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Best Augmented Reality Apps in 20’s

GolfScape Augmented Reality

If you’re a golf fan and looking for that extra edge out on the course then augmented reality apps could provide an answer. Golfscape is an iPhone application that comes with the course details for over 35,000 golf courses worldwide. Using the application you are able to see the course overview, hazards, distance to the green etc and make a better choice of club.

What makes Golfscape different from the hundreds of other course guides is, just by holding up your iPhone to the course and using the camera, you’ll be able to see the distance to the pin and a real-time placement of what obstacles lay in wait for you. You can Get the Best Augmented Reality Concepts from Inaugment .

The application has  been release yet, just the promotional video which looks interesting. But we all know that GPS is not accurate, sometimes with an accuracy of as much as 180 +/- meters. 

Augmented Reality Keepie Uppies


Interacting with games via your phone’s camera makes for a lot of fun. Not great however when you’re on a packed train commuting to work.

The most popular genre of augmented reality games so far are those that require you to pan around and fight the aliens, ghosts, slime or whatever else comes at you from all sides. With iOS4 opening the camera API for developers we’ll start to see image recognition games making an appearance very soon.

Upsies is a ‘coming soon’ game iPhone game based on keepie uppies where you keep the ball in the air by kicking a virtual ball. Below is a rather long winde video of the game. Skip to around 2.12 for the interesting bit.

Toozla beta for Android

Toozla, the audio based augmented reality browser for the iPhone, has been release in beta for Android owners.

If you don’t want to wave your precious phone around, or prefer to listen to an audio commentary of the world around you then Toozla is worth a look.

Atomic Greetings Revolutionizes Greeting Card Industry with the Addition Of Personalized Video

Atomic Greetings takes the centuries-old greeting card into the 21st century by allowing people to attach personal video and audio messages to their greeting cards. The patent-pending system uses easily mailed paper greeting cards along with the Atomic Greetings web site to allow millions of people to send their uniquely personal video messages inside the greeting card. This system, called EVX(TM), uses augmented reality apps and other technologies to record and playback video using the Atomic Greetings cards and a webcam-enabled, Internet-connected computer.

These revolutionary greeting cards were create in response to the simple fact that even in today’s digital age, people still love the personal and private nature of a real greeting card. Everyone has a treasured greeting card stowed away somewhere we cherish the memories captured in that very special card. With Atomic Greetings, these memories don’t have to rely on words alone. Now they can be captured on video and revisit for years to come.

Using your webcam, Atomic Greetings allows people to use video to communicate the full breadth of their feelings. They can simply say “I Love You,” or they can sing or even dance for the card’s recipient. Video allows people to communicate a range of emotions that are impossible with just the printed word. Birth announcements no longer hold only the stats of the baby but can actually show the child cooing and being lovingly held in Mom’s arms. A Thank You card can now be easily sent as you tell the person how grateful you are for their gift or actions. No more hunting for the perfect thing to write, you just say it and people see on your face how you truly feel – just like in real life.

Tissot AR Watches


Early last year we were lucky enough to have Holition, a leading provider of online interactive marketing and retail solutions at an augmented Planet event in London. At the event Holition showed off their augmented reality campaign developed for Tissot that enabled users to try on high value wrist watches.

The campaign was being run in conjunction with Selfridges where passers by could try on their very own Tissot watch courtesy of a marker, webcam and the magic of augmented reality.

Tissot were so happy with the results that they have now extended the application to support a range of ladies watches. If you missed the campaign the first time around, or want to see some of the new range then take a Look on augmented reality apps in the 20’s

Rock’em Sock’em Robots

Android owners have been able to enjoy natural feature recognition applications for sometime. Recently Zenitum were showing off their Space InvadER game, but beyond that, for some strange reason despite developers having full access to the camera we haven’t seen a huge number of natural feature recognition streaming games arriving on the platform. I always find that strange since iPhone developers’ number one gripe at Apple has been the lack of access to the camera API. (which has been grant now).

Qualcomm has been working with Mattel to produce a rather nice game based on Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Print the game board and point your camera to take control of a boxing robot. Of course being an augmented reality game you can move your device around the game board to view your fighter from different angles,  if your friends have the game then you can both play over Bluetooth.

Pizza Hut Goes AR

Pizza Hut launched an augmented reality apps recently to help you find the nearest Pizza Hut in your local area. The application is a US only application but oddly has an Australian doing the voice on the video.

The app lets you find your nearest store as well as order your pizza directly from the iPhone. If you get bore waiting for your pizza to arrive then there is a game you can play as well. It reminds me of the Tiger Beer application that was launch in the UK earlier in the year.

Zombie ShootAR

Metaio recently released an augmented reality game for Nokia devices. Titled Zombie ShootAR, the smartphone game takes place in a world overrun with hoards of the undead who are intent on making you lunch. For those of you that are not familiar with augmented reality apps gaming, the game takes place in your surroundings.

Using the camera view on your Nokia phone you’ll need to pan around to shoot the zombies as they make their way towards you from all angles right in your own living room. The game is available from the OVI store.

FAQ Most Frequently Ask Question

Is augment reality free?

Mixare is the open source augment reality browser that works as a completely autonomous application. This free AR software is available for android and the iPhone 3GS. It is publish under GPLv3 and is also available for the development of its implementations.

Can you use AR without an app?

Without the need to download an app and then loading it every time they want to use it, expect more and more people to begin enjoying augmented reality on a regular basis (even “daily” as Google predicts). If you’d like to offer your market an AR experience, Nextech AR Solutions is here to help.

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