correct. To make it comfortable to move with a load on your shoulders, you need to take into account the integral structure of the backpack. Absolute know-how – waist belt stabilizer. This technology helps to remove some of the load from the back and also fixes the backpack more securely on the body. Know-How To Choose A T-Shirt That Will Suit You Best.

Bestsellers among backpacks

To save you the headache of choosing from a million models, we’ve highlighted the best backpacks based on looks, features and brand reputation.

1. Nike Heritage Air Backpack
This is a casual style for people who don’t like bulky bags. The Nike Heritage Air Backpack has two compartments: in the main one you can put a small laptop, books and any work items, as well as some clothes, and in a small pocket all sorts of little things will fit perfectly: keys, charger and notebook. The discreet design with the classic Swoosh-Nike and the brand name will harmoniously fit into any look.

2. Adidas Adicolor Backpack
The classic from the German brand sneakerhead will give you maximum comfort throughout the day. This backpack is slightly larger than the one above, but the number of compartments is the same – there are two of them. The large compartment has an internal laptop pocket and plenty of space for everyday items. A wide small compartment, in a classic way, will accommodate little things like headphones, a power bank and wires.

All zippers are covered with visors so that a street thief does not even covet your bag. The fittings are neat and beautiful, and the Adidas branded shamrock is embossed on the plastic locks. However, the Adidas Originals logo is the main design theme of this backpack – their logo flaunts in the middle.

3. Converse x Space Jam: A New Legacy 360 Backpack

Dedicated to the release of the film Space Jam 2, the Converse backpack is an absolute favourite in choosing a backpack for a real sneakerhead. It combines everything for which we love the sneaker and fashion industry so much: ideology, beauty, practicality and recognition.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel 2020

The bag from the outdoor brand The North Face is suitable for long hikes in a variety of natural areas. This is a backpack that can be made into a bag and carried in a way that suits you. It is loaded with useful little things and technologies: reinforced bottom. Waterproof material, a compartment for shoes or wet clothes, a waterproof pocket for important documents. 4 stabilizing straps and all with a volume of 70 litres. This is definitely enough to go on a hike and return from it in your favourite pair of shoes. Feel free to hide sneakers or sneakers there to look your best on the way back.

Sports backpack. The most profitable sneakerhead backpack because of the special compartments for sneakers. You can put up to three favourite pairs of shoes in it. If you are going to go to the sports ground, then calmly put your training shoes in your backpack. Put on a beautiful pair on your feet to match your look. A sports backpack is well suited for friendly holidays at home. If you want to emphasize your style indoors with fashionable shoes from your wardrobe.


A huge backpack of almost 60 sneakerhead in length conceals many compartments. Unexpected pockets: a pocket with quick access to the backpack. A huge waterproof pocket, a double zip, engraved studs, a pocket with drawstrings for a basketball. Comfortable shoulder straps and a clip on the chest. A separate place for sneakers and icing on the cake. A thermal pocket to keep lunch warm or leave a chilled drink for training. A bold design with Disney cartoons from the movie. The inside and a discreet black rough texture with the Tune Squad logo on the outside.

To choose the right backpack for yourself, you need to clearly define the purpose, find out. What the backpack is equipped with and choose a design to your liking. Using the tips above, you can accurately and quickly purchase a backpack according to your needs. Tell us in the comments your stories about your favourite backpack. How it saved your belongings and helped you on difficult hikes. As a rule, they are crammed with many compartments so as not to mix everything in one: a compartment for food, for changing things, for an extra pair of shoes, for hiking tools.

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