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Basic Guidelines To Conduct A SWOT Analysis

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It is necessary for all marketing, business management, and human resource students to face different types of assignments. SWOT analysis assignment is one of them and every higher education student face the same. It is because it may be a basic requirement of each commerce student.

Throughout college or university education, students are given various activities and it’s a must for the students to finish this activity to urge the specified results and therefore the right understanding of the concepts that are necessary for the topic. Assignment writing isn’t an easy activity because there are many other activities for the students to perform throughout the semester while maintaining the standards for all subjects.

Many students attempt to improve their academic writing skills to finish the specified assignments which end in good marks for the students. It helps to urge the proper understanding of the concepts and therefore the procedures that are involved in custom assignment writing. Availing the entire and professional assignment writing services always help students to finish the assignments as per the guidelines provided by the teachers to take care of the grades throughout the semester.

SWOT analysis is a term that’s responsible to see the strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat for the individual, organisation, or any business no matter of nature or size. It’s one of the most effective activities among the essential assignments that students have to perform. Students can find many samples of conducting a SWOT analysis for the specified entity.

Before studying the steps involved in SWOT analysis, it’s just for the students to understand that what exactly includes in SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the tools that help analyse the present position of the organisation, business, or individual. This special type of tool is used to see the position of the organisation before making any kind of decisions while implementing new strategies throughout the organisation. It helps you to seek out what exactly is functioning as per the standards and what are the loopholes and finally the procedures that aren’t giving the specified results.

Furthermore, it helps to predict and see the results of implementing the new strategies. The purpose of conducting a SWOT analysis is to scale back the dangerous factors and to remember the failures.

Let’s see a number of the essential steps involved in conducting a SWOT analysis to finish the specified assignment;

First of all, develop a square SWOT analysis matrix. SWOT analysis is often conducted in two ways with formal or informal ways. In both of the cases, it’s the essential step to brainstorm the ideas and to make an inventory of the ideas about the present position of your organisation. Whenever you think about the strength, weakness, opportunities, or threat for the organisation, confirm to list it down on a piece of paper. Once you listed down the points that are coming into your mind, it’s now your job to think about the provided information that what point falls in which section of the SWOT analysis.

Let’s examine each of the components of SWOT analysis intimately.


Strength is one of the essential factors of the organisation which incorporates good and effective things that an organisation is doing better than the competitors in the markets. To see out the strengths of an organisation. It’s necessary for you to inspect whether the organisation is utilizing the available factors of factors effectively or not. If they are using the available resources in the right and best way, then it’s considered as a strength of the organisation, business, or an individual.

The integral part of the organisation is its strength, so it’s important to understand the parts of the organisation during which it’s doing its best and effective than the competitors. Furthermore, you ought to ask yourself, that what are the factors that can make you better than the competitors. These factors will reinforce the strength of your organisation.


SWOT analysis can only be effective if you’re honest while getting the specified information of the organisation, business, individual, or a group of people. When it involves finding out the weaknesses of the organisation you ought to be realistic regardless of what the reality is. While finding out the weaknesses of the organisation it’s important to see out the available resources and the procedures to reinforce the productivity of the organisation. The worst thing you can do throughout SWOT analysis is to tend to be blind while noticing the weaknesses of the organisation.


Opportunities are considered the chances for the organisation to try to something better or one step ahead of the competitors. Opportunities are normally found outside of the organisation and need you to stay an eye fixed on the chance to be utilized in the future or at the right time, for the betterment of the organisation. These opportunities are often supported as the change of technology or as per the need of the event throughout the market. It’s necessary for the growing organisation to seek out and avail the simplest opportunities so as to remain before the competitors.


Threats are also an external factor of the SWOT analysis. It rises from the outside of the organisation. This will include  stocks of the corporate, supply chain management, or anything that can affect the organisation as an external factor


SWOT analysis is one of the best tools for the students to understand. It is not only helpful in academics but is highly demanded in professional life as well. This is one of the reasons that students are always advised to complete their assignments as per the requirements and the guidelines given by the teachers. These special types of assignments are helpful to develop certain skills and capabilities among the students which can help them throughout their life regardless of any aspect. SWOT analysis can be conducted on an individual, business, organisation, or a group of people, depending on the need of the scenario.

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