Benefits of Goodyear Tyres Over Other Tyres

Why go for Goodyear tyres?

Tyres are the crucial parts of a car. It is not the only point of contact with the road but also carries the entire load of the vehicle. Thus, it is extremely important for people to make an informed decision of the kind of tyre they wish to fit on their car.

Goodyear Tyres Derby has been a name to reckon with for multiple decades now. They are highly regarded in the industry and have a long list of loyalists who swear by their brand. What makes them unique and popular? Let’s find out.

A. They are original equipment tyre manufacturers:

It includes certain parts that your car had fitted on it at the assembling factory. These tyres adapt to every kind of model offering superior performance. Each manufacturer would have mentioned the specifications of the tyre. However, the OE tyres that are approved are placed on the line of assembly. These tyres exhibit:

goodyear tyres derby

Optimum Performance: These tyres and cars are designed so the use of the original equipment would maintain the performance of driving that the manufacturer wanted.

Quality: Car manufacturers rely on Goodyear to offer a well-engineered set of tyres customised for their cars.

Delivers trust: All these tyres undergo tests for greater than 50 performance parameters to achieve good performance.

B. Performance & Quality

All the ranges of Goodyear tyres including the winter, summer and all-season tyres are innovative and popular. The engineers at Goodyear test every newly manufactured design of the tyre design against almost 50 performance characteristics. All this is done to enhance the overall experience of driving.

The EU tyre label system of 2012 studies every tyre for:
The efficiency of fuel – by measuring the rolling resistance of the tyre.

The grip on wet roads – by measuring how the tyre fair while braking on wet surfaces.

The noise of rolling externally – by measuring the noise made externally by the tyre.

The tests are performed independently for almost 15 criteria of performance:

Dry and wet braking and handling

Grip while cornering

Durability and mileage

Consumption of fuel

Noise generated internally



Stability on high speed

Innovation and Technology

Goodyear tyres Derby were founded in the year 1898. Their technology and newly discovered ideas for products have earned them laurels from their customers. The customers have only spoken high about their endeavour to enhance their performance of driving. They have excelled manufacturing tyres with 52 facilities in about 22 countries. Their passion resonates within the organisation operating with the strength of 69,000.

Part of their innovative technologies includes:

  • Sound Comfort Technology: This cancels the noise levels generated internally by 50 per cent. It is achieved by placing a ring made of foam to the inside tyre surface. There are zero compromises on the ability to perform.
  • The Seal Tech Technology: It seals any tyre puncture automatically in the tread area of the tyre. It eliminated the need of stopping to change in the middle of nowhere. There is no significant difference observed in the performance of the tyre when compared with the traditional car tyres derby. They also are good alternatives to a standard spare tyre in a car.
  • The Tall and Narrow Technology: Tall, in this case, signifies the diameter of the rim and Narrow is the narrow section width. The tall feature causes less deformation of the tyre and generates less heat with reduced rolling resistance and consumption of fuel. It also contributes to improving the mileage given the bug circumference. The narrow feature, on the other hand, enhances the aerodynamics, aquaplaning resistance and reduces the noise levels.

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