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Best In Vitro Fertilization Center in Jaipur : Aastha Fertility

Best In Vitro Fertilization Center in Jaipur : Aastha Fertility

Have you been panicking lately as you are unable to conceive even after trying everything? Don’t stress yourself more as Aastha fertility center has a solution to this, says Dr. Namita Kotia head and director of the best IVF center in Jaipur

Studies suggest that 12-15 percent of the couples are unable to conceive after having unprotected sex for a year while 10 percent of the couples are unable to conceive even after 2 years. In the first 3 months, only 40-60 percent are able to conceive; who are below 30 and are healthy and fit. The data suggests how common infertility is these days. With around 44-55% success rate IVF is one of the most effective and promising solutions to infertility. The process is easy compared to other processes and is quite affordable, the cost of IVF in Jaipur is around 1,30,000 INR. 

Aastha fertility center is the first choice of many patients for problems related to infertility as the IVF specialist here is highly experienced and cooperative. The success rate of IVF is 90 percent and they specialize in (In vitro fertilization) and all the other treatments related to infertility in females. 

Vitro Fertilization Center in Jaipur: Aastha Fertility

The procedure of IVF At Aastha Fertility-

In Vitro Fertilization the full form of IVF is a reproductive technology; in which eggs are retrieved from a woman’s ovaries and then the eggs are fertilized with the sperm in the laboratory. The fertilized egg can be implanted back or frozen for the future. The fertilized embryo can also be implanted back in a  gestational carrier or a surrogate. The procedure of IVF involves 5 steps that are stimulation, egg retrieval, insemination, embryo culture, and transfer. Aastha Fertility is considered the best IVF (InVitro fertilization) center in Jaipur as they are very professional, and maintain the international level of hygiene in their lab. The process of IVF is transparent to patients and is documented. 


A woman produces one egg per cycle but for a successful IVF procedure, multiple eggs are required. To increase the number of eggs, fertility drugs are prescribed by the doctor. The patient is kept under observation and regular blood tests and ultrasounds are done for the doctor to monitor the production of eggs.  The doctor keeps a check on the right time to retrieve eggs.

Egg Retrieval-

The second step in IVF is a surgical process and is performed under general anesthesia. In this process, ultrasound is used and a needle through the vagina is inserted into the ovary, into the egg-containing follicle. The needle then suctions the eggs. 


This is the third step in the IVF procedure, where the male partner is asked to give the semen sample. The technician then mixes the sample with the eggs in a petri dish. If the eggs aren’t fertilized by this process then the doctor might decide to use ICSI.


Embryo Culture-

In this step, the fertilized eggs or the embryos are kept under observation to ensure that the embryos are developing and dividing.  The embryos may go under various testing during this phase.


The embryos can be implanted back when they are big enough after 3-4 days of fertilization. The process involves inserting a thin tube called a catheter into the vagina and into the uterus. The doctor then releases the embryo into the uterus. 

Pregnancy can only occur if the embryo itself implants well into the uterine wall. This takes around 6 to 10 days. A blood test can confirm if the patient is pregnant.

Cost of IVF in Jaipur at Aastha Fertility-

IVF treatment in Jaipur is simpler, effective, and highly successful than other procedures. 1,30,000INR is the average cost of the procedure in our country.

Cost of IVF in Jaipur at Aastha Fertility

Why consider IVF Treatment In Jaipur-

This procedure is helpful to cure both men and a woman’s fertility issues. It makes it possible for a woman to conceive a baby even after menopause. One can take the help of an egg and sperm donor and the fertilized egg can be transferred to the woman’s womb or the surrogate mother’s womb. This procedure has a high chance of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. Regardless of infertility issues the couple faces, it has a high chance of conception. Any couple can conceive at any point of time with the time they wish to. This is a highly successful procedure for couples to conceive and cost-effective methods as the IVF cost In Jaipur is 1,30,000 INR. 

Why choose Aastha Fertility, the best IVF clinic in Jaipur-

The only hospital which specializes in all the issues related to infertility and has a high success rate is Aastha fertility center, the best IVF center in Jaipur. The highly experienced team of doctors can guide you through the best solutions to one’s issues. A lot of patients are happy and satisfied by the successful results which can be seen in their testimonials. 

“Madhu from London is thankful and happy as she is blessed with twins. She is extremely delighted and thankful to Dr. Namita Kotia and her staff who were cooperative and helpful throughout the process. The hospital is known for its integrity and transparency “

Why choose Aastha Fertility, best IVF clinic in Jaipur

The IVF clinic in Jaipur is well equipped with all the latest medical treatments; the guidance of the doctors makes it quite easy for the patients to go through the procedures. The center has taken a lot of awards in the center’s name for their excellence in the medical field by many renowned personalities. One can book an appointment session with the hospital to discuss their issues and to take the necessary further steps. For more information regarding the hospital and the medical services provided by them; one can check out their website and can book an appointment with the city’s best IVF center.

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