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Benefits of Cycling and Top 5 Bicycles in Pakistan

Bicycle riding is fun and every parent can gift this fun to their child. If your kid loves adventure, you can buy a bicycle from an online shop and gift it to your kid. Bicycle riding will boost up your kid’s mood and will give them the cordial riding experience. To be healthy and fit, you need to be physically active. Regular physical activity can defend you from severe sickness, which includes obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes, and arthritis diseases. Health benefits of cycling are many, a lot of health enthusiast go to their offices, educational institute and others places on their bicycles.

Riding your bicycle frequently is one of the greatest ways to reduce the threat of health-related problems. Cycling is a healthy, low-impact workout that is loved by people of all ages, from young kids to older adults. It is also fun, cheap, and suitable for the environment. Riding the bicycles to work or the store is one of the most efficient ways to exercise every day with your regular routine. An estimated a billion human beings ride bicycles each day for transport, exercise, and sport  because of benefits of cycling.

Health and Fitness Benefits of cycling

Cycling is particularly a cardio activity; this means that your heart, blood vessels, and lungs all get a workout. You will breathe deeper, perspire, and experience an increase in body temperature. With this healthy activity, you can enhance your overall health level. It only takes 4 hours every week to achieve a general improvement in your health. Following are some of the best benefits of cycling daily.

  • Fewer accidents happen during cycling than most different types of exercise.
  • Cycling involves all the major muscle groups as you pedal.
  • Unlike other sports, cycling is simple and does not require excessive levels of physical skill.
  • Cycling is ideal for increasing stamina, strength, and cardio fitness.
  • It improves muscle power and flexibility.
  • It Improves joint mobility.
  • Stress level reduces because of cycling.
  • The posture and coordination gets better.
  • Bones gain strength.
  • Body fat level reduces.
  • Prevention or control of the disease.

According to research, you should be burning a minimum of 2,000 calories per week via exercise. Steady cycling burns approximately three hundred calories per hour. If you cycle two times a day, the calories burn quickly. British research suggests that a 30-minute bicycle trip each day will burn almost 5 kilograms of fat over a year. Many researchers are still looking for more health benefits of cycling.

Top 5 Bicycles in Pakistan

1) XMX Alloy Bicycle with Gear                                                                                      

This model of XMX bicycles is fully aluminum-made. It has the best alloy frame, which is best for flat surface riding. Every child will love to take a ride on it, and it is suitable for the ages of 8 to 12 years old. This bicycle arrives in many colors and different sizes. Its unique design makes it look amazing. It is the best quality imported bicycle from Pakistan.


It has beautiful quality tires. The wired front brakes and back brakes, and shifting gears of the XMX alloy bicycle make it more attractive and beautiful for kids. An XMX alloy bicycle rim spokes, and kickstand, make it good enough for riding. The installed water bottle is great for every rider that keeps you hydrated in the scorching heat. The adjustable seat of the cycle makes it perfect for everyone. Because of its extraordinary and excellent features, this bicycle provides excellent pleasure riding to everyone.

2) Hercules Dolphin Bicycle 3-6 Years

The Hercules Dolphin bicycle is an imported bicycle for boys and girls aged 3 to 6 years. It is made from quality steel materials. It is a balanced bicycle for kids so that they can reach the ground with their feet easily. Furthermore, the bicycle comes in different sizes and colors. Hercules dolphin cycles have a specific design and body. Because of its stunning design and frame, children will love to take a ride on it.


Physical activities are important for kids’ health. Hercules Dolphin bicycle comes with a height-adjustable seat for accurate adjustment. This bicycle comes with both back and front-wired brakes. Hercules Dolphin bicycle also has a small back carrier. It has quality synthetic tiers and training wheels. Children, who are learning to ride a bicycle, can move forward by pushing off the ground with their legs. The learning process begins by taking a walk on the cycle. Then progress to running and gliding. Once a child easily start gliding alongside independently, they will become masters and will be ready to start pedaling on the streets or park.

3) Periwinkle Urban Kids Bicycle 9-11 Years

The Periwinkle Urban Bicycle has a dynamic design frame with modern functionality to offer you an enjoyable ride. Periwinkle urban bicycle comes in different colors. It is made from excellent metallic materials. A strong steel frame makes the Periwinkle urban bicycle more durable. This is an amazing cycle for riding on the roads. It is specially designed for girls. It is perfect for the ages of 9 to 11 years old girls. You will simply enjoy pleasurable and comfortable rides with this periwinkle urban bicycle. It is the best quality imported girls’ bicycle in Pakistan.


It has a magnificent wired brake system. The adjustable comfort seat just makes you sit comfortably according to your height requirements. It is a single speed and non geared bicycle with beautiful designs alloy rims. Periwinkle urban bicycle has a back carrier and basket. It has an installed water bottle, a great feature, which helps you in hydrating all the time while riding the bicycle.

4) Sharp Kids Bicycle

Sharp kids bicycle is quality bike made of steel . It is the best quality imported cycle in Pakistan. Sharp Kids Bicycles are the perfect bicycle for little ones, who are ready to experience a ride in two wheeler bike at a younger age. Its alloy structure and special design make it more long-lasting. It is the best bicycle for the ages of between 5-8 years old kids. If you want your kid to have a great cycle riding experience, then it is a great one that’s comfortable, durable, and fun. It comes in various colors and is lovable for riding.


Sharp kids bicycle has a back carrier. This cycle has no gears but has wired breaks. Sharp kids bicycle has a height-adjustable seat. It has installed water bottles for kids. Not only that, it also has training wheels and mudguards for child safety. The training wheels of bicycles are super easy to install and easy to remove. Seeing your child ride a cycle for the first time is something that you will never forget.

5) Girls Bicycle XtianHang    

This girl’s bicycle Xtianhang is a premium bicycle for the ages between 3 to 6 little years. All the parts of this bicycle are made of premium quality steel material. This makes the parent’s lifestyle easy and comfortable because safety is absolutely important for the child. The vibrant graphics and quality color of this cycle give an attractive finish to this bicycle. The beautiful pink color of this cycle suits you best for your little princess.


This girls bicycle XtianHang comes with training wheels, so it’ll be really easy to teach your young one how to ride a cycle. This cycle comes with an adjustable seat for accurate height adjustment. It has quality wired brakes and baskets. It has a backseat, which increases the beauty of this bicycle. Your little princess would love to take a ride on it.

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