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Basic Web Hosting Terminology Explained

All You Need to Know About Hosting Basics

Basic Web Hosting Terminology Explained


Free and open-source webserver software – and the most usually used web server software. The web server software is what enables the webserver to acquire and reply to inquiries for web pages from users.


A backup system automatically creates copies of the data that make up a website as well as other significant files, intending to provide swift recovery in case of a waste of data whether through a protection enigma or some sort of hardware/software crash. There’s a lot of variation in what sort of backups that web hosts give – from none at all too regularly or even more frequent backups. Usually, there’s a series that provides for a range of files from various times to be possible.


“Bandwidth” is typically utilized to refer to the quantity of data shift allotted in one month under a web hosting plan. This is normally contained in gigabytes. Whenever a visitor reaches your website, at least one (and normally lots more) files will be assigned from the webserver to the visitor’s machine. Usually, the web host has a limit on the whole permitted size of the files assigned – and excess usage is priced at some predefined rate.

Control Panel (cPanel)

A “control panel” is a web-based system that enables a user to more efficiently control their web hosting account, providing information such as setting up email accounts, combining databases, modifying apache settings, etc. There’s an extensive variety of control panel software, and usually, the functionality will vary based on what the web host provides their clients to do with their site.


Colocation or “equipment colocation” provides a company or business to put their stuff in a web host data center, basically leasing space, power, bandwidth, etc – but not renting an original server. This enables the company to use their custom tools, but take advantage of the interests of the web host’s data center (safety, security, 24/7 staffing, etc).

Dedicated Web Hosting

When a particular customer has their webserver dedicated to their single-use, it is dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server

A web server that is committed to the use of a particular client.

Disk Space

This is the quantity of space designated to the customer’s usage under the shared cheap web hosting plan. Typically contained in megabytes or gigabytes (one gigabyte is about one thousand megabytes).


“Domain Name Service” – this is the interface of servers that acknowledge the user’s browser to change a domain name into an IP address which it can use to communicate the webserver that hosts the site at that domain. Some hosts provide users control over their DNS servers, which provides for a more prominent level of control over their domains and subdomains.

Domain Name

A domain name is an incognito to an IP address. Each web server will have at least one IP address that visitors use to visit the website(s) hosted on that engine. The domain name serves as a more clearly recognized “name” for that IP address, and the reading from domain name to IP address is manipulated behind the pictures.


Stands for “File Transfer Protocol” – a simple process to transfer files within two machines over the Internet. It is the most commonly applied approach to upload or download data from a web server.


IMAP is an email protocol that enables users to get using an IMAP email client. The most significant distinction among POP and IMAP is that with IMAP all emails, folders, etc are saved on the server, somewhat than on the client’s local machine.

IP Address

A numeric address on the Internet. Each web server will hold at least one IP address. In some methods they’re similar to a phone number – to call another telephone, you need its telephone number.


Stands for a generally utilized set of web software: Linux (operating system), Apache (web server software), MySQL (database software), PHP (scripting language). Exceptions involve MAMP (Macintosh operating system) and WAMP (Windows operating system).


MySQL is a popular free and open-source database application, usually used on Linux-based web servers. It enables web applications to save and manage data and is handled by a pretty wide spectrum of free web-based applications such as WordPress and Joomla.


PHP is a pretty usually utilized programming language used to create websites. It is arguable the most famous such language used today and has a huge number of free software ready for it.


POP is an email protocol that enables users to get an email using a POP mail client such as Outlook.

Reseller Web Hosting

A reseller is someone who buys a hosting plan with the intention of “dividing” it into more modest web hosting plans and reselling them. Web hosts usually build unique plans for these sorts of clients, providing the plan instruments to help achieve various sub-accounts, more disk space, etc.

Shared Web Hosting

“Shared Hosting” is one of the more traditional forms of cheap web hosting, in which several clients “share” the resources of a particular server – and also giving the cost of the server, giving it more affordable than other varieties of web hosting. Usually, if a web host doesn’t define what kind of hosting they’re attempting, it’s apparently shared hosting.


Stands for “Secure Shell” – a network protocol that provides a reliable console-based connection to a remote computer. SSH enables a user to login to a computer and uses the command-line to execute directions. It is typically done for web development and server management.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer – a protocol that provides end-to-end encryption of traffic within a user’s browser and a web server. Important if a website intends to do anything that includes knowledge that should be held secret, such as eCommerce.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Special software can be applied to provide a particular server to host multiple “virtual” servers. Every virtual server is autonomous of the others and is a dedicated server. This gives more security, privacy, and versatility than a standard shared hosting account but is however regularly more affordable than a “real” dedicated server.

Web Server

A web server is a machine that is set up to receive and reply to offer for web pages that remote users make managing their web browsers.

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