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Best 5 Tips To Improve Your BigCommerce SEO Strategy

Check The Latest Tips To Improve Your BigCommerce SEO

SEO for eCommerce is an uncompromising  situation. No Traffic- means no customers and no customer means- no business. Since building an e-commerce business can be a threatening task. Thankfully we have BigCommerce helps us to make these burdens of “No customers and No traffic” a little easier. As eCommerce is growing, SEO becomes more important for business growth, and for growth, BigCommerce is the best option for us, as it is one of the finest and the more functional eCommerce software development platforms and is used by  BigCommerce development company  to help countless dealers for taking a step into the online world.

Study why to consider the BigCommerce platform in the first place:-

Best 5 Tips To Improve Your BigCommerce SEO Strategy

1. Set a solid SEO for your site

With SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION customers can find you. As a SEO Brisbane expertl explains, this is because SEO is the process that implements techniques and strategies that can help to achieve a higher rank on search engine results pages (or SERPs). In other words we can say the higher the site ranks in the search engine, the more customers it has.

i. KEYWORD RESEARCH is the root of the victorious SEO gold coast with a BigCommerce store. Whatever research you perform that will help you to acknowledge the phrases and words your visitors will use. That helps to find the product of your business. Strong Keyword research on your product means that visitors looking for your products will be more likely to discover them in search results.

ii. HEADER as we know BigCommerce sites does not have its own by default H1 tags and this leads to damage to your SEO. Header tags are the peace of HTML which helps to stand out certain words on the  page they start from H1….H6  where H1 is the largest text, and H6 is the smallest one. H1 Being the largest text serves as the Title of the content on the page.

iii. META DESCRIPTION  is a field that search engines looks for that offers a brief explanation of the information on the webpage. The description helps to improve the clickthrough rate but doesn’t affect the ranking  of the webpage.

iv. QUALITY CONTENT of the site should be unique, high quality, and specific as it helps the site to gain more traffic, the more unique and good the content is, the more traffic is produced. It will give a good user experience to the visitors.

2. Add Breadcrumbs to the site

Breadcrumbs are web navigational tools founded at the top of the page which are used to create better UX and it improves the crew ability. Breadcrumbs have a stunning impact on SEO and user experience. It helps users to track how far they are from the homepage and where they are on the website.

We can find breadcrumbs on forums, business catalogs, a media website, blogs, etc. But it depends if your website has more than two levels of pages, there is no use of breadcrumbs.

3. Mobile Friendly Website to rank ahead of the competition

eCommerce never assumes that its users are shopping from a desktop. The increased penetration of smartphones means that people are more into smartphones. People are more comfortable using phones over desktops for shopping. We use Mobile friendly websites over desktops as, Mobile sites have more impact on SEO than the desktop version. So it is essential for the site to optimize the design for mobile use.

This is a serious disadvantage of not being a mobile-friendly website for your business. We have a big advantage of BigCommerce as it has a default mobile theme, it will automatically make a responsive version of your site. As part of a continued shift toward prioritizing mobile-friendly sites, not a long ago, Google has switched to mobile-first indexing. your rankings will fall behind the competition.

4. Site Speed Matters for Technical SEO

How rapidly a website loads, it totally depends on much more than the user’s internet connection. This is mostly dependent on technical elements that relate to your site. For mobile users loading time is more important. According to Google research, it found that 53% of smartphone users would leave a website. The websites that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Which will expand your bounce rate which is another defeatist ranking factor.

For which Google executives have frequently advised website owners to ensure that their pages  won’t take more than 2 seconds to load. From now on, how speedy your website loads is an essential aspect of our technical SEO. If you want to gain organic traffic, you need a speedy website. Make sure you are utilizing a content delivery system and quality server to enhance site speed. Must work on optimizing images and other site content, here compressing images and other HTML files will help to greatly improve site speed by lowering the size of the files that were loaded on the page.

5. Don’t ignore the Alt tag

An Alt tag is an “alt attribute” and “alt description. These are HTML attributes that are applied to image tags that will give a short descriptor of an image on your website. This helps Google to know what the image portrays, or what this image means in the context of your site. It also helps Google to catalog the image suitably, that leads to finer search rankings for both the image and the page it inhabits.

Browsers that can’t process images or users viewing a webpage on screen readers use Alt tags. Google’s crawlers don’t actually see the image when going through your site, that’s why Alt text is a must. Instead, it sum up on the image’s metadata; namely, the file name and alt text to verify its content. This is why Alt text has a settling role in signaling the image’s relevance, which provides a descriptive alt text that incorporates your primary keywords and will send a mighty ranking signal.


BigCommerce is the most and easiest platform to stay ahead of the competition in this Do-or-Die situation of eCommerce. BigCommerce is a better choice for any business that is considering selling online. It has plenty of customization, growth potential, and benefits for you. It’s effortless to see why many businesses are using solid SEO potential. Hire BigCommerce Professional for this task who can help you have a quality BigCommerce site for your business, which will help you grow more and will take them one step ahead of your competitors.

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