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Best Laptop Backpack of 2022 for Work and Travel

The laptop bag should not just look great

Many people do not pay attention to buying a perfect laptop backpack before travel.  A smooth strap bag allows your hands to do other things. Most of us prefer a bag with a strap so we can carry our laptop over the shoulder. 

Office workers often carry their laptops with them. They need to be versatile, which empowers them to do their work on the go. At that time, you should protect your laptop unit, particularly when you frequently bring your laptop with you whenever you travel.

You want to protect your laptop from hazards such as dust, water and other things. That is why you find a laptop bag that makes it easier to carry your laptop and protect it.

The laptop bag should not just look great, but the safety of your laptop should be your first concern when you are looking for a laptop bag.

What Types of Travelling do you do with a Laptop?

Backpacks have become the favourite choice for students because they can undoubtedly use them while in college or when they go out for trips. Indeed, even work executives prefer to use backpack laptop bags for the convenience it can provide for them.

How to Choose Your Laptop Bags?

You must need to know four things while buying a backpack: how comfortable you will feel while on your back. Secondly, the weight of the bag when it is full. Third, what is the size? Neither too small nor too big. Above all, do not compromise on the quality.

Additionally, it would help if you considered such a bag that offers extra pockets to carry pens, writing paper, documents, folders, etc.

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeve is an essential part of the bag.It’s incredible for protecting you laptop. It’s vital that your sleeve is a nearby fit around your laptop to hold the device in a place and enhance protection. Ensure you need a similar guidance on estimating your laptop as above to buy the right size.

How do you measure a laptop for a laptop bag?

It is necessary to know how to measure a laptop. The bag plays a vital role in carrying your laptop. If it is too tight, your computer may damage it. For this, we can help you with two methods for figuring out what your laptop screen size is. 

Firstly, you can measure it by measuring tape to the screen’s edge-to-edge diagonal. Secondly, you can check your laptop specification, either on the web or by setting penal to find your laptop screen.

If you want a comprehension detail about measuring a laptop, please click on the link; we assure you that it will benefit you.


Let’s start by measuring the width. First of all,take your measuring tape and place it horizontally across your laptop from right to left. Then you will easily get the width of the laptop.


After measuring the Width, the next step is to figure out how to measure depth. First of all, take your measuring tape and place it vertically across your closed laptop from top to bottom. Then you will easily get depth of the laptop.


To get an accurate height of your laptop, you will have to close your laptop fully and measure from the bottom of the laptop to the top.

On the market today, there are not just your general plain boring backpacks but some cool backpacks for your laptop.

It would help if you found cool backpacks for your laptop that are ingratiate with your lifestyle and personality. Unfortunately, one is not just your general plain boring backpacks; however, there are various styles, colours, and designs of backpacks for your laptop.

Tom Bihn Synik 22

Tom Bihn Synik 22 - Laptop Backpack

Many travellers consider a Tom Bihn bag while on the board. The bag has many pockets on the clamshell Synik22 and is all thoughtfully designed.

For example, the water bottle is situated in the middle of the back rather than in the middle top. In addition, there is a smart pocket for the pen situated in flaps on the side instead of in the middle. 

Although the bag is small, the pass-through on the back is just 7 inches wide-too restricted to even think about slipping over the handle of my portable luggage. 

When we talk about the fabric, it is made up from dense material, and plentiful hardware; the zipper, O-rings, and buckles make it weighty. 

You can buy this backpack from the official website Tom Bihn, and the price starts from $290.00.

Herschel Heritage Backpack

It is a more affordable bag on this list. It looks decent, and you can put a 15- inches notebook on it. Following quite a while of heavy use, it started to give indications of wear, particularly on the top handle coated leather.

The strap is holding solid. One drawback in this bag is that there’s no water bottle pocket.

There are three types of variants available in the bag. 11″(H) x 8.75″(W) x 4.25″, 16.25″(H) x 10.5″(W) x 4.5″(D), 18″(H) x 12.25″(W) x 5.5″(D). The bag is featured with high quality leather. 

You can add to cart this backpack from the official website of Herschel Heritage Backpack, and the price starts from $41.99 to $69.99.

Topo Rover Pack

Topo Rover Pack - Laptop Backpack

The Topo Rover Pack is consolidated with a campground and perfect one for subway commutes. Its timeless styling can quickly expand to fit a wide variety of laptops, chargers, and books. In addition, the bag gives you more protection with a buckle-down flap to keep the top fully covered.

There are two side pockets perfect for a water bottle and mug. The Rover Pack Classic is our most iconic daypack silhouette. It is very light, and its shoulder straps are comfortable and padded. It is available in beautiful 18 colours. 

The bag is made up of nylon fabric that will hold up in any environment and stand out in all of them. You can add to cart this backpack from the official website of Topo Rover Pack, and the price starts from$99.00 or four interest-free instalments of $24.75 by using after pay.

Travel Laptop Backpack by Matein

Matein offers a durable polyester fabric with water-resistant. It is equipped with many storage pockets and a separate laptop divider. In addition, the airflow design makes the laptop more comfortable to carry all day. 

Robust and solid laptop sleeve holds up to standard laptop / Macbook pro. Perhaps It has a built-in USB charger and charging cable.

Attach your back to your moving luggage utilising the back strap so travelling through air terminals is a snap. You might wrap this pack under the seat in front of you, so there’s no compelling reason to stress over placing it in the storage space.

You can add to the cart this backpack from the official website of Matein, and the price starts from $29.99 USD.


In the modern world, backpacks are on the increase. The Younger generation are fond of them. This is an age of pride and vanity. There are many backpacks available in the market.

Tom Bihn Synik 22 is one of our favourite bags. It is not only for students but also for travellers.The water bottle is situated in the middle of the back rather than in the middle top

 In addition, there is a smart pocket for the pen situated in flaps on the side instead of in the middle. It is pretty expensive, but you will never regret your decision if you buy it.

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