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Best B Ed colleges in Uttar Pradesh

To find the best colleges for a B Ed in UP, please look for these criteria-




Teaching Pedagogy

NCTE recognized

The Bachelor of Education (B Ed) prepares one for a challenging career as a teacher. A teacher teaches all other professions because they are the foundation for a country’s development. Lastly for a nation to excel, one needs to have quality teachers. That’s why we should train teachers in critical thinking, problem solving & decision taking to evolve smart individuals.

Infrastructure includes the AV aids, classrooms, library & computer labs that enrich the learning process. It also includes the ICT tools like smart boards that prepare new age teachers.

They should have industry trained faculty who can transfer the skills to the students.

Internship will make the students’ job ready, as it will provide them with practical exposure much needed for placement.

Teaching method means the different ways in which the course is being delivered like role plays, presentation etc. that help to imbibe concepts.

Finally please ensure that National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has recognized the course.

One college I visited & found it useful is-

Best B Ed colleges in Uttar Pradesh


The college has futuristic infrastructure comprising AV enabled classrooms that are equipped with smart boards & smart class. The computing lab with over 100 machines helps the students to research on topics at the click of mouse to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

The library with over 3000 books & e resources helps to enlighten their intellect to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP.

Finally the college has created a demo room for teachers to refine their teaching skills to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP.

Moreover, VGI is on the Delhi Roorkee bypass, easily accessible through road & rail and the 60 acre lush green campus provides the perfect environment for learning.

VGI has intelligently chosen its faculty who have years of experience that enable them to pass on the key skills that make us the best B.Ed Colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP. The faculty encourages students to discuss & deliberate on topics that lead to conceptual understanding. Moreover, majority of our faculty members undertake research to provide real learning to our students.

We conduct seminars & symposiums where experts enlighten young minds & improve their knowledge base. Moreover these seminars train on competencies most needed in the market to make us the best Colleges for B Ed in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

To improve job prospects of the students, an internship is part of the curriculum because it helps to learn the skills most needed for employment. VGI has partnered with leading schools to provide for internship to its students. Our students find good placement owing to our exemplary training to make us the best B Ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

The need for internship upped from the inability of students to deliver in the class. Many could not show the concepts in a convincing manner. Finally despite having knowledge, their inability to present the concepts in a penetrable manner reflects teachers’ incompetence. Hence, in order to improve this compulsory internship is crucial that helps to fill the gaps & make outstanding teachers.

Moreover we nurture teachers who can deliver from day one to make us the best B Ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

Our teaching method is unique because we teach through role plays, projects & model making to evolve teachers for the future to make us the best Colleges for B Ed in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP. No one can deny the importance of active participation that fosters learning because through role plays, students have time to internalize the concept by performing the role. As we all know, anything learnt through practice will last for the life. Finally through model making students research on the topic to enhance their understanding & imbibe the topic.

One important learning activity is presentation because before presenting their topic, students will do research that will lead to proper understanding. While presenting, they will refine their communication & presentation skills so critical for teaching. Finally while answering questions, students will develop critical thinking to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

Quizzing is an important learning attribute. By dividing the students into groups, the pressure to win the competition pushes them to prepare the topic well. Moreover students answer the questions within the stipulated time & develop decision taking to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

Through case studies, we present actual problems & students have to find a solution to them. By doing so they employ concepts for these problems & improve their understanding. All this way they remain abreast with market realities & use their skill to find solutions to make us the best colleges for B Ed in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

To ensure the holistic development of the students, VGI organizes cultural activities round the year. Finally students exhibit their talent & refine their outlook to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

The annual fest attracts students from all over the country. This program lasts for 3 days & provides a platform for them to showcase their talent. Finally dance, drama & fashion shows enthrall the students to make them confident professionals. Moreover the debating competition helps them to display their oratory talent to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

Courses Offered

The Institute offers a 2 years –

  • Diploma in Elementary Education (D. EL. ED.) also known as (BTC) &
  • A Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Course.

District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) has recognized D. EL. Ed (BTC) & Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCS), Meerut has granted recognition to the B Ed course.

Finally the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has approved all our courses.

Career prospects

There is no dearth of jobs for teachers. Personnel with D. EL. Ed can become primary teachers & elementary teachers. Moreover they can also work as tutors in Play schools.

A B Ed opens the gate for a flying teaching career because organizations pay teachers well. It’s a noble profession that commands good respect. Moreover most of the top leaders in the country started their career as a teacher. Under the New education Policy, the role of teacher is primary. With new research unfolding, the need for quality teachers is high. Moreover the government is encouraging edtech companies to explore research in education. New teaching tools are hitting the market every day that explains the importance of education sector. Teachers are the backbone of the country’s growth & development. VGI aspires to nurture exemplary teachers who are an asset to the nation & humanity.

Corona has upped the need for online education. Teachers who are good at presentation & communication can upload high quality videos. This has opened up new opportunities for content creators & subject experts.

After completing B Ed, students can work as teachers in government schools. There are plenty of private schools that offer good compensation to teachers.

The various career options open after B Ed are –

  • School Teachers
  • Private Tutor
  • Online Tutor
  • ·Education Consultant
  • ·Principal
  • ·Vice Principal
  • Counsellor
  • Content Writer
  • Instructor
  • Education Researcher

I hope it helps.

Thanks for reading






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