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This has led to mushrooming of B.ed Collegeeverywhere. Though these colleges claim to be the best, majority lack the basic requirements to produce quality teachers.The Bachelor of Education (B Ed) is the most coveted degree for those aspiring to be teachers. With new schools opening up the demand for quality teachers has upped.

In order to select a good B Ed college please look for these criteria-





NCTE recognized
Teaching Pedagogy

B.ed College

Please ensure that the college has the latest teaching aids like smart class, computer lab, AV aids in classrooms, AC seminar & conference halls wherein budding teachers can practice demos to sharpen their presentation & teaching skills.

Please remember a teacher teaches all professions. In order to produce outstanding teachers, they should equip the college with demo rooms where students can sharpen their teaching skills.

Another important factor is faculty. To make the student’s job ready, they require industry experienced faculty who can pass crucial skills to the students. Apart from academic knowledge the faculty members should have years of teaching experience in reputed schools to nurture qualified teachers.

To enable employability, internship should be part of curriculum. This boosts confidence of students as they gain practical skills even more important for career growth. The institute should have tie-ups with reputed institutions for internship of the students. Without internship opportunities, the student will struggle for placement as he will not have the requisite hands-on skills.

The teaching method should incorporate role plays, discussions, debate, expert talk, field visits & case studies to provide experiential learning to its students. These activities allow for student participation, enhancing their personality & making them job ready. Without a rich teaching style, the professional B Ed course would appear dull.

In fact, good institutes train in critical thinking, problem solving & decision taking to nurture teachers for the 21st century.

Last but not the least, ensure that National Council of Teacher education (NCTE) recognizes your college for B Ed course.

One institute I have visited & found it equipped with all is –

Best b.ed college in Uttar Pradesh

With the New Education Policy highlighting on real learning, the teacher needs to create an environment of learning by doing. Taking note VGI Meerut creates teachers who bring about real learning through critical thinking, problem solving & decision making.

The new era is of technology. Countries spending major chunk of their GDP on education will make rapid progress in all areas. The quality of teachers produced will decide the fate of the country’s growth & economy.

Take the case of Japan, the island nation has one of the best education systems in the world. Japanese students excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) owing to excellent teachers.

Acknowledging this VGI Meerut has created the best infrastructure of Wi-Fi enabled classrooms, AV aids, overhead projectors, smart boards & smart class that enable effective presentation & enrich the teaching-learning process making us the best B.Ed colleges in UP.

The institute has a dedicated computer lab with 100 machines that augment learning. The department library has over 2000 books, journals & web enabled resources that provide the perfect environment for learning to make us the best B Ed colleges in Meerut.

quality teachers

A separate demo room allows budding teachers to practice lectures, enhancing their teaching skills.

We have meticulously chosen the faculty with years of experience to train quality teachers. The faculty encourage students to take part in debates, discussion & role plays, developing reasoning & making us the best colleges for B Ed in Meerut.

To provide practical exposure Internship is part of the curriculum. No learning can happen unless practiced in actual life situations. To enable this the college has tied up with reputed schools for Internship leading to employability making us the B.ed College In Uttar Pradesh.

teaching pedagogy

The teaching pedagogy at VGI Meerut is outstanding, as it allows for practice along with theory. The students actively take part in discussions, role plays, seminars, guest lectures, debates & open forums to build confidence & sharpen their skills. All these activities help develop outstanding teachers making us the best colleges for B Ed in Meerut.

One unique feature of VGI is the curriculum. The course committee interacts with National Council of Teacher education (NCTE), SCERT & NCERT to frame up-to-date syllabus.

This ensures we include critical thinking, problem solving & decision taking the most in demand skills in the teaching & assessment process making us the best colleges for B Ed in Meerut.

Courses Offered

The Institute offers 2 years Diploma in Elementary Education (D. EL. ED.) also known as (BTC) & Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Course.

District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) has recognized D. EL. Ed (BTC) & Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCS), Meerut has granted recognition to the B Ed course.

National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has approved all our courses.

Career prospects

There is no dearth of jobs for teachers. Personnel with D. EL. Ed can become primary teachers, elementary teachers. They can work as tutors in Play schools.

After completing B Ed, students can work as teachers in government schools. There are plenty of private schools that offer good compensation to teachers.

The various career options open after B Ed are –

  • School Teachers
  • Private Tutor
  • Online Tutor
  • ·Education Consultant
  • ·Principal
  • ·Vice Principal
  • Counsellor
  • ·Content Writer
  • Instructor
  • Education Researcher

Venkateshwara Group

The Bachelor of Education (B Ed) is the most sought after course in teaching. With private schools mushrooming the demand for quality teachers has spiked. Even the Government gives regular job notifications for school teachers. Catering for this demand, SVU under VGI has instituted the most practical B Ed course in the country to nurture quality teachers.

Teachers have to create an environment where children question & conceptualize through practice. We believe in holistic development & train our teachers on learning with doing.

We incorporate critical thinking, problem solving, decision taking & group behavior to train teachers who can train children on these qualities.

India is striving to be the next superpower. They lay the foundation by producing quality teachers who believe in conceptual understanding. This will develop innovators, entrepreneur & out of box thinkers making us the best B Ed colleges in Meerut.

The institute provides an environment to groom teachers who create future technocrats.

We inculcate reasoning that leads to real learning, to develop teachers for the 21st century, making us the best B Ed Colleges in Meerut.

A country cannot excel without excellent teachers. With this commitment VGI, provides the ideal setting with exemplary infrastructure, excellent faculty & compulsory internship. This way we produce teachers for the 21st century, making us the top B Ed colleges in Meerut.

B.ed College In Meerut

A teacher teaches all professions.

VGI Meerut has created classrooms equipped with AV aids, projectors, smart boards, and smart class to provide practical exposure to budding teachers. The Institute has a departmental library with over 3000 books making us the top B Ed colleges in Meerut.

A demo room has enabled students to practice classroom lectures.

The Institute has experienced faculty who provide quality training to students. This guarantees our students learn the expertise to become competent tutor’s making us the top B Ed colleges in Meerut.

For practical exposure Internship is part of the curriculum. This enables them to practice in actual life situation, making them job ready.

The institute has tied up with reputed schools to give internship opportunities to the students, making us the B.ed College In Uttar Pradesh.

The teaching method at VGI is unique as it emphasizes practice along with theory. The faculty ensures that students get an ample chance for demo thus enhancing their confidence & making them employable.

The curriculum team at VGI endeavors to inculcate the latest requirements of New Education Policy to nurture quality teachers.

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