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Best Andrologist in Jaipur, Udaipur And Ajmer For Male Infertility Treatment

Dealing with various health issues also includes sexual issues but sometimes people ignore it because of awkwardness and less awareness. Dr. Chirag Bhandari, an andrologist in Jaipur, explains about the sexual health problems. He said,” Infertility is not a disease which doesn’t have any cure, today with the help of science and its inventions we can help people who are finding it difficult and having problems related to sex or reproductive system.” Men are always concerned about relationships with their partners and while facing trouble in sexual intercourse, it makes them annoyed.

Taking advice from the best andrologist in Jaipur and by visiting his center i.e. Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, a man can believe that he will have the best treatment with a successful result. It is an organization that focuses on a specific goal that is providing knowledge about the men’s health and challenges of the male reproductive system faced by many people of this nation. This andrologist in Jaipur strongly believes that men occasionally feel conscious and don’t want to talk about their sexual issues, but this is the time now when we have to speak about it and get proper advice from an expert.

Best Andrologist in Jaipur

Andrologist in Jaipur

The best andrologist in Jaipur is his patient’s favorite because he listens to them carefully and gives them suggestions accordingly. Also, keeping their secrecy is the doctor’s foremost responsibility and one can rely on Dr. Chirag Bhandari for that.

Experience and Qualifications


  • He has a Fellowship in Andrology ( University College London hospital, London UK )

  • He is an American Society of Reproductive of Medicine certified Andrologist in Jaipur.

  • An expert in Penile Enlargements from South Korea.

  • Also a specialist in the field of Penile Prosthesis from Wilson Memorial Research and Training Centre for Penile Prosthetic Surgery, Seoul.

  • He has experience of about eight years in the area of andrology and sexology.

  • He is also an active part of ISSM, SASSM, ASRM, American Society of Andrology (ASA), and many others.

Other Team Members With Andrologist in Jaipur

  • Dr. Ruchi Bhandari:- An IVF Specialist, Gynaecologist, and Obstetrician

  • Dr. Mahi Khandelwal:- A Certified Clinical Psychologist

  • Dr. Trilok Mahajan:- A Certified Manual Therapist

  • Dr. Amit Garg:- An Expert in the field of Urology

Symptoms of Male Sexual Issues

  • Less Sexual Desires

  • Pain and sometimes swelling in the testicles area.

  • Low and Fewer Sperm Counts

  • Facing trouble in maintaining an erection

  • Hormonal Abnormality

  • Ejaculation Problems

Treatment of Male Health Problems

A variety of treatments are available for men reproductive problems are mentioned below:-

Andrologist in Jaipur

  1. Erectile Dysfunction Disease Treatment

  2. Premature Ejaculation Disease treatment

  3. Low Testosterone / Andropause Disease treatment

  4. Low Libido Disease treatment

  5. Penis Problems treatment

  6. Sexually transmitted infection treatments

  7. Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation treatments

  8. Penis Enlargements Treatments

  9. Couple Therapy

  10. Solution for porn addicted

  11. Online Consultation services

  12. Last Long Therapy

  13. Deaddiction

  14. Male Fertility treatments

  15. Male Sexual treatments

The Ratio of Success in Male Infertility Treatments

This andrologist in Jaipur has treated and healed many patients through the use of their latest technologies and machines. Many patients have recommended this andrologist in Jaipur because they have felt the environment is friendly and the health personnel of the center are very helpful. There are many successful results that doctors have seen during their treatment process and patients have come from many corners of India to get the best therapy from here.

Some Important Factors of Male Infertility and Sexual Health

The following are the elements that one must take into account to avoid any kind of infertility or sexual problems.

  • Smoking

  • Drinking Alcohol on a daily basis

  • Recreational Drugs:- Cocaine, Marijuana, and other cannabis.

  • Overweight

  • Mental Stress:- Depression, Anxiety, and Performance Pressure, etc.

  • Unhealthy Diet

  • Excessive intake of Caffeine

  • Other changes in lifestyle

Location and Contact Details

Address:- 138- A Vasundhara Colony, Gopalpura bypass road,  Tonk Road, Jaipur Rajasthan

Phone/ Mobile No.- 0141-2703852 / 9602081813

Email Id:-


Infertility in a man’s body that often causes problems for a woman to conceive a child. The expert sexologist and andrologist in Jaipur are here to help them to sort out their issues through couple therapy. Most of the time newly married couples face problems during intercourse which results in the conflict between the two. No need to take any kind of burden over something that has a solution, what simply a couple needs to do is make an appointment with a good psychologist or andrologist and consult their difficulties with them. Impotence is an obligation which is faced by people even when they are too young, but carrying it with you without doing anything about it is not an option nowadays. Feel free to discuss these kinds of serious issues with everyone in order to make them aware so that they can also gather knowledge and proceed towards the benefits of the treatment process.

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