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Best internet service providers in Australia in 2022?

Aussies are often in the dark regarding high-speed internet for business. If you run a small business with ten employees or less, your NBN connection may not be fast enough to keep up with the work.

Of course, speed is essential, but you also need to be able to count on the service and get help quickly when things go wrong. So, your SME is looking for high-quality, business-grade broadband service. Here are some excellent options to think about.

We didn’t list all the options because many smaller NBN resellers have similar services. We just pointed out a few of their features worth considering.

Optus NBN Internet for Business

Optus has NBN plans with speeds starting at $75 for 50Mbps and $95 for 100Mbps. If you have an eligible FTP or HFC service, you can get the faster “Superfast” service for an extra $35 per month. This gives you a typical speed of 215Mbps down and 18.5Mbps up during busy times (250Mbps down and 37.5Mbps up).

TPG has NBN, Fibre400, and Fibre1000

NBN12 plans are your entry-level NBN plans. They start at AU$70 per month and only let you download at 12Mbps and upload at 1Mbps. This plan will work for a small business that needs to upload files and sometimes make video calls. But the 50/20 and 100/20 plans start at AU$80 and AU$100 monthly, respectively, if you need more speed or have a more significant business

Voice, links to branch offices, cloud services, and an SLA for 99.95% availability are the four services that TPG offers with dedicated bandwidth. TPG has a contract that lasts at least 24 months. As part of the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network, TPG has an unlimited 1Gbps fiber service for AU$400 per month for people who live in the CBD or North Adelaide.

Aussie Broadband business NBN and Fast Aussie Fibre

Aussie Broadband has customer satisfaction ratings that can’t be beaten. Customers like that it supports all of Australia and that its communication is clear. They also like that it offers packages with a range of NBN speeds that are easy to understand. 

Aussie Broadband has packages with unlimited data that range from 50/20 to 1000/400 and start at AU$80 per month. Customers can also pay more to get priority or even 100% guaranteed bandwidth, or they can add NBN’s enhanced SLA.

Aussie has a product called Fast Aussie Fibre with speeds that are the same for everyone and a 1:1 contention ratio. The price ranges from AU$300 per month for speeds of 250/250 to AU$5,000 for speeds of 10Gbps. With a 36-month contract, you also get a SLA for 99.95% uptime, and there are no set-up fees.

Spirit Technology has everything a business needs in one place

Spirit Telecom is used only to offer internet service. They changed their name to reflect that they now offer a wider range of IT and telecom services. Bundling internet and other IT services save time and money for many small businesses. Spirit Telecom has a range of NBN and non-NBN products, with prices starting at AU$130/month for NBN TC4 and AU$420/month for non-NBN symmetrical fiber.

Business broadband from Telstra

Telstra has everything you need to connect to the internet. They have everything from simple add-ons to the most complicated plans. For example, if you want a fast internet connection, you’ll be glad to know that Telstra sells fast NBN plans for both small business and enterprise customers. The monthly costs range from $450 to $600.

Get the best service from Telstra by getting symmetrical fiber. You can get Telstra fiber or an enterprise-level service, but you’ll need to call and get a quote. If you need apps for your small business, they have Microsoft 365, MYOB Essentials accounting, cybersecurity, digital marketing support, and even general tech support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You’re in luck. You can connect with NBN, but there’s a catch. The company says that the installation could cost thousands of dollars. For a cheaper option, you might want to look for an NBN connection provider whose plans don’t cost your service provider anything upfront. 

The providers above are good, but you should find ones that work well in your area. Or, you can work with a provider with its own connection options that don’t use the NBN. In either case, check with your landlord to ensure the installation is okay.

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