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Benefits of coloring pages wonderful for kids: Varityskuvat

Children need constant inspiration. And coloring pages for children make a significant contribution to effectively promoting the creativity of our youngest. There is no rule of thumb as to when a child is old enough for coloring pictures or when they should definitely start coloring online on pages Varityskuvat. Sometimes an interest in this arises as soon as the little ones can hold a pen and in other cases the desire to paint is only awakened when they start school.

Download coloring pages for free

All this is not a question of intelligence. Every child has a little personality and their likes and dislikes can develop in very different ways. In general, however, it is important to create opportunities to promote creativity as reasonably as possible. Color swatches can play a decisive role in this. Each of you knows how to color pictures or used to color them yourself as children. Surely you also remember personal painting motifs from your childhood such as animals, cars and landscapes. What a fun pastime and great time with Värityskuvat kids coloring pages.

Coloring pages for children offer unbeatable advantagesPaint yourself? There’s a house, there’s a car, and there’s a tree. In contrast to the car, the tree is perhaps a bit too small. Then try again. This time the dimensions are more correct. Gradually, the children train their spatial imagination and dimensions and the size of different objects are revealed. At some point there will be faces. After a number of attempts, progress will also be made here. The proportions and distances adapt. Mouth, eyes and nose find their right place through many repetitions.

Coloring and coloring is reassuring and leads to an exact eye. For children who are active all day, painting is an ideal balance: the environment must be observed closely. This trains the ability to concentrate and has a positive effect on handling the pad and pen. But not only there. Also at school and later also at work. Finally, another positive aspect should be mentioned: eye-hand coordination . It is not easy for children to reconcile their tactile and visual skills. But if your child starts painting early enough, these talents can develop over a longer period of time.

Promote motor skills and creativity through coloring templates in a playful way

Of course, painting also promotes gross and fine motor skills. The children quickly learn that wrong strokes make the drawing appear less positive. However, lines in the right place make the picture succeed. The children realize that a steady hand is important. The painting of lines can certainly be a precursor to spelling , i.e. an extension of the ability to paint. In the end, everyone will find a suitable motif that exudes ambition and captivates us. The trend for coloring pictures is not diminishing and many parents are looking for child-friendly motifs for coloring pictures.

Preliminary stage for a later beautiful typeface for children

On the one hand, painting and drawing trains concentration and perseverance in order not to “slip” beyond the outlines. Small children in particular are able to meticulously paint to internalize shapes that later resemble letter sequences. Thus, coloring pages for children offer the perfect exercise for a later clean typeface , which goes hand in hand with excellent eye-hand coordination. On the other hand, the child is able to make a free choice of pen and color. It should be emphasized that coloring templates can promote creativity and “wrong colors” enable precisely this creativity. Furthermore, over time, the child is given a realistic assessment of color perception and aesthetics.

Coloring pictures for children strengthen the child’s imagination. 

Our site offers various categories with several thousand child-friendly coloring pages. Everyone can find something here with us. Whether boy or girl, old or young, one of the many templates will motivate everyone to pick up a pen. Take a look around and feel free to use the search function!

10 reasons why coloring will change your life

Coloring is not only an activity for children, but also has therapeutic effects for adults. This is exactly why Johanna Basford started her illustrations in 2013 – to relax. In 2015, coloring books peaked and Johanna sold her book “The Secret Garden” * more than 1.4 million times. So far the trend lives on. There are good reasons for this, because coloring permanently changes our brain activity and we feel more relaxed and grounded. Here are my 10 reasons why you should grab your colored pencils today…


1. Coloring and the brain

We activate 2 parts of the brain that we otherwise tend to use separately: logic and creativity. When we choose the color for our coloring pages, the logical part of the brain is active and when we start combining and connecting colors, our creative brain part kicks in.

2. Back to childhood

Coloring often reminds us of our childhood and we associate carefree and stress-free moments with it.

3. Coloring is meditation

Mediation is very difficult for some people to learn because the idea of ​​doing nothing can also be frightening – especially for the active whirlwinds among us. Coloring, on the other hand, is an active activity and is not viewed by many as meditation, although it has been shown to produce the same brain frequencies as a 20 minute meditation.

4. Panic Away

Panic, fears and worries rule the lives of many women (men too, but women suffer from them much more often). Coloring is a way to shift focus from negative and fearful thoughts to beautiful objects and bright colors. Drawing a blank sheet of paper in a stressed state is very difficult, but a given image that just needs to be colored in can have healing effects.

5. Also suitable for non-artists

Coloring Pages is also perfect for people who don’t usually like to pick up pens because the areas for painting are already given.

Coloring book only €3.00

*This coloring book is a digital download. The file is available as a PDF and you can print out your coloring pages directly from your PC

Mockup Coloring Book eBook NEW


6. Coloring against diseases

Even people with physical disabilities can use coloring pages to find their way back to pen and paper. Parkinson’s, strokes, epilepsy or neurological disorders make it very difficult for patients to hold a pen and draw real objects. Just concentrating on the color and the pen can have a relaxing effect.

7. Handle stress better

Coloring is a wonderful activity for the mind, because our minds begin to wander through the “monotonous” activity of coloring, but the other way around, our thoughts always lead back to the moment of painting when we have to decide on a new color. This helps to process difficult situations and to find solutions to problems in our everyday life.

8. Training in mindfulness

Coloring helps us switch off from stressful thoughts and just focus on the moment. A study from 2005 did the investigation when painting mandalas.

9. Self-Regulation

There are many moments when our nervous system has more control over us than we have over our nervous system – be it for a job interview, giving a lecture or having awkward conversations. With the help of coloring, we can regulate our nervous system ourselves in a very natural way – and with it the associated symptoms such as sweating, dizziness, rapid breathing or raging blood pressure.

10. Sustainable mental training

Coloring is not only a relaxation tool for the moment, but also a sustainable training for our brain activity. Our brain frequency is therefore permanently changed even after coloring. Leslie Marshall, clinical consultant says:

“Coloring on pages DDC123, opens the frontal lobe of the brain — the home of organizing and problem solving — and focuses the mind.”

Mockup coloring picture seahorse

Well, do you already feel like getting out the colored pencils? No problem. I’ve prepared something for you… In my free download gallery you will find free coloring pages to download. Not signed in yet? Then this way!

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