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Best Advantages to prepare Online Test Series in Maharashtra, India

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Top Advantages Online Test Series 

Online Test Series is an online assessment tool designed to help the students of your institute to be more prepared and competent for any of the competitive exams conducted all throughout the country. With the aid of this effective tool, they will be able to improve their knowledge and confidence as well as rank/score in the mock exams and actual exam by taking practice tests. By registering for an online test series, they will have access to thousands of test questions prepared by expert faculty covering different subjects related to the competitive exam students will be taking along with other aspirants.

Advantages of Online Test Series

Easy to configure There is no need for software or hardware because it is accessible from any browser and no need for a separate server. Online test series is interactive and the user interface as well as design is similar to the actual test. The assigned examiner will be able to conveniently create multiple exams which will be taken from the question bank. Also, the examiner can define difficulty of level and subjective questions as well as analyse them.


With a scalable testing and evaluation platform, hundreds of test questions are continuously generated and evaluated so you will be given random series of questions. This is a secure way to prevent cheating doing the exam. Additionally, with the automatic techniques used to identify promising QA threads, generated questions are similar to the actual questions the students will encounter in the actual test.

Instant result and analysis

After the test, the student will be able to know right away how well he or she performed. Both the examiner and the student will also be able to make a comparative analysis of the score, including AIR, percentile and section-wise performance. The student can then assess performance and monitor his or her progress.

Candidate can get strong / weak area analysis

With the answers the candidate have provided and the score garnered, the candidate will be brought to a analysis page showing what subjects or topics is he or she good at and which ones need improvement.


Online test series are flexible, thus the cost per candidate is lesser than a paper-based examination. Also, logistics-wise, it is also relatively lesser because multiple students can take the online test at the same time.


  1. Determine the question bank, which is your database of questions covering a variety of subjects. The admin or the examiner maker will have a list of subjective or objective questions that the candidates will answer during the exam. By uploading the question bank to a secure online examination platform later on, the questions will be randomly selected and arranged during the exam to prevent copying among candidates.2.Define the exam pattern, which shows how the examination is structured indicating the kind of tests to answer and the total number of questions in each section to be answered by the candidate. The type of questions is a combination of subjective and objective questions which can test a range of abilities such as English language, reasoning ability and quantitative aptitude, among many others.3. Set up the test series with the use of an online examination platform and internet-enabled PC. In this way, authorised employees and candidate can have access to the test without the need of a software or hardware. Make sure that your online testing platform has dependable technology security to ensure information is secured.

Online Test Series In Maharashtra



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